Motorists generally make Georgia traffic tickets payments if they do not wish to contest the matter in court. The process of paying driving fines indicates that motorists admit they are responsible for their infraction and are prepared to face the adverse effects upon conviction, such as changes on their driving record.

Drivers with a GA traffic fine can also exercise the option of contesting a traffic ticket by pleading “not guilty” to the offense in question. Find out how and where to pay traffic tickets in Georgia in the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Georgia
  • Georgia traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Georgia
  • Dismissal of charges in Georgia
  • Lost tickets in Georgia

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Georgia

Choosing to pay traffic citations in GA instead of challenging tickets through the court system is generally a simpler process. If you decide to submit your ticket violation payment, you admit your guilt to your misdemeanor, which may result in additional penalties.

The methods to pay driving tickets in Georgia usually depend on the county where you were cited, as well as the court handling your case. Certain courts allow you to pay traffic fines online, and if this is not the case you may still be able to answer to your citation in person, by phone or via mail.

Paying a Georgia Ticket Online

To check whether you are eligible for paying traffic tickets online in Georgia, you must consult your summons or contact the corresponding court.

Most traffic fines include information about methods to pay and acceptable forms of payment. In addition to this, you can visit the official website of your traffic violation court and try to locate an online payment provider.

When submitting GA traffic fines online payments, you may be required to enter certain specifics, including your name, ticket number, driver’s license number and more depending on your court. Online payments are generally processed once you enter your credit card information.

Paying a Georgia Ticket via Other Methods

Drivers who are not eligible to make a Georgia traffic tickets payment via the internet, may utilize alternative methods to finalize the procedure. Note that certain traffic violations may require motorists to appear in court and settle their case in person.

Specific traffic violation courts in GA allow drivers to submit their fines via mail, by sending a valid check or money order to the appropriate address. Payments via phone may also be accepted in certain cases, but a convenience fee may apply in addition to the base fines.

Motorists will generally need to pay speeding tickets in Georgia or other citations in due time (two weeks prior to their court date) to avoid any negative consequences on their driving transcript and licensure.

Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorneys

The process of fighting traffic tickets in Georgia is rather demanding, so hiring an attorney may be necessary for motorists who wish to win their case.

Those fighting a traffic ticket may begin the process of hiring an attorney by phone or finding one in person. However, this can involve a significant amount of work. A more convenient option for hiring a qualified ticket defense attorney is simply to begin a search online.

Engaging the services of an experienced traffic citation lawyer may help drivers avoid the following consequences:

  • Demerit points on their driving report.
  • Paying large GA traffic fines.
  • A suspension of their privilege to drive.
  • Higher car insurance rates.

Note: Check your attorney’s professional background prior to hiring, to ensure a positive outcome when presenting your case.

Pleading Not Guilty in Georgia

Should you choose to beat a traffic citation in GA, you must be prepared for a jury trial. Prior to deciding to dispute traffic tickets through the court system, make sure you gather any evidence, and contact any relevant witnesses to testify on your behalf.

When fighting traffic fines in Georgia, you will need to face the law enforcement officer who issued your summons. Note that hiring a lawyer to represent you in court may increase your chances of winning the case, as well as help you avoid or reduce your charges if found guilty.

You can hire a knowledgeable citation defense lawyer online simply by taking a picture of your ticket and answer a few routine questions.

Dismissal of Charges in Georgia

If you have received a Georgia traffic ticket which contains incorrect information, you may be able to qualify for ticket dismissal. Drivers who are unable to pay their traffic citations or challenge their summons in court must pay attention to the specifics displayed on the form and check whether they were written up incorrectly by the police officer.

Though you may not qualify for GA traffic fine dismissal by completing a defensive driving course, you may still benefit from taking such action. Motorists who graduate from traffic school in Georgia may reduce their traffic fines, as well as the number of negative points on their driving record.

Lost Tickets in Georgia

Certain details listed on your GA traffic citation are mandatory to initiate the procedures of contesting your traffic ticket or paying the set fines. Such specifics usually include your traffic fine number, due date amount owed and more. If you have lost your summons, contact the court handling your case and inquire about missing ticket information in due time.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.