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License Plates in Pennsylvania


As soon as license plates are lost, stolen or illegible they must be reported to the local police and replaced.

In order to replace your plates you must:

  • Download and complete an Application for Replacement Registration Plate.
  • Complete sections A, B, and D of the form.
  • If you want to replace specialty plates, you must also complete the appropriate registration form for specialty plates.
  • Make a check or money order payable to the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania". The fee for replacement plates is $7.50. You will have to pay additional fees if you require specialty plates..
  • Mail the completed form and fees to the following address:
    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    Harrisburg, PA 17104-2516    


Special Plates

Special registration plates are available in three options: personalized plates, amateur radio operator registration plate, and press photographer registration plate. These plates are available to motor vehicles and motorcycles with a registered gross weight not exceeding 10,000 pounds. Please see the proper Application Form for Special License Plates. When you have completed the form, mail them along with a check or money order for the appropriate fees to the following address:

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Special Tag Unit
P.O. Box 68293
Harrisburg, PA 17106-8293    

Special Fund License Plates

Special fund license plates are available for the following organizations: Wild Resource Conservation Fund, Pennsylvania Zoological Council Fund, Preserve Our Heritage, and the Pennsylvania Drug Abuse Resistance Fund. These plates are only available to motor vehicles that have a registered gross weight of less than 10,000 pounds. Special fund plates cannot be personalized or issued with a disability symbol. For every special fund plate that is issued, $15 will be contributed to the fund of your choice. In order to apply for these plates, download and complete the Application for Special Fund License Plate and mail it to the following address along with the appropriate fees:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Transportation
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 67900
Harrisburg, PA 17106-7900    

Military License Plates

Military license plates are available to U.S. Military Veterans. For more information on these plates, download the Special U.S. Military Veterans Registration Fact Sheet. You can also read more about the different types of military license plates at the DOT website.


Special and personalized license plates attract additional fees in addition to the registration fees. Special Plates require an additional fee of at least $11 and maximum $76. The extra fee for personalization is between $50 and $100. Special Fund Plates require an additional fee of $35, out of which $15 will be donated to the fund of your choice. Other


If you have obtained specialty or customized plates, you must return your existing license plate to the Department of Transportation along with the following Returned Registration Plate form. You are also required to return your license plates when you move out of state or cancel your insurance. You may choose to return the license plates if you are selling your vehicle.


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