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How to Renew a Driver's License in West Virginia

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West Virginia Drivers License Renewal

Renewing drivers license in West Virginia is a mandatory process which is done in compliance with the procedures set by the state's Division of Motor Vehicles. WV residents can renew drivers license in person at a local DMV location. When applying for a WV drivers license renewal you will have the option to choose between a "Not For Federal Use" driver's license, or Real ID/ "For Federal Use" driving license card. Should you wish to renew drivers license in WV and need more information, read the applicable sections below.

How To Renew Your WV Driver's License

Renew West Virginia Drivers License

Note: Drivers can find the expiry date written on the front of their WV license to drive.

To apply for a drivers license renewal in West Virginia, drivers must do so in person, by visiting the local WV DMV office. When renewing their drivers license personally, applicants must provide specific documentation, depending on the type of license card they choose. Should you request a "Not For Federal Use" drivers license renewal, you will be required to bring the renewal application with your current WV driver's license and other documents. The WV DVM has recently introduced the "Drive for Five" program, under which the WV license to drive is valid for five years. The state's Division of Motor Vehicles will need to phase applicants into the program, before they begin their five-year cycle.

In order to do this, when renewing drivers license in WV, you will be issued a license valid for a period ranging from three to seven years. For instance, if you are or will be 34 years of age when your driving license expires, you will be given a six-year valid license to operate a vehicle, which will expire when you are 40 years of age.


The fees to renew drivers licenses depend on the period for which your driver's license will be valid, until your age is divisible by five (25, 30, 35, etc.). Drivers will be calculated a fee in the amount of $2.50 per year plus 50 cents for the motor vehicle fee. When renewing drivers license in WV, if you are 21 years of age for instance, your license to drive will next expire on your 25th birthday and the cost would be $10.50 ($2.50 x 4 + 50 cents). Note that you may find the renewal fee with the expiration date on your renewal card. The WV drivers license renewal must be done within the allotted period of time, otherwise the WV DMV will charge a $5 late fee. If you want to obtain a "For Federal Use" card an additional $10 fee will be required.

When To Renew Your West Virginia Drivers License

Since January 1, 2001 the West Virginia DMV license renewal dates correspond to the applicant's date of birth. Note that applicants are allowed to apply for a drivers license renewal within six months after expiration. However, you are encouraged to renew your drivers license in West Virginia prior to expiration, otherwise the DMV office will charge you a late fee. Drivers whose license expires on their 18th or 21st birthday will have a 30-day grace period to obtain the correct color license.

Expired License

Residents in West Virginia have up to six months to renew their drivers license after the expiration date. Still, you are encouraged to request a WV drivers license renewal prior to your birthday so as to avoid paying any late fees. Applicants who have an expired drivers license for six months or more must pass the driving tests and present all necessary documents as a first-time applicant.

Temporary Permits

When renewing drivers license in West Virginia, drivers who have applied for a Real ID/ "For Federal Use" card will obtain a temporary license. Once the WV DMV branch accepts the renewal application, you will receive a temporary permit to legally operate your vehicle, until the federal-use license to drive arrives within 15 business days.

Requirements To Renew A West Virginia License

WV drivers license renewal applicants must adhere to the requirements set by the Division of Motor Vehicles. When renewing your drivers license, you must first decide on which type of card you would like to obtain (the "Not For Federal Use" card or the Real ID card). The documents that you need to present by appearing personally at your DMV location are dependent upon your choice. Note that for a drivers license renewal, drivers with a license that has been expired for more than six months will be considered first-time applicants, so they must retest and provide other necessary documentation upon arrival. For more information on how to renew drivers license in person, read the section below.

Renewing Your WV Drivers License In Person

To renew your drivers license in person, you must visit a WV DMV location. Drivers applying for a "Not For Federal Identification" drivers license renewal, will be required to bring the following documents:

If you have had any address changes since the last license card, you must present two proofs of WV residency including name and physical address. Drivers with a recent change of name will be required proof of legal name change.

Note: To renew drivers license in WV that has been expired for more than six months, you must provide one proof of identity, proof of Social Security Number, two proofs of residency, and proof of legal name change (if you had a change of name).

When renewing drivers license, applicants choosing a "For Federal Identification" card or renewing a more-than-six-months expired drivers license must hand over the following documents:

  • Proof of identity.
  • Proof of Social Security number.
  • Two proofs of WV residency with name and physical address.
  • Proof of legal name change (in case of a change of name).

Note: This type of driver's license will have a gold star, implying that it meets full federal requirements for future use. Drivers will have to pay an additional $10 fee due to processing and shipping costs.

Non US Citizen

Non-U.S. citizens who request to renew their driver's license in West Virginia, may be required to present the documentation below:

  • Two proofs of residency in West Virginia.
  • Social Security Card.
  • One of the following documents to prove legal U.S. presence:
    • An INS form I-551 Alien Registration Receipt Card.
    • Valid re-entries permit INS Form I-327.
    • A valid Temporary I-551 stamp in their Foreign Passport (with English translation) or an INS Form I-94.

    Out-of-State Military Renewal

    Renewing drivers license in West Virginia is not a mandatory process for military members on an out-of-state active duty. WV DMV license renewal period is extended for six months beginning the date the person is being honorably discharged from active duty in the armed forces. Should the person request a drivers license renewal while being temporarily stationed out of state or overseas, the Division of Motor Vehicles may renew his or her driving privileges. Note that the WV DMV will issue a certified driving record (in lieu of the new license to drive) with a notation of the new date of expiry included. Military personnel will be obliged to obtain the new license upon returning to West Virginia, within the allotted period of time.

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Why don't men need proof of

Why don't men need proof of their name at time of renewal? What if the the name they are using is not the one on thier birth certificate. How would DMV know. I

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