Your Hawaii driving record is a detailed report that includes information about previous traffic offenses and moving violations you committed. Check your Hawaii personal drivers report to find out everything you need to know about your DMV drivers record, and why you should stay up to date with your full driving history.

What is on my Hawaii driving record?

Depending on the type of driving record and where you purchase it, your Hawaii driving record may provide either a partial or complete outline of your personal HI driving history. If you order your driving record directly from the Hawaii Department of Transportation, it will contain:

  • Your name, date of birth and a mailing address.
  • Expiration date and status of the license.
  • Drivers license endorsements and restrictions.
  • Traffic accidents and moving violations, including those from other states.
  • License suspensions and revocations.
  • Driving restrictions.

If you order your driving record through, you will receive valuable information such as: violation convictions, accidents (if reported by the state), suspensions or limitations, special license classifications and DUI offenses on record. recommends ordering a copy at least every three years. Find out what is on your driving history report by filling out the form above to order a copy of your records.

Did you know? Your personal driving history is a public record. Potential employers, insurance providers, and courts of law can all request a copy of your driving history.

How do traffic convictions appear on my Hawaii driving record?

A Hawaii driving record report does not show traffic violations by way of demerit points. Because Hawaii does not have a point system in place, moving violations are simply recorded on your HI drivers record history with a detailed description of the unlawful traffic conduct that was committed.

The Hawaii district courts govern how and when traffic convictions appear on driver’s history report. Irresponsible driving may lead to more severe penalties on your HI Department of Transportation driving history abstract, such as a driver’s license suspension.

How are traffic convictions included in a driving record?

Unlike most states, Hawaii does not use a point system to record moving violations. Nonetheless, poor traffic behavior may result in restrictions and limitations on your Hawaii DOT driving record when you are convicted of a traffic citation.

Drivers who are convicted of a traffic offense in the state may face high court fees and other penalties. As a result, you may have your drivers license suspended, revoked, withdrawn or disqualified.

Additionally, traffic offenses on your DMV driving record can affect your eligibility to apply for a CDL license in Hawaii. A commercial driver job applicant with several violations on his or her personal driving record presents a risk to employers who need truck drivers to operate vehicles for business purposes.

How do I remove drivers license points from my Hawaii record?

A Hawaii driving history abstract does not include traffic points. However, violations will still be placed on your driving record. Order a copy of your DMV driving record today to verify the accuracy of any applicable violations today.

How long do points stay on my Hawaii driving record?

In Hawaii, driver’s license points are not used. Instead, your Hawaii DOT personal driving history contains acronyms that explain moving violations or license restrictions. You will also find acronyms that reveal the status of your Hawaii driver’s license as active, suspended or revoked.

An HI DMV driving record will feature violations from the last three years, and active suspensions or revocations from the last five years, if applicable. Drivers in the state can only re-establish their driving privileges once they thoroughly complete court-appointed reinstatement requirements.

Hawaii DUI Records

Moving violations committed under the influence of alcohol, are regulated under criminal laws that are placed in a Hawaii Department of Transportation DUI arrest record. Once convicted of an alcohol-related offense, the district court may mandate the installation of an ignition interlock device which must then stay on the vehicle for the following mandatory periods:

  • First DWI offense: One year
  • Second DWI offense: 18 months
  • Third DWI offense: Two years

Perform a driving record lookup now to take precaution against criminal driving violations, and check for mistakes to safeguard your driving privilege.

How do I know if my Hawaii driving license is suspended?

By getting a copy of your Hawaii drivers history report, you can quickly determine your driver’s license status. Since Hawaii doesn’t use a point system, your driving privileges would be suspended for serious infractions.

For example, if caught driving under the influence, then your license will automatically be suspended. Another option is if you are convicted of reckless driving behavior or causing an accident which ended in a fatality.

Your personal driver’s history report will include the details and reasons for the drivers license suspension. Order an up-to-date driving record to see if your license is suspended, revoked or disqualified.

Previous Traffic Violations in Hawaii

Order your Hawaii personal driving history to learn about the types of traffic violations and accidents that are recorded. While you will see a list of moving violation convictions, parking tickets are not included in the detailed report.

Why do I need a copy of my Hawaii driving record?

A clean drivers report is evidence that you are a responsible driver and can help you get a job as a commercial vehicle driver or negotiate affordable car insurance rates with your vehicle insurance provider. Review the sections below for more information.

Check for Points in Hawaii

A driving record from the Hawaii Department of Transportation does not include driver’s license points. The state does not have an established demerit point system. Instead, your Hawaii DOT driving history reveals which moving violations, traffic tickets and accidents you are convicted of in detail.

Applying for a Commercial Driver Position in Hawaii

If you are interviewing for a truck driver position, get your driving record to verify the accuracy of your driving history. Serious businesses seek responsible drivers to maintain their excellent business standards, and a traffic conviction or accident could be a reason to overlook your other skills.

If you have unattended actions on your personal Hawaii driving history report, take the opportunity to clean your record before you apply for a job.

Lower Hawaii Car Insurance Premiums

Vehicle insurance agencies provide drivers with clean driving histories better coverage rates. If you are searching for the best insurance rates, get a recent copy of your personal driver’s history report to show proof of your clean driving past.

Drivers with a spotless driving record have higher chances of being offered discounted auto coverage packages than those with a stained record. Take the time to review your driving history and take actions to correct any convictions if necessary.

Take Hawaii Traffic School to Remove Traffic Tickets from Your Driving Record

If you received a traffic ticket in Hawaii, you will instead be responsible for meeting a certain set of penalty requirements as determined by the court. A Hawaii DOT drivers record lookup is the recommended way to keep track of your driving history. By ordering your driving report on a regular basis, you can keep your driving privileges in place.

Why do employers check your Hawaii driving record?

Employers check a potential employee’s driving record if they are going to be driving, to avoid lawsuits, medical bills and property damages. By seeing an employee’s driving record, you can verify that a candidate will be safe and responsible while transporting goods and materials.

If you are currently hiring for a truck driver position, you have the option to easily apply online. If you own or are hiring for a company, rely on the information found in a DMV record search.

Delivering business assets into the hands of unaccountable employees may endanger company property or cause serious business liability. A Hawaii drivers history abstract can be trusted to make the best hiring decision.

How do I get my Hawaii driving record? recommends ordering driving records from a secure and reliable source. You have the option of ordering your driving record directly from a local government branch of the Hawaii DOT. This is usually the most cost-effective way to obtain your driving record.

Different Types of Hawaii Driving Records

The Hawaii Department of Transportation issues several types of driving records that are used for different purposes. Whether you would like to check for recent traffic convictions or submit a long-form account of your personal driving history, order a copy of the DMV report that fits your needs.

3-Year Driving Record

A DOT three-year driving record reveals details about traffic offenses noted on your personal driving history in the last three years, including parking citations. Order this driving record to verify the status of your driving privileges or that all information is accurate.

Certified Traffic Abstract

The Hawaii-certified traffic abstract is a record of all moving violations, convictions and administrative license suspensions from your driving history.

Traffic Court Report

A traffic court report provided by the Hawaii DOT contains your complete driving history. The court report is a useful document for employment or insurance purposes.

How do I fix a mistake on a Hawaii drivers history report?

A mistake on your HI personal driving report can be costly. If you present a copy of your driving record which includes a suspension or a citation that should have been removed, you may face unjustified strict penalties.

You are encouraged to order a driving record to view your complete driving history. Continually check your driving report and inform the Department of Transportation if you see out-of-date or false information.

What is not included on my Hawaii driving record report?

While your driving history is covered in a report, you can learn more from other documents. Check your DMV criminal arrest records or see your financial history in the following records:

Hawaii Vehicle Registration History

You may need information about your motor vehicle history that is not provided in a driving record. In that case, get your vehicle registration history.

You will receive a full account of motor vehicles you owned and registered in Hawaii. Additionally, the car registration history can be presented as proof of registration in official dealings.

Driving Record Fees in Hawaii

The procedures for obtaining a driving record in Hawaii vary depending on each county. However, the general fee for these credentials is $20.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.
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