You will need to replace a damaged or lost drivers license if you are a Utah-licensed driver. A replacement drivers license is fairly easy to get, but you must go and apply for it in person at the DMV. You will need to furnish certain paperwork or information as well as pay the fee for a replacement card. Driving without a license puts you at risk for receiving a traffic ticket for not being about to produce driving credentials. Likewise, not having valid identification on hand can make certain tasks more difficult.

You may need to replace driver license cards for different reasons than damage or loss. Your license must illustrate occur details about your appearance, legal name and address. Should any of this information change, then you will need to update the DMV with proper evidence. Continue reading to learn more about how to replace drivers license in Utah including what documents you will need to bring.

When is a replacement drivers license required in Utah? 

It can be necessary to get a duplicate drivers license in Utah for a number of reasons, with the most common reason being that cardholders lost their original drivers license card. While having a lost drivers license is a major nuisance, having your ID stolen can be an even greater headache if you fail to replace your license quickly. Reporting the theft can also deter consequences from the thief using the license as his or her own and accumulating violations.

Most people are aware that they must replace lost drivers license documents, but not everyone realizes that damaged drivers licenses must be replaced as well if your credential is marred in such a way that it is illegible or the picture is unrecognizable. If a law enforcement officer cannot read your driving details or identify you based on the photograph, then you can be cited for not having valid credentials.

Another common reason to get copy of drivers license credentials is if you need to update your credentials, which can happen often over a course of a motorist’s life. Utah drivers will need to obtain an updated copy of drivers license documentation after a change of name due to marriage, divorce or adoption.

This type of request requires you to submit specific documentation at the time of your application, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, certified adoption papers or another identifying record that validates your name change.

How to Replace Your Utah Drivers License in Person

When replacing drivers license credentials in UT, applicants will be required to complete various tasks and submit specific personal documentation. You can complete the request in person at any UT DMV driver’s license office. Although you cannot obtain a Utah drivers license copy online, you may make an appointment online at any time of the day or night to cut down on wait time.

When you go to apply, be prepared for the following:

  • The DMV clerk will capture a new photo of you
  • You will be administered an eye test, which you must pass so wear your contact lenses or bring your glasses if needed
  • You will be given a medical questionnaire to complete

Another way to expedite the drivers license replacement process is to print out the application online and fill it out before arriving at the DMV for your scheduled appointment. You can access it online without logging in or downloading anything. Because it is a PDF, you may also input text into the appropriate fields before printing it or you can print it first and fill it out by hand. If you prefer, then you can wait to obtain the form at the DMV driver’s license office and fill it out there.

Many people ask, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license and what documents do I need to bring?” Although DMV duplicate licenses are only issued at UT DMV offices, there is no short answer regarding documentation, as required documents can vary by individual.

Utah encompasses a diverse populace, so document requirements include a variety of items in order to accommodate the needs of all residents. Common documents used to replace drivers license of U.S. citizens include certified birth certificates, non-expired passports, Social Security cards and bank statements.

Non-citizen immigrants must provide documents proving their legal or lawful presence in the U.S. Non-documented immigrants may also replace their cards by providing a foreign birth certificate or unexpired foreign passport in combination with other documents appearing on the UT DMV’s list of acceptable ID paperwork.

However, the UT DMV does not accept photocopies of vital documents. Make sure ahead of time that all of your documents are official or certified copies, and note that all original papers will be returned to you after they are securely imaged and stored in the DMV database.

Additionally, the UT DMV requires all replacement drivers license supporting documentation to be written in English. If you have paperwork written in a foreign language, then you are responsible for arranging for translation services by an approved DMV translator.

Utah Drivers License Replacement Fees

The fee to replace drivers license in UT is non-refundable and varies. Once the duplicate drivers license fee is processed, you will be issued a temporary license while the official copy will arrive in the mail within six to eight weeks.

You should also consider a drivers license renewal if you are within your renewal period, as a duplicate copy will have the same expiration date. The fee is $23 for a duplicate license.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.