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Vehicle Emissions Testing in Georgia

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The following counties require all cars and trucks powered by gasoline to undergo emission checks before being issued vehicle licence plates:

- Cherokee

- Clayton

- Cobb

- Coweta

- DeKalb

- Douglas

- Fayette

- Forsyth

- Fulton

- Gwinnett

- Henry

- Paulding

- Rockdale


Vehicles exempt from emission tests include motorcycles, motor homes and RVs.


In case your vehicle fails the emission test, you will need to make repairs and get the vehicle retested within 30 days of the first test. CGAF Service centres need to be visited to apply for exemptions. Exemptions include:

  • New vehicles in the first three years of the vehicle model are exempt from the emission inspection requirement until the inspection term three years following the model year of the vehicle, vehicles which are driver less than 5,000 miles per year, vehicles which are older than 10 years and those registered by senior citizens over 65. Military personnel, students and businessmen whose vehicles might be outside the limits of testing areas can ask for extension of the inspection term.
  • Military personnel, students and businessmen whose vehicles might be outside the limits of testing areas. You will be required to provide proof that the vehicle is not being driven or that you are more than two hours drive away from an emission testing CGAF service center. This could be in the form of parking receipts or student transcripts etc. This documentation along with a completed Out of area extension form duly completed will have to be mailed to:
GCAF Waiver Center
Franklin Square Office Park
2141 Kingston Court, Suite 106
Marietta, GA 30067    


Emission testing fees range from $10-$25 based on the location of testing.


In case your vehicle fails an emission test you will need to repair it and retake the test. If the vehicle fails again and you have proof of having spent over $872 on repairs, you might be eligible for a repairs waiver which exempts your vehicle from such a test in the future.


  • Vehicles that run only on alternative power in the form of natural gas, electricity or hydrogen do not require an emissions test. However, hybrid vehicles do not qualify for this exemption as they do have a gasoline engine. The rule of thumb is that if gasoline is consumed by your engine, it will need to pass the emissions test.
  • For more information about emissions requirements for gas vehicles or light duty diesel vehicles.
  • See also Vehicle History Reports.

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