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License Plates in Utah


As soon as license plates are lost, stolen or illegible they must be replaced with a plate of similar type.

Note: If BOTH personalized plates are stolen/lost they must be replaced with a new plate - duplicates will not be made.

In order to replace your plates you must:

  • Visit your local DMV office.
  • Present the registration certificate or submit a copy of it.
  • Send in request in writing for replacement plates along with a copy of the registration certificate, incase you request a license plate by mail. Please see the list below for links to the appropriate forms for each type of plate.
  • Pay the license plate replacement fees.


Regular Series

These are the different types of plates in the regular series: Auto, Commercial, Trailer, Motorcycle, Permanent Trailer Identification, Disabled Person, Disabled Veteran, and Foreign Organization. Please send a request in writing for regular series license plates or take them to your local DMV office and submit them with the appropriate fees (see below).

Special Interest Plates

The following is a list of some examples of special interest plates: Arts, Collegiate, Firefighter, Ex-Prisoner of War, Memorial, Amateur Radio Operator, Scouts and Guide, Veterans, Pearl Harbor Survivor, National Guard, Gold Star, Congressional Medal of Honor, Press Photographer and Purple Heart Recipient. To replace these plates, you have to request in writing for it along with the latest registration card and take them to your local DMV office and submit them with the appropriate fees (see below).


The fees for replacing a license plate or getting new plates vary depending on the type of plate you need.
Note: For disabled drivers, please see disability plates and fees.


Under Utah Law it is not mandatory to retain standard license plates from a vehicle when selling. The plates will remain with the buyer once the ownership of the vehicle has been transferred; however, if the plates are special interest or personalized then there are two options for the seller. One, keep the plates for another vehicle and two, release the plate to the buyer. In case you leave town, you can intimate DMV about your relocation and send in the plate. There is no process of surrender of plate though in Utah.


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  • What do you do if your license plates are stolen?
  • What do you do if with your plates if you sell or buy a car?
  • What types of custom plates are there
    • Antique car plates, personalized plates, custom plates, disability plates
  • BRIEFLY explain what each type of custom plates there are
    • Include forms for applying for special plates and any really basic info
    • Cost for plates
    • Link to disability plates section
  • Include a link to the state website page for license plates for more info
  • Additional resources
    • State page (ideally with application forms for new plates and for more info)
    • Disabled persons page
    • Office hours and locations

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