Idaho SR-22 rates impact the amount drivers pay for their auto insurance coverage. In the state, motorists must obtain an SR22 for traffic offenses related to DUI, excessive points or driving without insurance. The term refers to a form, rather than an insurance policy itself, which validates that the driver has liability coverage.

Insurance companies charge a fee for the form outside of the regular rates for the insurance policy itself. Most insurance companies consider drivers who require an SR22 form to be “high risk.” As such, many of them charge higher rates for the policy and the form. Fees vary between companies, and drivers should shop around to find the best prices.

Drivers must maintain SR22 requirements the duration of the conviction, which is usually between one to three years. Failure to maintain the policy results in a fine along with reactivation of the license suspension from the original conviction. At the end of the suspension period, drivers may request to have the requirement dropped. See below for more information on SR22 insurance and how it impacts a motorist’s driving privileges.

What is Idaho SR22 insurance?

Motorists seeking information on how to get SR22 insurance in Idaho may face confusion as to the definition of the term. In Idaho, an SR22 form is not an insurance policy but rather a document from the driver’s insurance company that proves they have the appropriate liability coverage. Insurers charge additional SR-22 rates on top of the price for the auto insurance policy itself.

Because this additional coverage is considered “high-risk” coverage, drivers may find it difficult to find a company willing to offer it. As such, motorists may need to locate an insurer that specializes in writing high-risk auto policies. Fees for adding the form vary between insurance companies, and drivers should shop around for the best rates.

Once motorists add SR22 to their policy, the insurance company files the form with the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The state does not require added coverage from everyone. In Idaho, the DMV determines who needs SR22 insurance based on each motorists driving record.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Idaho?

The DMV determines who needs SR22 in Idaho based on traffic violations. Drivers are required to maintain SR22 insurance for a length of time determined by the offense. Reasons drivers might need this insurance include the following:

  • Aggravated DUI (felony) carries a one- to five-year license suspension and requires drivers to maintain their SSR2 insurance for the duration of the suspension.
  • Reckless driving convictions require a one- to three-year license suspension and drivers must maintain the form the duration of the suspension.
  • An uninsured motorist driving suspensions last for one to three years and drivers must maintain the insurance the entire length of the suspension.
  • CDL disqualifications require a one- to three-year suspension and motorists are required to maintain the insurance the entire length of the suspension

Motorists who fail to keep their SR22 form will have the suspension reactivated. Additionally, drivers must pay a fee as a fine for allowing their insurance coverage to lapse.

Reinstating Driving Privileges With SR22 in Idaho

Drivers may cease to pay SSR-22 rates in Idaho upon payment of relevant fees and reinstatement of their driving privileges. Drivers who wish to remove SR22 from their insurance and reinstate their driving privileges must complete a reinstatement application and pay applicable fees. Fees vary and are determined by the number and type of convictions in question.

If there are multiple convictions/withdrawals, then drivers only pay one fee corresponding to the highest conviction amount. If, however, the motorist has multiple Title 18 Idaho Code offenses, then he or she must pay a separate reinstatement fee for each conviction.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Idaho

SR-22 rates in Idaho are determined by insurance companies. As such, drivers must obtain SR22 insurance quotes from an insurance company that offers liability automobile insurance. Not all insurance companies provide additional coverage. Drivers should contact multiple companies to explain their situation for details on the coverage options.

To add the form, drivers may need to purchase a new policy with the SSR2 insurance coverage included. However, some companies may simply add coverage to their existing plan.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in Idaho

Regardless of the cost of Idaho SR-22 rates, drivers must maintain the insurance for the duration of their conviction. If a motorist has a lapse in coverage, then the insurance company notifies the DMV by submitting a form SR26. Once the DMV receives notification that insurance has lapsed, the state notifies the driver with information on how to resolve the issue.

Failure to obtain or maintain SR22 insurance could cause motorists to lose their driving privileges. At that point, drivers will need to pay a fee for failure to maintain the coverage. The cost is an additional fee on top of the charges to clear the related traffic conviction. Drivers will also have the suspension for the original conviction reinstated. In effect, the driver must then start over with their initial suspension time on top of paying the penalties and cost to reinstate the insurance policy.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.