Drivers ed in West Virginia is offered to teen drivers younger than the age of 18, who want to learn safe driving techniques and become better traffic participants. Although drivers education is not a mandatory course in West Virginia, beginner drivers are advised to enroll in order to broaden their knowledge on state traffic laws and road rules, defensive driving techniques, sharing the road and driving in hazardous conditions. Teenagers who are at least 15 years of age may take a drivers ed class to get prepared for the written and driving tests. In addition, the number of supervised driving hours will be waived when applying for a WV driver’s license.

Benefits of Taking Drivers Education Courses

Completing a West Virginia drivers ed program may benefit you in one of the following ways:

  • Waive the supervised driving hours required to get a WV driver’s license.
  • Understand the road rules and importance of safety.
  • Get prepared for the written and driving tests.

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West Virginia Drivers Ed Curriculum

Drivers education in WV is for teen drivers younger than 18 years of age, who want to become better drivers and possibly earn benefits. WV drivers ed covers the following topics:

  • WV traffic laws and road rules.
  • Defensive driving skills.
  • Sharing the road.
  • Hazardous situations.
  • Developing responsible driving attitude.

Enrolling in Drivers Education Courses

How to Enroll in Drivers Ed

To enroll in drivers education courses in West Virginia, beginner drivers must contact their local DMV or a third-party school and find out the necessary information about the classes and cost.

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Online West Virginia Driver Ed vs. in Person

West Virginia drivers ed classes can be taken either online or in person at a professional driving school throughout the state. Drivers education is optional for teen drivers in the state.

Cost of Drivers Ed in West Virginia

The cost of a drivers education in West Virginia varies, depending on the driving school you want to attend. Contact the drivers ed school of your choice in order to find out the exact cost.

West Virginia Drivers Ed Requirements and Eligibility

Drivers education eligibility in West Virginia varies depending on your specific situation. Beginner and teen drivers are not required to complete a drivers ed course. Instead, drivers younger than 18 years of age are advised to take driving lessons in order to get prepared for both the written and driving tests, as well as get the number of supervised driving hours waived.

Finding a West Virginia-Approved Drivers Education Course

Information about West Virginia drivers education courses can be found either online on the WV DMV website or in person at the nearest DMV office. Beginner drivers can also contact third-party drivers ed providers to enroll in driving classes within the state.

Last updated on Thursday, December 21 2017.

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