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How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in Texas

Replace Texas Car Title

All drivers must apply to replace car title in Texas if their current vehicle title was:

  • Lost.
  • Stolen.
  • Damaged to the point where it is illegible.

If your reason for replacing car title is because it was damaged, turn in the original title document to your TX DMV regional service center when you apply for a Texas car title copy.

Information Related to Car Title Replacement

Report a Stolen Car Title

Drivers who have reason to think their lost car title was stolen should contact the Texas police to notify them of the theft. Although the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles does not require drivers to file a police report in cases of theft, doing so protects the security of your identity should your driving documents be used in another state or for illicit purposes.

How to Obtain a Duplicate Car Title

You can get a duplicate car title in Texas by going in person or requesting one by mail.

In Person

Follow these steps to replace lost car title documents in person:

  1. Go to your local Texas DMV regional service center
  2. Complete an Application for a Certified Copy of Title (VTR-34) form
  3. Provide a valid photo identification:
  4. TX drivers license
  5. U.S. passport
  6. Pay the $5.45 car title replacement fee with cash, a check or a money order

Lienholders or agents of the vehicle owner must provide a letter of signature authority on an official business card or letterhead, if applicable.

By Mail

To replace a vehicle title by mail, you must:

  1. Complete an Application for a Certified Copy of Title (VTR-34) form
  2. Mail the following to TxDMV, 1601 Southwest Parkway, Suite A, Wichita Falls, TX 76302
  3. The application
  4. A copy of the owner's photo ID
  5. A $7.45 check or money order payable to the TX DMV (includes $2 mail-in fee)
  6. Signature of authority by lienholder or owner's agent, if applicable Note: If your original car title is found after you already received your TX car title replacement, destroy and dispose of the original document, because it is now invalid.

Out-of-State and Military Car Title Replacement

Out-of-state drivers and military members who are Texas residents and stationed out of state have two options:

  • Replace car title by mail
  • Have someone else obtain a duplicate car title for them

To replace an auto title by mail, follow the steps above. If not, someone else can obtain a car title copy for you if you sign a limited power of attorney and have them take the document to a Texas DMV regional service center. They must also present their own photo identification as well as a copy of your photo ID.

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Reviews of How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in Texas

i had bought a car from a sibling and i asked for the cars title he said he had given it to his ex-girlfriend and over the time he told me she had lost it , but the thing is he never changed the title under his name and the lady who had sold it to him is out of contact what can i do and what should i do

my father purchased a used car from an individual but never changed the title over and passed away and he passed away over a year ago how what are the steps to take I found a copy of the title but what do I do to get an original

We bought a popup camper a few year ago, we are the 8 owners so now we would like to get a title for it. The lady that own it first has pass away we were told. So how can we get one?

The actual link address is before the parentheses. For some reason the address posted twice on my comment.

I paid off my vehicle and I never received the original title. How can I get an original title, as I am trying to sell my car?

I received a copy of my car tile a long time ago which I thought was the "Original" copy. Recently I tried to sell the car, which is a 1996 Oldsmobile, but I found out that it still had the lien holder's name on it. But now I cannot even find that copy.

I have a trailer register in Laredo TX but the title is from Florida,I buy this trailer New and is pay off. The title dont have my name in front just the back on the pursher,how I can replacesed this title so they come with my name and changed to TX title so if I want to sell the trailer I dont have any problems. thanks

the link above is broken. clicking 'Application for a Certified Copy of a Texas Certificate of Title" does not bring you to the application but instead to a blank screen.

can not ge form for app. of a replacement title. seems likethe site has been down a long time.

I need an application for a replacement title... I live in Colorado and did not realize that the title is in Texas. The form is blank and the phone number is not working as well. Can you email me a form? Thanks,

Jim 303.501.4161

I was supposed to sell my car yesterday, but I couldn't find my car title. I always keep all of my important documents together, but this one is missing. I think it was stolen, I need to obtain a duplicate of it. It's good to know that I can get one requested in person. Did you find out if there was a way to fix the form?

When do you plan on fixing your site so an application to file for a duplicate title can be printed??

I have tried to download your application for a duplicate title for my car, the screen is blank. I have tried to download this several times at various times of the day with the same results. I have noticed that several other people have had the same results over the past few months. PLEASE repair. Thanks

your site dosent work all it shows is a blank screen when you try to print the form

you cannot open the link for the form.

website won't open

The link to your form is broken - I need to apply for a replacement title, please.

Thank you.