A defensive driving course in West Virginia can help you to reduce the total number of points you have accrued on your driving record. Overall, traffic school programs aim to review standard safety protocols and practices for motorists who need a refresher. This could include drivers who have committed several moving violations or mature motorists seeking a discount on their auto insurance premiums.

Enrolling in a WV defensive driving school could be mandatory for certain drivers who receive court orders due to the accumulation of points on their records. Alternatively, you could opt to take a defensive driving course online in order to review safety standards from the convenience of your own home. The type of course you take depends on your situation, but you have options available. The best way to decide which course to take is to review those options in relation to your circumstances before registering and submitting payment.

Who can attend traffic school in West Virginia?

A West Virginia defensive driving class is an option for a driver who wants to reduce the number of points he or she has accumulated on a DMV record. In general, completing an approved driver improvement course in WV will take three points off of your driving record, which can help you to avoid a drivers license suspension. However, it is important to note that you can only take a traffic school course for that purpose once every 12 months. Moreover, you can only remove points accrued prior to the date of the course. Furthermore, the course must be completed prior to the start of a suspension period in order to potentially cancel its effects.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in West Virginia

A defensive driving online course is available for purposes other than reducing the number of points on your license. However, you cannot use an online course for point reduction. Instead, only in-person DMV courses will be accepted for that purpose. Therefore, online traffic school programs may help you with lowering your auto insurance costs. However, you must confirm with your insurance provider before you enroll in these classes.

The in-person defensive driving courses to reduce points are only available at select authorized locations around the state. These are eight-hour sessions and must be attended in their entirety.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in West Virginia

A West Virginia point reduction class cannot be taken online. Thus, you have no choice but to attend an in-person session if that is your main goal.

However, if you are taking a driving safety course for insurance purposes, then you might be able to take an online course. Be sure to confirm this with your insurance company prior to registering or paying for any online courses. The insurance provider might require you to use certain courses or companies, so be sure to follow their procedures.

How to Enroll in a West Virginia Defensive Driving School

To enroll in a DMV traffic school in West Virginia, you will have to contact the school near you and inquire about available course options. Then, you must follow their instructions for registration and payment. Additionally, be sure to find out how the DMV will be notified of your course completion afterward.

The following defensive driving course operators are the only institutions authorized by the West Virginia DMV:

  • West Virginia Driver Training: 304-424-6307 (Locations statewide)
  • Able Driving School: 540-675-1153 (Martinsburg)
  • Bluefield AAA: 304-327-8187 (Bluefield)
  • Charleston AAA: 304-925-6681 (Charleston)
  • B-Safe, Inc.: 304-641-9045 (Clarksburg)

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in West Virginia

Attending traffic school in WV can bring you several benefits, depending on your circumstances. Any of the following options are available through taking one of these courses:

  • Remove Points From Your Driving Record
  • Avoid Increases on Your Auto Insurance Premiums
  • Obtain a Car Insurance Discount
  • Fulfill a Court Order
  • Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

Remove Points From Your Driving Record

Taking driving classes to remove points from a record can help prevent your driver’s license from reaching the level of mandatory suspension. You can remove three points from your record with the successful completion of an authorized course, so be sure to take advantage of that option if you have accrued several points already. However, be mindful that you can only take a point reduction course once every 12 months. Therefore, it is wise to take it soon after you have accumulated several points in a given year.

Avoid Increases on Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Taking a driver improvement program might help you avoid an insurance premium increase or lower your premium after the fact. If you have received a traffic citation or caused an accident, your insurance company might raise your costs. Find out if you can take a course in exchange for lowering those back down. This is entirely dependent on the company’s policy, so make sure to be clear on your options.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

A senior defensive driving course might offer you a discount on your auto insurance premium. Contact your insurance provider to ask about mature driver discounts for taking these courses. Many companies offer a five percent discount to motorists who are 55 years of age or older and successfully complete a course. Retaking the course once every three years is a common requirement, but make sure to find out your company’s policy.

Fulfill a Court Order

You might be required to attend a DMV approved traffic school after you have committed various moving violations. If you are ordered by the courts to take such a course, be sure you follow the instructions exactly and register for an approved course within the allotted timeframe.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

A defensive driving course is a wise choice for all drivers, regardless of point accumulation or age. Taking a refresher course to be reminded of rules and regulations as well as being taught current safety standards and techniques can help all drivers to be safe on the road.

West Virginia Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

The defensive driving course in WV is an eight-hour course taught over a single day in person at an authorized training facility. You cannot take an online course to reduce your driving record points, but you could opt to take one to lower your insurance costs if your provider allows for that. In any case, the courses all cover similar material, including highlighting the following topics:

  • Hazard perception
  • Collision avoidance
  • Overall safety awareness and understanding

West Virginia Defensive Driving Certificates

A defensive driving certificate will be awarded once you complete the entire course according to the requirements of the instructor. Be sure to inquire at your session whether or not you need to submit a copy of the certificate to the DMV in order to get your points reduced.

West Virginia Traffic School Versus Drivers Education

Traffic school in WV is not the same as driver’s ed classes, so be sure you understand the difference and register for the appropriate course. In general, driver’s education is for new motorists who are learning the rules of the road prior to obtaining a full license.

A defensive driver course is for a fully licensed driver to review the best safety techniques and procedures in order to improve safety standards on the road.

West Virginia Defensive Driving Course Fees

The fees for defensive driving courses in WV will vary based on the vendor and the type of course you take. Online traffic school courses can be purchased by credit card directly through the vendor website, while you might be able to pay in person or by mail at a local driving school. Prices can range anywhere from $30 to around $100 for basic courses.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.