In Hawaii, SR-22 rates refer to fees applied to a specific type of automobile insurance policy. In the state, SR22 is more commonly referred to as SR-21. The policy is an add-on that the Hawaii Vehicle Registration and Licensing (VRL) Division requires drivers to prove they have sufficient liability coverage.

The state does not require an SR22 form (SR-21) from all drivers. The SR22 requirement usually only applies to high-risk drivers or those with habitual moving violations. Further, motorists who must purchase the form may be required to maintain the policy to reinstate their driving privileges.

Motorists may not cancel the policy at any time without permission from the state. Doing so could prolong the driver license suspension period. Below is more information on how to get SSR22 insurance, this importance of this coverage and how it impacts your driving privileges in Hawaii.

What is Hawaii SR22 insurance?

In Hawaii, SR-22 insurance does not apply. However, the VRL does require an SR-22 equivalent in the form of an SR-21. In Hawaii, an SR-21 refers to a type of liability coverage the state requires for drivers convicted of certain traffic conditions. Examples include DUI or multiple moving violations. The state requires coverage to protect others from harm or damages caused by high-risk drivers.

SR-22 or SR-21 is a form rather than an actual policy. The form is a certificate that the insurance company files with the state. The policy (SR-21) form specifies that the driver has auto insurance coverage, the coverage amounts and the date the policy went into effect. Once a driver purchases an SR22 insurance policy, the insurance company must submit to the VRL.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Hawaii?

Drivers may need Hawaii SR22 or SR-21 insurance as a condition of regaining driving privileges. The state determines who needs SR22 insurance based on a person’s driving record. More specifically, the VRL requires the coverage for habitual traffic violators. These drivers are deemed to be problematic drivers and pose a risk to the safety of others.

As such, the state wants to ensure that certain motorists have the appropriate insurance to cover harm to others or damage to property. The SR22 form, otherwise known as SR-21 may be required for drivers who:

  • Are caught driving without insurance
  • Have been convicted of DUI
  • Leave the scene of an accident
  • Have too many traffic violations

Also, motorists may receive an SR22 Order of Security Requirement or Suspension notification for their involvement in an accident. Even though the driver provided regular insurance or SR-22 (SR-21) at the time of the accident, the state still requires proof. Motorists must then have their insurance company submit the form to the state for verification.

Reinstating Driving Privileges With SR22 in Hawaii

A driver who receives an SR22 Order of Security Requirement or Suspension may need to provide the form to restore driving privileges. Motorists may need to maintain SR22 insurance (SR-21) for a period defined by the state, and they may not operate a vehicle until that time has expired.

The amount of time varies, and the state notifies drivers of the specific requirements for the insurance. Should a driver allow their policy to lapse, the insurance company is required by law to report it to the state. At that time, the state may prolong their driver license suspension period or automatically revoke the motorist’s driver license.

To remove the SR-22 (SR-21) requirement, drivers will need to pay a reinstatement fee. The fee is an additional fee outside the costs for the original offense. Provided the motorist has maintained the SR-22 or SR-21 and has satisfied all requirements, they may have their driving privileges reinstated.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Hawaii

Insurance companies offer Hawaii SR22 (SR-21) insurance to drivers who have been required to purchase it. Only licensed insurance agents may provide SR22 insurance quotes and drivers should verify that their company is licensed to sell it in the state. Many insurers consider those who require the coverage to be high-risk.

As such, many insurance companies do not offer it. Those that do, may charge higher SR-22 rates than that of a regular liability policy. Drivers should shop around and obtain multiple SR22 insurance quotes before selecting one that meets their needs.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in Hawaii

Drivers who do not submit an SR22 form, or rather an SR-21 may face further fines and consequences. Drivers who do not provide the SR22 within the time allotted may not be able to:

  • Register or renew a vehicle registration
  • Renew their driver license
  • Obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL)
  • Have their license automatically suspended for two years

Also, without SR22 insurance (SR-21), may be required to provide proof of financial responsibility in other ways. For example, the state may require them to make a deposit to be held by the state as security for future incidents. The amount varies, and drivers should contact the VRL for details.

If the motorists cannot make the required security deposit, then they may be required to enter into an installment agreement to satisfy the requirement. Obtaining an SR22 insurance policy is the best way for drivers to avoid further penalties and impact on their driving record.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.