You can replace your car title online, by mail or in person, depending on your state or county of residence. If your car title has been lost, damaged or stolen and you do not replace it, you may be unable to transfer your vehicle’s ownership rights during a sale or prove that you are the car’s owner. To obtain a replacement title, you must fill out the proper application form, submit a valid form of identification, provide documentation related to the satisfaction of a lien, if applicable, and pay for a replacement fee. Our guide contains everything you need to know to successfully replace your auto title. You will also learn about other titling procedures, such as the process of transferring vehicle ownership.

2. By Mail

Certain state DMVs offer a mail-in method for requesting a car title replacement. To apply by mail, you must send in a copy of your state-issued drivers license or ID card, along with a filled-out application form. Moreover, you must include copies of documents that prove that any liens on the vehicle have been satisfied. To pay for the applicable title replacement fees, make sure to mail an acceptable payment method to the DMV, such as a money order or a check. After your request is received and processed, which can take an extended period of time given the duration in transit, you will be sent a replacement title certificate via mail.

3. In Person at a DMV Office

Vehicle owners may prefer or be required to replace a car title in person by visiting a local DMV office. During this visit, applicants must complete the proper application form and identify themselves by submitting a drivers license or ID card. In addition, car owners must provide vehicle-related credentials that allow the DMV to locate their records. Note that applicants must also provide documentation proving that any liens on their cars have been satisfied. Finally, motorists will be asked to pay for the applicable car title replacement fees. Because most DMV offices experience long wait times, drivers are encouraged to fully prepare for the transaction so as to avoid potential mistakes and repeat visits.

Vehicle owners need to find out how to replace a vehicle title in North Carolina when their current credentials get lost or mutilated. Motorists may request a replacement through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT). Moreover, drivers may not only replace a lost car title at the DMV, but they may also apply for a replacement credential when they want to make changes to their current credentials.

Vehicle owners must ensure that they keep a valid car title in a safe place, because it is a very important document that serves as proof of ownership. In order to complete the procedure of replacing a lost or damaged title, motorists need to present certain documentation and pay the applicable fees.

When do you need to get a duplicate car title in North Carolina?

Drivers may replace a lost car title at the DMV in North Carolina as soon as they realize that their current credentials got lost or if they have never received it. Moreover, motorists may also request a replacement car title when they want to make changes in the information written on their credentials. For instance, drivers will be required to apply for a correction or replacement of title in situations when they want to change their names, to correct a mistake on the title or when they want to record an important vehicle modification on their vehicle titles. Therefore, regardless of whether drivers are replacing their lost car titles or are applying for replacements due to a correction of the information, they need to complete the procedure for obtaining a duplicate title by using one of the methods offered by the NC DMV.

Documents Required When Applying for a North Carolina Car Title Copy

When requesting a replacement car title in North Carolina, vehicle owners need to provide a list of documents required for completing the procedure. However, the documentation required for replacing a lost car title may be slightly different than that for replacing a title that needs a correction in the information. Therefore, in order to replace a lost car title at the DMV in NC, applicants must submit an application, proof of identification and a lien release if liens are shown on the title. Moreover, the list of mandatory documents is longer and consists of the following:

  • Notarized replacement title application form
  • Affidavit of facts, when making vehicle modifications
  • Notarized vehicle title
  • Corrected driver’s license, when changing name
  • Lien release, when correcting the lien holder information
  • Copy of Court Order, when changing name
  • Naturalization paperwork, when changing name
  • Odometer reading, when the vehicle is less than 10 years of age

Available Methods for Replacing Your Car Title in North Carolina

Motorists who are wondering how to replace a vehicle title in North Carolina need to apply for a replacement at a local NC DMV title office. Vehicle owners may replace a lost car title in person at the NC DMV by presenting the mandatory documentation for a duplicate title, accompanied by a proof of identification that is needed for in-person replacements. Moreover, drivers who are replacing a lost car title at the DMV in NC will be required to submit a completed and notarized replacement title application form along with payment for the applicable fees. In addition to these documents, applicants for duplicate credentials of their lost car titles may be required to provide a lien release, if there are liens written on the lost title.

Note: To request a replacement car title in North Carolina due to making a corrections of the information written on the title, motorists will have to visit a nearby NC DMV location and present the list of mandatory documents, as well as proof of identification and payment for the fees.

How to Fill out the Duplicate Car Title Application in North Carolina

Part of the requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title in North Carolina is to complete an application form for obtaining a duplicate credential. Vehicle owners who want to replace a lost car title at the DMV must provide a completed and notarized replacement title application form. They need to complete the following sections on the form:

  • Motor vehicle description section
  • Section about the personal details of the registered vehicle owner
  • Lien record section for details as shown on the vehicle title
  • Disclosure section
  • Section stating the type of replacement title application and the reason for applying for a duplicate credential
  • Section for the Affidavit or first lien holder

Car Title Replacement Fees

To finalize the procedure of replacing a lost car title at the DMV in North Carolina, motorists need to submit a $20 fee. By the same token, the same fee applies when motorists want to correct information on the vehicle title.

Since motorists may only replace a lost car title in person at a local DMV branch, they are allowed to make payments by cash, personal checks, money order or credit/debit cards.

Last updated on Wednesday, January 2 2019.

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