A salvage title in Idaho is a certificate of ownership issued to owners of vehicles that have been declared as salvage as a result of accidents that led to damages to the motor vehicles. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) issues salvage car titles for motor vehicles that have been damaged or wrecked to that extent that it is uneconomical to repair them. Prior to applying for a salvage certificate, motorists need to learn whether their vehicle qualifies as salvage, and whether they need to satisfy certain eligibility criteria.

The application process for a car salvage title certificate mandates vehicle owners to prepare the appropriate paperwork and to complete several requirements. Moreover, motorists may also have to conduct an inspection of their salvage vehicles. To find out more information about the requirements and documentation for getting a DMV salvage title in Idaho, continue reading the following sections.

What is an Idaho salvage title?

An Idaho DMV salvage title is a legal ownership document that is issued when a motor vehicle satisfies the requirements set for a salvage vehicle. In other words, a salvage certificate can be issued only for motor vehicles that have a corresponding documentation proving that the vehicle is declared as salvage, such as a salvage bill of sale or certificate.

Moreover, this title is issued to motor vehicles that have been damaged to that extent that the owner or the insurer has determined that the cost of necessary parts and labour is higher than the salvage value and that it is uneconomical to repair or rebuild that motor vehicle. And finally, a salvage car title certificate can be also issued for motor vehicles that have been settled as total-loss vehicles by the insurance company.

Note: The salvage certificate in Idaho is a legal document that not only proves the ownership of a motor vehicle, but also takes the place of the previous title or manufacturer’s certificate of origin (MCO).

Idaho Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

To obtain an Idaho DMV salvage title, vehicle owners may be first required to satisfy certain eligibility criteria in order to be eligible to perform the application procedure. Moreover, a salvage motor vehicle may be titled as such only if it complies with the salvage requirements mandated by the ITD. The eligibility requirements may vary based on the specific situation and depending on whether the vehicle owner or the insurance company is performing the procedure. Therefore, prior to applying for a salvage certificate in Idaho, learn the eligibility criteria and the documentation that must be provided.

How to Get a Salvage Title in Idaho

The owners of salvage motor vehicles must apply for a salvage title in Idaho. Otherwise, they will not be able to sell or dispose of their vehicles. To get a salvage car title, owners need to submit the following documents to the ITD:

  • Salvage Certificate of Title Application (form ITD 3312)
  • Prior title or other comparable ownership document is issued by another jurisdiction
  • VIN Inspection Certification (form ITD 3403), required when the title has been issued in another state
  • Payment for the $14 salvage title fee

In addition to the above-listed documentation, motorists may also have to submit a payment of a sales tax on the purchase price.

When a motor vehicle is declared as a total loss and an insurance agency pays the damage to the owner, therefore receiving a title certificate, the insurance company must apply for an Idaho salvage certificate before it resells the vehicle. To obtain a DMV salvage title, the agency must submit a completed application form, a VIN inspection certificate (if needed), a payment for the applicable fee and a properly released ownership document.

In a situation when the salvage title applicant is unable to provide a properly released ownership document within 30 days of the acceptance by the owner, the insurer or salvage pool may be given an opportunity to apply for a salvage car title without that document. However, if that is the case, then the insurer will have to submit additional documents to the ITD within 10 days of the salvage certificate issuance. The additional paperwork needed instead of a properly released ownership document is the following:

  • A sworn statement that at least two written attempts to obtain the properly released ownership document have been made and a copy of each written attempt
  • Lien Release (form ITD 3726) for any lien written on the title certificate
  • Indemnifying Affidavit (form ITD 3410), on which the sworn statement may be made

Note: When completing several salvage certificate applications, motorists may also be required to submit a Salvage Transmittal (form ITD 3206).

Salvage Car Inspections in Idaho

A salvage vehicle inspection in Idaho is required only when the original title has been issued in another state jurisdiction. In such a situation, applicants for salvage title certificates will be required to submit a completed a VIN Inspection Certification (form ITD 3403) to the ITD. This form will have to completed by either a law enforcement officer or by an authorized agent from the ITD.

Idaho Salvage Title Fees

The final step of the Idaho salvage title application procedure is to submit payment for the applicable title certificate fees. The ITD has determined the cost of such a title to be $14 for the issuance of the corresponding title. In addition to the $14 fee, vehicle owners may be also required to submit payment of a sales tax on the purchase price.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.