A salvage title in Massachusetts is a mandatory proof of ownership that owners of salvage or damaged vehicles need to obtain. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (MA RMV) issues a salvage certificate to every owner who performs the appropriate procedure. However, prior to beginning the application process, motorists may be required to satisfy certain eligibility criteria.

Vehicle owners are encouraged to learn how to get a salvage title in Massachusetts so that they are prepared beforehand and so that they can collect the mandatory documents. Furthermore, motorists need to discover when to conduct a salvage vehicle inspection and whether they need to have one performed. For more information about the MA RMV salvage car titles, continue reading the following sections.

What is a Massachusetts salvage title?

Vehicle owners must learn what a Massachusetts salvage title is prior to beginning the appropriate application procedure. The owner or the insurance company must perform an MA DMV salvage title application procedure when a motor vehicle is considered as a total loss.

The MA RMV classifies a car salvage as a total loss salvage motor vehicle in a situation when the vehicle has been stolen and unrecovered. Moreover, a total loss classification may be added to a motor vehicle that has been damaged, destroyed or wrecked by collision, water or fire to that extent that the owner or insurer believes that it is uneconomical to repair.

A salvage title in Massachusetts must have two brands on the title. The primary brand indicates the purchase of a salvage vehicle and the reason why the vehicle is considered salvage. The secondary brand describes the type of damage or the circumstances that led to a declaration of a vehicle as a total loss by an auto insurance company.

Massachusetts Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

To be able to perform a Massachusetts DMV salvage title application procedure, vehicle owners may have to fist satisfy certain eligibility criteria. At first, motorists need to own salvage vehicles that have been declared as a total loss as a result of damages caused by fire, water or collision. After ensuring that the vehicle is salvage, owners may begin the application procedure by collecting the mandatory documentation and completing a set of requirements.

How to Get a Salvage Title in Massachusetts

The vehicle owners must apply for a Massachusetts DMV salvage title in situations when the vehicle is uninsured or when the owners want to keep the salvage vehicle in their possession. Moreover, an insurance company may also apply for a salvage certificate after declaring the vehicle as a total loss and after the owner assigns the vehicle title to the insurance company. Either way, the application procedure must be performed within 10 days of the settlement if the vehicle is insured, or within 10 days of the occurrence date which caused the total loss status if the vehicle is uninsured. Vehicle owners who want to apply for a salvage title need to send the following documents via mail to the MA RMV:

  • Original title certificate
  • Completed RMV-1 Application form, with properly marked salvage title option
  • Payment for the applicable salvage title fee

If there is a lien on the vehicle, the insurance company will have to send an Authorization for Payoff of a Salvage Vehicle form to the vehicle owners so that they can complete it. However, if there is no loan on the vehicle, then the owners must sign over the vehicle to an insurance company and complete the Assignment of Title section on the back of the title. The MA RMV issues the salvage title certificate via mail within seven to 10 business days.

Note: Vehicle owners need to know that they also must obtain two brands for their salvage title vehicles as part of the application procedure.

Salvage Car Inspections in Massachusetts

According to a Massachusetts law, a salvage vehicle inspection is one of the mandatory requirements that owners need to perform if they want to operate their vehicles on public state roads. Moreover, owners of vehicles with a repairable salvage certificate are unable to register their vehicles without conducting a salvage inspection.

Prior to obtaining a Massachusetts salvage title or registration for out-of-state salvage vehicles, motorists must perform a salvage inspection first. The title may be issued to a motor vehicle that has been titled as salvaged out of the state. However, buyers of salvage vehicles must apply for a certificate in their name before conducting a salvage inspection process.

Massachusetts Salvage Title Fees

The final step of the application procedure for getting a DMV salvage title in Massachusetts requires vehicle owners to provide payment for the applicable fees. Currently, the salvage title value is set to $50 payable to the MA RMV.

However, note that fees are subject to constant changes. Therefore, vehicle owners who plan to apply for this type of title are recommended to inquire about the details about the applicable fee prior to making a payment.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.