If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Michigan due to a specific misdemeanor, you may either challenge your citation or submit payment for the set fines and surcharges.

If you believe you are unable to beat a traffic citation in MI, then you must pay your traffic fines in a timely manner, so as to avoid license suspensions or demerit points on your driving record. Learn how to pay a traffic ticket in Michigan in the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Michigan
  • Michigan traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Michigan
  • Dismissal of charges in Michigan
  • Lost tickets in Michigan

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Michigan

Michigan traffic tickets payment methods generally depend on the court in the county where motorists received their summons. Paying traffic tickets online in Michigan is usually the most convenient way to settle a case.

Since some MI traffic violation courts do not allow drivers to submit payments via the internet, they must utilize alternative methods. Such options usually include providing payment in person, via mail or phone (if available).

Paying a Michigan Ticket Online

In order to satisfy a civil traffic violation in MI via the internet, motorists can use the Michigan traffic fines online payment system. Not all traffic citations are eligible for online payment, since certain courts do not offer this option.

Drivers who are allowed to use the aforementioned provider will need to search their case by providing details such as the corresponding county or court, citation number, last name, date of birth or driving license/plate number.

Even if your MI traffic ticket is currently unavailable on this website, you are still required to settle your case via an alternative method. When paying traffic tickets online in Michigan, you must submit the total amount due, as partial payments will not be accepted.

Paying a Michigan Ticket via Other Methods

Drivers who are not eligible to pay traffic fines online in Michigan may be able to finalize the transaction via mail or in person. Consult your traffic ticket or contact the court handling your case to inquire about available payment options.

Note that by submitting your Michigan ticket violation payment, you admit guilt to the committed offense, which may result in further penalties and accumulation of negative points on your driving report.

Michigan Traffic Ticket Attorneys

If you decide to initiate the process of contesting a traffic ticket in Michigan, hiring a lawyer may increase your chances of winning your case.

Traffic ticket attorneys generally have the expertise and legal knowledge to help you fight traffic citations and avoid any negative consequences, including higher vehicle insurance rates, license suspensions or adverse effects on driving records.

When hiring an MI traffic citation lawyer, you must ensure he or she is familiar with the state court system and has a positive client feedback. To ensure you hire a lawyer specializing in fighting traffic citations, you can contact your State Bar association and ask for a referral.

This will require some work on your part, however, as you must then verify that the information you have been provided with relating to the lawyer’s specialization is correct. A more convenient method may simple be to find an experienced attorney online.

Pleading Not Guilty in Michigan

The steps to challenge speeding tickets in Michigan or other types of citations may differ depending on the presiding court and county where motorists were originally cited.

Drivers fighting traffic tickets generally need to notify the court of their decision to plead “not guilty” and wait for a trial date. For a successful Michigan traffic ticket defense, motorists may hire an attorney, contact any witnesses and present any credible evidence.

Failure to dispute traffic citations in MI usually results in paying the base fines and additional costs, as well as other penalties. Because of this, it is important that you do your best to fight your traffic ticket if you decide to plead not guilty. To maximize your chances of succeeding in court, you must hire a defense attorney.

You can find a qualified attorney easily online by submitting an image of your traffic ticket and answering a handful of basic questions about the citation.

Dismissal of Charges in Michigan

Motorists may also be able to dismiss traffic tickets in Michigan, and avoid paying driving fines or facing further penalties. Certain traffic violation courts may allow drivers to dismiss their ticket by participating in an approved defensive driving course.

Prior to taking such action, however, motorists must contact the corresponding court and check whether they are eligible for this option. In addition to this, drivers may be able to dismiss their traffic citation in MI due to errors on their ticket, including incorrect place, date and time of issuance.

Lost Tickets in Michigan

Regardless of whether you decide to pay driving tickets or contest the matter in court, you will need to provide the information listed on the form to settle your case. If you have lost your Michigan traffic ticket, the details displayed on the form must be retrieved as soon as possible, as you are generally required to respond to your citation in a timely manner.

Failure to do so will result in a suspension of your credential among other serious penalties. To inquire about lost traffic fine details, such as the citation number or the date and amount due, contact the presiding court in the county where you were cited.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.