Drivers often choose to pay speeding tickets in Texas or other types of traffic tickets in order to avoid the additional fines and penalties that can result by losing the case in court. Regardless of whether you choose to fight traffic tickets in TX or provide the applicable traffic tickets payments, you must submit a plea by the date displayed on the ticket in order to avoid further consequences.

Note that the process to resolve a traffic citation in TX generally varies based on the court that is handling the issue. Learn how to pay driving tickets and how to fight speeding tickets and other types of citations in Texas by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Texas
  • Texas traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Texas
  • Dismissal of charges in Texas
  • Lost tickets in Texas

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Texas

The methods available to pay traffic citations in Texas vary depending on the procedures of the court that is processing the traffic fine.

Paying traffic tickets online in TX, for instance, is an option that is offered by a large number of state courts. However, even if you are unable to pay traffic ticket online, you will still be able to complete the process via other alternative methods.

Paying a Texas Ticket Online

If the court that is handling your Texas traffic citation allows you to remit your ticket violation payment via the internet, you can generally complete the procedure through the website of the corresponding court.

For example, if the Dallas Municipal Court is processing your TX driving fine and you are not required to appear in person, you can pay traffic fines online by accessing the court online payments service. Note that certain courts will also allow you to set up a traffic fine payment plan if you are unable to pay the full amount in one installment.

When paying traffic citations online in TX, drivers will generally be required to complete several steps, such as providing their ticket number and their credit card information.

Note: Drivers who utilize the option to pay speeding ticket online in Texas are typically charged an additional convenience fee which may vary from court to court.

Paying a Texas Ticket via Other Methods

If the option to pay traffic citations online in Texas is unavailable, motorists will be able to utilize alternative methods of payment.

Since the available traffic fine payment methods vary from court to court, you may be able to pay the fine through any of the following ways: in person, by mail or by phone. Certain courts will also allow you to pay traffic tickets in TX via drop box.

The Austin Municipal Court, for example, allows drivers to pay their traffic citations with a check or money order deposited in a drop box located in front of its court locations.

Texas Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Instead of paying the Texas driving fine associated with your ticket, you can choose to contest the issue in court for purposes of proving that you are not guilty to the traffic violation.

In such cases, you can increase your chances of successfully contesting a traffic ticket in TX by hiring a traffic citation attorney. To find a traffic citation lawyer online, simply input some routine details about your citation and take a picture of your traffic ticket.

You will be instantly matched with a qualified lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you avoid the following consequences:

  • Paying the TX traffic fine.
  • A conviction of the offense on your driving record.
  • The accumulation of demerit points.
  • An increase of your vehicle insurance premiums.
  • Additional fines and penalties, such as driving license suspensions.

Pleading Not Guilty in Texas

Motorists who believe they can dispute traffic tickets in Texas through the state court system can plead “not guilty” and initiate the process to fight traffic tickets.

Note that the procedure to take traffic ticket to court in TX may vary from one court to the next. For instance, to set a traffic ticket for trial in the City of Lubbock, you will be able to submit your plea only by appearing in person before or on the date displayed on the ticket.

Depending on the type of traffic violation that you have committed and the court that is processing your ticket, you may also have the right of a trial by jury or the opportunity to settle the issue during a pretrial conference.

At the trial, drivers and/or their lawyers can present their Texas traffic ticket defense in front of the judge or the jury. You will be granted the opportunity to submit evidence that supports your testimony and call on any relevant witnesses.

Motorists who receive guilty verdicts regarding their traffic violations will face several consequences, such as paying the driving fine and accumulating points on their driver’s records. More serious offenses may also result in jail sentences.

To avoid these penalties, it is essential that you have a capable lawyer to represent you. You may find the right lawyer for you by conducting a search online.

Dismissal of Charges in Texas

Certain types of Texas traffic citations can be dismissed by submitting proof of compliance with the motor vehicle law that was violation at the time the offense was committed.

Drivers who were issued a traffic ticket in TX for failure to display a valid driving license in Houston, for example, can dismiss traffic tickets by submitting a copy of their driving credential to the presiding court. Note that, if you are eligible to dismiss traffic citations in TX via this method, you may be charged a specific dismissal fee to complete the procedure.

Drivers may also be eligible for a ticket dismissal by completing a state-approved defensive driving course. If you are eligible for the option to dismiss your traffic fine charges via this manner, you can complete the process by submitting the certificate of completion of the traffic school program to the corresponding court.

Lost Tickets in Texas

To recover a lost traffic citation in Texas, drivers may be able to utilize the internet services of the court that is handling their case.

Also, if your traffic fine was issued by the Texas Highway Patrol, you can use the citation search option of the Highway Patrol Division and search by driving license number, name and date of birth. If you are unable to retrieve a lost traffic ticket via the internet, you can complete the procedure by visiting or calling the court that is handling the issue.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.