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A damaged or lost driver license in Massachusetts must be replaced before drivers may operate a vehicle. You must always have a valid copy of drivers license credentials in your possession to legally drive in the state. A valid license also means having the correct information listed on the card itself. You will need to request a replacement if important details have changed. Fortunately, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) offers an easy process to obtain an updated copy.

The replacement drivers license process is available through several methods depending on your need and ability. Learn more about how to replace drivers license documentation in MA, including applicable fees and replacement methods, by reading the information provided below.

When is a replacement drivers license required in Massachusetts?

You must obtain a duplicate drivers license in Massachusetts whenever you cannot locate your original card, whether it was misplaced or possibly stolen. You must also replace drivers license credentials if your plastic card becomes bent, frayed, faded or otherwise mutilated enough to become unreadable. This includes defacement such as the card being marked so that you cannot read the details or identify the person photographed.

Sometimes a drivers license replacement is required due to a name correction after a marriage, divorce or court order. Your cards should always have the most up-to-date information and you will need to complete a change of name on a drivers license in Massachusetts if you legally alter your designation.

You may need a new card as the result of a drastic change in appearance or a gender transition because your license should always feature a photograph that closely resembles you.

Note: Any old or damaged copy of drivers license cards should be destroyed upon receipt of your replacement license.

How to Replace Your Drivers License Online in Massachusetts

You may request an MA drivers license copy online by visiting the state’s website and entering your name, date of birth, driver’s license number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. You will also need to and be able to pay your duplicate drivers license fee by credit card and provide the RMV with a valid email address.

How to Replace Your Drivers License by Phone in Massachusetts

You are also able to replace lost drivers license cards by phone in Massachusetts. The RMV provides several phone numbers for drivers in the state to call, which vary based on the motorist’s location. The state also provides a number for deaf or hard-of-hearing customers. Replacing drivers license credentials over the phone requires you to provide the RMV agent with certain details such as the following:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your date of birth
  • The last four digits of your Social Security number

You should be prepared to pay your DMV duplicate license fee by credit or debit card as with the online method.

How to Replace Your Massachusetts Drivers License in Person

If you are wondering, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license in person?” then you can check out a list of RMV offices located throughout the state. You may also get copy of driver license credentials at a local AAA branch office if you are a member of the American Automotive Association.

You must complete and submit the MassDOT application form at either location. This form to replace drivers license documentation can be downloaded and printed ahead of time and filled out at home or you may wait to obtain a copy of it when you visit the RMV Service Center or AAA office.

When requesting an RMV duplicate license, your age will influence which additional documents you need to furnish. If you are older than 18 years of age, then you will also need to provide three forms of ID that prove your date of birth, MA residency and your signature.

Applicants younger than 18 years of age replacing drivers license cards must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must sign the form on the minor’s behalf. Those younger than 18 need only to provide a birth certificate or other document proving date of birth. The fees for replacement credentials may be paid at the time of the request by cash, check, money order, credit card or debit card.

Out-of-State Drivers License Replacement in Massachusetts

Massachusetts drivers who are out-of-state when they need to replace lost drivers license documentation will find it easy to obtain by simply follow the directions above for ordering a drivers license copy online or by phone. Be sure to update your mailing address and phone number to reflect your current location.

Massachusetts Drivers License Replacement Fees

When you replace drivers license credentials in MA, you will pay a fee of $25 regardless of the method you choose. Although credit card payments are required when you get a copy of your drivers license documents online or by phone, you can pay in person with a check or money order made payable to MassDOT.

Note: No matter the method you choose to replace your stolen, damaged or lost drivers license, your duplicate copy will be sent to your mailing address on record within five to seven days after submitting your application. You cannot cancel a duplicate drivers license application or return the new document after it arrives. If there is less than one year left on your current license renewal period, then you may decide not to replace the lost license but order a full driving license renewal instead.

Last updated on Monday, April 4 2022.