When drivers get traffic tickets in New Hampshire, they are required to pay certain traffic fines before the due date written on the ticket. Receiving traffic citations may result in serious consequences to your driving privileges, a higher number of demerit points on your driving record, and an increase in the car insurance premiums.

In addition, drivers who decide to fight traffic tickets may be required to pay even higher driving fines if they fail to prove their innocence. Therefore, you are encouraged to find out how to pay a traffic fine in New Hampshire by reading the sections below:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in New Hampshire
  • New Hampshire traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in New Hampshire
  • Dismissal of charges in New Hampshire
  • Lost tickets in New Hampshire

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in New Hampshire

Drivers who receive traffic tickets in New Hampshire may dismiss them or pay the applicable traffic fines. When fighting traffic citations, motorists need to plead “not guilty” in court. However, drivers will be required to pay driving ticket fines when they admit their guilt.

Motorists must pay their tickets before the due date, or within a 30-day period from the issuance of the citation. They can choose to pay traffic tickets online, by mail, by phone or in person.

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Online

Paying traffic tickets online in New Hampshire is the fastest and most convenient method available.

Drivers need to complete several steps such as: select an individual payment, enter specific information, select the offense written on your citation, enter your plea and select and enter the payment option.

Towards the end of the online speeding ticket payment procedure, a receipt will appear on your screens and you will have to either confirm or decline the transaction. Confirming your NH ticket violation payment is the last step in the online procedure.

New Hampshire Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Before drivers decide to take traffic tickets to court in New Hampshire, they are advised to hire traffic attorneys who specialize in citation laws and regulations.

A traffic ticket attorney will help you deal with your citation, regardless of whether you are guilty of charge or not. You will be able to avoid a driver’s license suspension or revocation, high car insurance premiums and accumulation of too many demerit points on your driving record.

The New Hampshire traffic citation lawyers will also help you enroll in a traffic school course in order to dismiss the demerit points accrued on your records. To find a qualified NH traffic lawyer, you may conduct your search online from the comfort of your own home.

To be instantly matched with a traffic lawyer, take a picture of your traffic ticket and provide answers to a few simple questions.

Pleading Not Guilty in New Hampshire

Drivers can begin a New Hampshire traffic ticket defense procedure if they consider themselves innocent of the offense they are charged with.

They need to plead “not guilty” at court on the date written on their ticket, or request a trial earlier. Drivers may dispute traffic tickets via mail to the New Hampshire Department of Safety, or in person via a Bureau of Financial Responsibility office. You may find a lawyer who can help you navigate the complex court process by conducting a quick and efficient search online.

If you decide to mail your traffic ticket yourself, you will have to check the “not guilty” box on your ticket before sending it to the DOS mailing address. Make sure to contest your NH traffic citations prior to the due date of the ticket or in the period of 30 days from its issuance.

Dismissal of Charges in New Hampshire

To dismiss traffic tickets in New Hampshire, drivers need to carefully read their tickets in order to make sure there are no wrong details written.

For that reason, they need to check the details such as the make and model of their vehicle, and the date and time when the offense was committed. NH traffic citations may be easily dismissed if there are errors or incorrect information written on the tickets.

Lost Tickets in New Hampshire

Drivers need their New Hampshire traffic citations in order to complete both the procedure for ticket dismissal or for ticket violation payment.

Losing your traffic ticket will require you to contact the traffic court that handles your case and retrieve the necessary details written on it. Drivers who know at least a single detail of their NH traffic citations are encouraged to write a letter to the Bureau of Financial Responsibility.

Such details may be: your full name and date of birth, your traffic violation, the law enforcement agency that issued your citation or the location where you committed the offense. Once you retrieve the information from your New Hampshire traffic ticket, you may continue with the procedure of fighting or paying driving fines.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.