The process of paying driving fines in Maine is available to drivers who do not have the means to fight traffic tickets through the state court system. Traffic tickets in ME are handled by the state Violations Bureau of the ME Judicial Branch.

By paying a traffic citation on time, you will also avoid additional fees and penalties, such as driving license suspensions, which can have adverse effects on your driving record. Review the available ME traffic tickets payment methods and learn how to dispute traffic tickets in Maine by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Maine
  • Maine traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Maine
  • Dismissal of charges in Maine
  • Lost tickets in Maine

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Maine

Motorists can pay speeding tickets in Maine and other types of citations via various methods. The fastest way to pay traffic citations in ME is to remit your payment through PayTixx, the official online ticket payment service in Maine.

Note that you will be unable to complete the process of paying traffic fines via the internet until the clerks at the Violations Bureau enter the information into the PayTixx system.

You can still submit your driving fine payments via other methods in such circumstances, in order to ensure you meet the payment deadline.

Paying a Maine Ticket Online and by Phone

If you choose to pay traffic tickets in Maine instead of contesting the issue in court, you can avoid visiting the state Violations Bureau and complete the procedure to pay ME traffic fines via the internet or by phone. For instance, when your traffic ticket is entered in the PayTixx system, you can initiate the process of paying traffic tickets online in ME by entering your ticket number.

Then, after following several prompts, you will be asked to submit your credit card information for payment purposes. Note that drivers who choose the option to pay traffic ticket online will also be required to furnish an additional convenience fee.

Another convenient method of paying traffic citations in Maine is to call the toll free PayTixx number and submit your payment by phone. Provide your credit card information when asked, and a bureau representative will confirm your payment.

Paying a Maine Ticket by Mail and in Person

Drivers who are unable to provide their Maine traffic tickets payments via one of the methods outlined above can still complete the procedure in person and by mail.

Prior to paying driving fines in ME in person, however, contact the Violations Bureau to inquire about the office opening and closing times and the acceptable forms of payment.

If you choose to pay traffic tickets by mail, on the other hand, you can finalize the procedure by mailing your personal check or money order to the bureau’s address in Lewiston.

Maine Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Since drivers have the option of contesting a traffic ticket in Maine in court, they can hire a traffic ticket attorney to increasing their chances of winning the case.

These attorneys can be hired by phone or in person at a general law firm, although this method will require significant hassle. Fortunately, attorneys can also be hired conveniently online. An experienced ME traffic citations lawyer can help you avoid the following consequences:

  • Paying the applicable ticket violation payment.
  • A traffic violation conviction on your driver’s record.
  • A suspension of your driving privileges.
  • An increase of your vehicle insurance rates.

Note: Prior to hiring an attorney, check his or her credentials and success rate in order to ensure you engage the services of the most adequate individual.

Pleading Not Guilty in Maine

The process of fighting traffic tickets in Maine can be initiated by filling out your ME traffic citation and mailing it to the Violations Bureau. After receiving your decision to fight traffic tickets in ME, the bureau will inform you of the trial date and time. Drivers will be found guilty of the traffic violation by default if they fail to appear at court on the scheduled date.

When presenting your ME traffic ticket case in court, the presiding judge will hear both your testimony and the testimony of the officer who issued the ticket.

After you submit any relevant evidence and question any witnesses, the judge will render his or her decision. If you are found guilty of a traffic violation in ME, you will be required to pay the traffic fine associated with the ticket, and the conviction will be reported on your ME driving record.

Depending on the severity of the offense, you may also incur a driving license suspension. Because court proceedings can be complicated, it is advisable to hire a professional attorney to represent you in court.

You can find the best attorney for you online. Simply enter some basic information about your citation and send a snapshot of your ticket to be matched with a qualified lawyer.

Note: Drivers who would like to beat a traffic ticket in ME in court do not have the right to a jury trial, since traffic violations are not criminal in nature.

Dismissal of Charges in Maine

Motorists can also avoid paying the Maine driving fine associated to their traffic citations if they are eligible for a ticket dismissal. For instance, if the police officer who issued you the traffic ticket in ME included incorrect information regarding the circumstances of the violation, you have the right to request a dismissal of the charges.

Certain state courts may also allow you to dismiss traffic tickets in Maine by completing a state-approved defensive driving course. Check with the state court that is handling your ticket to learn whether or not you have this option at your disposal.

Even if you are unable to dismiss traffic citations in this manner, you can still complete a traffic school program for purposes of reducing your total point count by three points.

Lost Tickets in Maine

In order to successfully submit a Maine traffic citation plea, drivers are generally required to utilize their traffic ticket and the information contained within. Therefore, you may be unable to provide your traffic tickets payments in ME or initiate the process to fight traffic citations if you lose your ticket.

Since the ME Violations Bureau handles driving fine matters within the state, motorists who lose their tickets can easily recover them or the data they contain by contacting the bureau.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.