Access online assistance services for help on how to get your new ID as soon as possible. In many states, getting a driver’s license or ID for the first time involves several steps. Therefore, knowing what you will need to do and which documents you will need to present to the DMV is important. Online assistance provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a new license or ID card. Take advantage of this service to simplify the process today.

2.     By Mail

Some drivers prefer to complete their DMV transactions by mail. Unfortunately, this process is generally much slower than simply dealing with the DMV online. When completing DMV transactions by mail, make sure to set aside enough time for your documents to reach the DMV. If you are on a tight schedule, be mindful that the DMV will need to receive your documents, process your request and mail a response back to you. Double-check all forms, payment methods and applications before mailing them, as any error on your part may delay the process.

3.     In Person at a DMV Office

There are DMV transactions that you can only complete in person at a DMV office. These are sometimes lengthy processes, and since DMV lines are often long and slow, preparing beforehand can help ensure your visit is as quick as possible. Knowing which documents you will need and filling out necessary forms before your visit can keep you from wasting your trip. In these cases, online assistance services can help by providing you with all the information you need to make your visit a success.

The West Virginia ID card application procedure is available to all residents, regardless of their age. Individuals who want to apply for ID card credentials may choose between an ID Not for Federal Use and a REAL ID card (for federal use) with a golden star on it.

Both credentials may serve as proof of identity in various situations, such as applying for a new job or making bank transactions. Moreover, the Real ID card will be also used at airports and federal institutions.

Therefore, prior to applying for an identity card at a nearby WV DMV office, you need to decide which ID card you want to obtain because the application procedure will vary. Note that both ID card application procedures will mandate applicants to satisfy a set of requirements, such as providing the necessary paperwork and paying the applicable fees.

For more information about how to get an ID card in West Virginia, continue reading the sections below.

Note: Minor residents may apply for a Youth Identification Card if they are from two to 15 years of age.

Requirements for an ID Card in West Virginia

When applying for an identification card in West Virginia, applicants need to satisfy several requirements set by the DMV. Note that the DMV ID requirements for a federal REAL ID may differ from those for an identity card which is not for federal use.

However, in both cases, applicants will be required to provide a list of documents, along with the payment for the applicable fees. Therefore, when applying for either a Not for Federal Use Identification Card or for a REAL ID (for federal use), applicants will be expected to satisfy the same requirements and provide the following documents to the DMV:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Two proofs of West Virginia residency holding the applicant’s name and physical address
  • Proof of legal name change, if applicable

Once you provide the required documents for ID card credentials to the Division of Motor Vehicles, you need to wait for them to be processed. The DMV only processes documents that are original or certified copies because providing photocopies is unacceptable. Therefore, prior to applying for an ID card in person at the DMV, make sure that you organize yourself and prepare the exact documentation you need.

If you would like to be able to drive a motor vehicle, you must obtain and retain your driver’s license. To start the process, you should complete a practice test to determine your skill level. Once you decide you are ready, you must complete drivers ed, unless you have already held a driver’s license in the past. You will then need to apply for your full license or your learners permit. You will need to keep this credential current unless you have been disqualified from driving. In this case, an ID card is the best option.

The West Virginia ID Card Application Process

The ID card application procedure mandates applicants to complete several steps in order to obtain an identification credential. ID card applicants will be required to complete an Application for a Driver’s License or Identification Card form, and submit it to a local DMV office along with the mandatory documentation and the payment for the applicable fees. Once you complete the procedure for getting a West Virginia ID card, you will be required to wait for the new credential to arrive at the address you provided.

The REAL ID card will be mailed to the applicant’s address and is expected to arrive within 10 to 15 business days. Applicants will get a temporary credential to use while waiting for the permanent to arrive in the mail.

Note: The Youth ID card application procedure for minor applicants may slightly differ than that for a federal or non-federal credential. Parents or legal guardians of underage applicants provide their signatures on the application form along with the applicant’s birth certificate, Social Security card and two proofs of WV residency.

The final step in the procedure for obtaining WV ID is to provide payment for the mandatory DMV ID card price that you must pay. The DMV ID fee for a new youth identity credential is for two-year validity. Moreover, the fees for youth ID cards may vary depending on the applicant’s age.

Note that the issuance of a Real ID card for federal use will cost you an additional to processing and shipping costs. For more detailed information about the ID card cost, contact the WV DMV before making any payments.

Note: Identity card holders are encouraged to contact the DMV if they want to find out more about the procedure and the applicable fees for an ID card renewal, or for a replacement ID card.

Last updated on Monday, September 24 2018.

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