Real ID requirements will be in place on October 1st, 2021. If you intend to get a REAL ID, you will likely need to visit a DMV in person.

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Important Notice About Real ID Implementation

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Pennsylvania’s driver license renewal system alerts residents three months before their license is set to expire. Typically, driver’s licenses are valid for four years and expire one day after the applicant’s birthday. Two-year licenses are available for eligible residents.

Drivers may submit a DMV license renewal application online, by mail or in person. Depending on the type of license and the information on file at the DMV, you may only be eligible to renew using one method. Additional fees may apply. Absent military members are granted allowances when stationed outside of Pennsylvania. Additional paperwork may be required.

Eligibility for Drivers License Renewal in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Drivers License

Note: To find out your driver’s license expiration date, locate it on the front of your card.

While most PA residents are eligible to renew expired drivers licenses in person, online renewals are only available to eligible applicants. The following PA drivers license renewal requirements must be met to apply online.

  • The DMV renewal is not for a commercial license.
  • The license is valid or has been expired for less than six months.
  • The applicant’s information on file at the DMV is valid and up-to-date.
  • The photograph is current and can be used on the new license.

Two-year drivers license renewals are available to eligible residents older than 65 years of age.

Instances When You Cannot Renew Your Drivers License in Pennsylvania

Residents cannot renew a license online if they have an out-of-state address. Instead, they must visit a drivers license office in person to submit an application. Furthermore, a license that has been expired for more than six months cannot be renewed. Instead, residents must apply for a new license. Applicants cannot renew drivers licenses that are suspended, revoked, disqualified or cancelled.

How early can you renew your drivers license in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania driver license renewals are required every four years and expire on the applicant’s birthday. The PA DMV issues renewal notices to eligible applicants through the mail. These renewal notices are issued three months prior to the license’s expiration date and may be retuned immediately.

Where to Renew Drivers Licenses in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania allows residents to submit DMV license renewal applications by mail, online or in person. Depending on the license and the status of your renewal, you may be restricted to one method.

How to Renew Your Drivers License Online

DMV license renewals are available through the PA DMV’s online system. To complete a renewal online, you will need the following items.

  • Your current drivers license
  • A printer
  • A valid credit or debit card

Follow the below steps to submit a DMV license renewal application online.

  1. Log in to the online system using your DL number, date of birth and SSN.
  2. Follow the online prompts.
  3. Pay the drivers license renewal

Once completed, print the temporary license and bring it with you to an approved Photo Drivers License Center to have a new photo taken, if applicable. Valid ID, such as a United States passport or current driver’s license must be presented.

How to Renew My License by Mail

Eligible applicants are allowed to apply by mail. Follow the below steps to submit an application through the USPS.

  1. Complete and submit the drivers license renewal form that was sent to you in the mail. If you did not receive the notice, you may download the form online.
  2. Include the drivers license renewal fee. Checks must be made payable to PennDOT. Do not send cash in the mail. Credit and debit cards are not accepted.
  3. Send the above items to the following address.
Bureau of Driver Licensing
P.O. Box 68272
Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272

After you submit the DMV license renewal application, you will be sent a camera card. Take this card to an approved photo center and have a new digitalized photo taken. Valid ID must be presented. Once the process has been completed, you will be issued with a new license.

How to Renew Drivers License Cards in Person

Drivers license renewals are available at select Online Messenger Services Centers. Opening hours and the services provided vary between locations. Applicants must bring their renewal form, acceptable identification and payment when applying, and a new photo may be required. To guarantee a spot at your local DMV, it is recommended to set up an appointment before going to apply for a renewal.

Military & Out of State Renewal in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania law states that DMV license renewals are not required for active members of the military. If they are stationed outside of PA, the license will remain valid for the duration of their service. Furthermore, a drivers license renewal form does not need to be submitted until 45 days after the service member returns from active duty. These rules also apply to the spouses of active service members and their children. However, immediate family members must be living in the same household to qualify.

Members of the military have the choice to submit DMV license renewals every four years. In addition, service members who are absent from PA during the renewal period may be issued with a picture-less license for 60 days. Military service papers may be requested when renewing or carrying expired drivers licenses on active duty.

Pennsylvania REAL ID Drivers License Renewal

Drivers license renewals for REAL ID cards are not currently available in Pennsylvania. However, residents will be able to upgrade their licenses from March, 2019. When the service becomes available, eligible applicants must bring the correct identification documents to the DMV and pay a one-time fee of $30. The PA DMV’s standard drivers license renewal fee will also be applied. Residents must renew their current license when they expire regardless of whether the new REAL ID cards are available. REAL ID upgrades will be voluntary in the state. However, you will not be able to board a domestic flight after 2020 using a standard license.

Pennsylvania Drivers License Renewal Fees

Drivers license renewal fees vary and must be paid in full. The PA DMV does not accept credit cards or cash at some locations. Checks and money orders are allowed. The PA DMV charges $59 fee for each returned check. See below for a breakdown of DMV licensing fees in Pennsylvania.

  • Four-Year License $35.50
  • Two-Year License (65 years or older) $25.00
  • Four-Year PA DMV License Renewal $30.50
  • Two-Year PA DMV License Renewal (65 years or older) $20.00
  • Identification Card $30.50
  • Identification Card Renewal $30.50
  • Probationary License $127.75
  • Probationary PA DMV License Renewal $92.75
  • Duplicate License $29.50
Last updated on Monday, April 4 2022.