Georgia state ID credentials are an ideal alternative to drivers licenses for anyone who does not – or cannot – hold a license. Unlike licenses, IDs are available to all populations of residents. This includes children, motorists whose licenses have been revoked or suspended and anyone else who cannot – or does not – wish to drive. Residents may use a DMV ID card for all the same non-driving purposes as they would otherwise use a license. IDs are accepted as proof of age and identity for all legal purposes, including applications for public assistance and entering age-controlled venues.

More than one form of Georgia identification card is available. While authorities recommend that residents select REAL ID-compliant cards for their own convenience, doing so is not mandatory. Non-compliant cards remain available for those who cannot meet the documentation and qualifications standards necessary for REAL IDs. Cardholders may also elect to add a variety of special designations to their IDs.

Georgia DMV ID Requirements

Georgia DMV state ID requirements vary depending upon the type of ID and designations residents seek. Other factors, such as applicant age, can also impact what documents and actions are required to obtain a card. To apply for a REAL ID-compliant government issued ID, applicants must submit proof of:

  • Identity, including date of birth.
  • Georgia residency.
  • A valid Social Security Number.
  • Citizenship or other lawful presence in the U.S.
  • Proof of name change (where applicable).

In addition, to get a DMV ID card in Georgia, applicants must surrender any drivers licenses, permits or state IDs issued by Georgia – or any other state – when applying, as they may not hold dual, conflicting forms of identification. Applicants who formerly held such documents, but who cannot surrender them because they were lost or stolen, must, instead, submit certified copies of their driving records, or other qualifying DMV documentation, at the time of application.

Georgia DMV ID card requirements include no minimum age limits. Parents and guardians may obtain child ID cards for their children at any age, with appropriate documentation.

What do you need to get an ID in Georgia?

Most residents will need a Secure ID, Georgia’s REAL ID-compliant option. As such, the documents needed for state ID include any one of the following forms of primary identification:

  • A U.S. passport or passport card (valid or expired less than 10 years)
  • An original or certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • A DHS Certificate of Naturalization (form N-550 or N-570)
  • A DHS Certificate of Citizenship (form N-560 or N-561)
  • SSA Numident Records or Original US Military Discharge Papers (applies only to applicants born before January 1, 1940)

DMV state ID applicants will need to prove they hold a valid Social Security Number. They can do so by providing a/an:

  • Social Security card.
  • W-2 form.
  • SSA-1099 form or Non-SSA 1099 form.
  • Paystub with their full names and SSNs.
  • SSN Denial or Refusal Letter.
  • SSA print-out bearing office stamp and an SSA employee signature, alongside the applicant’s name and SSN.
  • Federal or state tax return with the applicant’s name and SSN.
  • Medicare or Medicaid card with the applicant’s name and SSN.
  • Social Security Annual Statement.
  • Selective Service Notice with the applicant’s name and SSN.

Documents required for state ID applications to prove residency include two documents, each from different sources, showing applicants’ full names and physical addresses. Documents can include:

  • Utility bills.
  • Bank statements.
  • An unexpired Georgia drivers license showing current address.
  • Tax returns.
  • A recent health insurance statement.
  • A Social Security Annual Statement or a check issued within the last two years.
  • Public assistance program statements.
  • School transcripts.
  • Insurance policies.
  • Signed mortgage, rental or lease agreements or statements.
  • A Georgia voter registration card issued within the last two years.
  • A vehicle registration.
  • Unexpired Firearms or Merchant Marine Licenses.
  • A 1-797A or C.
  • Other government-issued documents.
  • A Georgia Department of Corrections Residency Verification Form (DS-752).
  • Recent, postmarked mail showing the applicant’s name and physical address.

Name Change Documents for Georgia State ID

Georgia residents applying for non-driver ID will need to bring name change documents when applying, if their current names do not match the names on their documents. For example, residents using married names must provide marriage licenses linking their names, as they appear on their birth certificates, to their current names.

Residents who have experienced multiple name changes must bring documentation linking their progression of names; for instance, a birth certificate, a marriage license, a divorce certificate and a second marriage license. Acceptable DMV new ID documents include:

  • Marriage licenses and divorce decrees.
  • Adoption paperwork.
  • Court orders.

What You Need to Get a Free Georgia Voter Identification Card

Georgia requires that all would-be voters to have some form of qualifying identity card to actually cast their votes. Residents who do not possess any of the required forms of ID may qualify for a free voter identification card. These cards are available from any County Registrar’s Office, or any Georgia Drivers Licensing Service Center, free-of-charge.

To apply for a card at a registrar’s office, applicants must provide certain documents. These include:

  • An approved identity document (photo or non-photo) showing their full, true names and date of birth.
  • Proof that they are registered to vote.
  • Documentation of their physical addresses.

To apply for an identification card at the DMV, applicants must provide different documents than those listed above. These include:

  • A certified birth certificate or passport.
  • A Social Security Card.
  • Two proofs of physical address.
  • A signed affidavit.
  • Proof of name change (where applicable).
  • Proof that they are registered to vote.

How to Get an ID in Georgia

When it comes to where to get state ID, Georgia residents must apply in person, at a drivers licensing service center. Appointments are optional, but may result in quicker service. Residents cannot get ID online. Before going to the DMV to get ID, residents should gather their documents, and make an appointment, if desired.

At the DMV, applicants must submit their documents, allow themselves to be photographed and surrender any necessary alternative IDs. All of the forms that applicants need are available at DMV service centers.

Residents requesting an ID card for minors will need to have certain items handy. These include:

  • Documentation of identity for the minor.
  • To have the minor’s parent, guardian or other responsible adult present.
  • Legal ID for the parent, guardian or responsible adult.
  • For the parent, guardian or responsible adult to sign an affidavit of the minor’s identity and residence as part of the application process.

All applicants must be prepared to pay the appropriate fees at the time of application, as well.

REAL ID Cards in Georgia

Georgia recommends that residents apply for REAL ID, also referred to as Secure ID, if they have the documents to do so. REAL ID-compliant identification cards are IDs that meet federal security and documentation standards. Card holders can use these cards to access federal buildings and board domestic flights, even after the new regulations go into effect in October 2020.

Residents who lack the documents required for REAL ID, or who simply prefer not to hold a REAL ID card, may request a non-compliant card when applying.

How to Renew or Replace a State ID in Georgia

If you have lost ID card credentials, you need a DMV replacement ID, and you should visit a drivers licensing service center to fulfill this task. Residents may also renew their IDs in person, but some residents will qualify to renew online. Online renewals are restricted to cardholders who hold REAL ID-compliant Secure IDs, and have established accounts within the DMV online system.

DMV ID Costs in Georgia

Georgia DMV ID costs are the same across age groups. Cardholders who renew their IDs online qualify for $5 discounts not reflected in the pricing below:

  • ID card (new): $32
  • Voter’s ID card (valid for voting only): FREE
  • Handicapped ID card: $5
  • Indigent ID card $5
Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.