Driving records are kept by the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and are issued to residents who have a valid driver’s license. If you want to know the content of your WY personal driving record, continue reading below for all the needed information.

What is on my Wyoming driving record?

Depending on the type of driving record and where you purchase it, your Wyoming driving record may provide either a partial or complete outline of your personal WY driving history. If you order your driving record directly from the Wyoming Department of Transportation, it will contain:

  • Your date of birth.
  • Your home address.
  • The application date and status of your driver’s license.
  • A list of all car crashes.
  • A list of driver’s license suspensions or revocations.
  • Past traffic violations and violation points.
  • Wyoming DUI reports.

Did you know? Your personal driving history is a public record. Potential employers, insurance providers, and courts of law can all request a copy of your driving history.

What do points on my Wyoming driving record mean?

A driving record from the Wyoming Department of Transportation doesn’t have an official point system in place, but instead has a violation system. This violation system focuses on a driver’s past violations, which eventually might bring them a driver’s license suspension or revocation.

Contact your Wyoming Department of Transportation office and fix any mistakes that appear on your driving history record. Take a traffic school course to improve your driving skills and to become a safer and more responsible driver.

How do points against my Wyoming license affect me?

A driving record is made up of all the traffic violations a driver has committed. The Wyoming DOT does not have an established point system in place, just a record of all traffic violations.

No matter whether the driver commits a minor or a major traffic violation, either may result in a suspension, revocation or cancellation of your driver’s license. Your license will be suspended due to any of the following:

  • Moving violations (more than three in one year)
  • Reckless driving
  • DWI offenses
  • Lack of auto insurance

How do I remove drivers license points from my Wyoming record?

The Wyoming Department of Transportation does not offer demerit point removal for driving records, since there is no point system in the state. However, you can try and lower the number of offenses you commit to avoid a suspension on your driver’s license. If you want to dismiss a traffic ticket, you are advised to attend traffic school.

How long do points stay on my Wyoming driving record?

Points do not stay on your Wyoming driving record because demerit points do not exist in the state. However, the number of violations you commit will bring you a suspension on your driver’s license. Your driving privileges will be taken away and you will have to wait for the suspension period to be over in order to reinstate your Wyoming driver’s license.

Wyoming DUI Records

A Wyoming Department of Transportation driving record contains your DUI criminal records, which features all the DUI offenses you may have committed while driving in the state. You might be required to show proof of these offenses when you enroll in a drug and alcohol education class.

How do I know if my Wyoming driving license is suspended?

The best way to find out whether your driving license is suspended or not is by ordering a copy of your Wyoming driving record. In it, you will have the option to check the status of your driver’s license.

Previous Traffic Violations in Wyoming

The Wyoming driving record contains all the necessary information about any minor or major traffic violation you have committed in the past. DMV.com gives you the opportunity to gain full access to data about your infractions and unpaid past traffic tickets.

Why do I need a copy of my Wyoming driving record?

A clear Wyoming driving record is a strong argument in favor of your driving authority. Before you submit a commercial driver job application, check for existing issues on your driving record.

By acting ahead of the interview, you may outperform competitors. Additionally, by presenting a clean driving record copy to your insurance agent, you can ask for a discount when you renew your vehicle insurance policy.

Check for Points in Wyoming

Wyoming does not assign traffic points due to violations. Instead, your personal driving history provides general information about violations you may have on your record. Review your WY Department of Transportation driving record abstract to see your current traffic violations, and to determine what actions to take to maintain your driving privileges.

Applying for a Commercial Driver Position in Wyoming

The driving record report is a key document that you will be required to present for a position as a commercial driver. Prospective employers will give priority to a candidate with a clean WY driving record instead of those who have accumulated a number of violations on their records.

Lower Wyoming Car Insurance Premiums

Auto insurance companies offer the best deals to drivers who present low-risk liability. A secure way to check a person’s past risky behavior is by looking into his or her WY personal driving history. A significant number of moving violations on a person’s driving record may indicate irresponsibility and cause higher insurance rates.

Take Wyoming Traffic School to Prevent Points

Wyoming does not have a point-based system in place. Nonetheless, violations are recognized and you will be penalized for committing a traffic infraction.

Bear in mind that a local county court judge allows certain drivers to complete a traffic school course in lieu of paying a fine. Request a copy of your driving record to take the required steps to ensure that you maintain a clean report.

Why do employers check your Wyoming driving record?

When choosing the right commercial driver, employers look at a candidate’s driving history as a determining factor in the hiring decision. Companies will request a potential commercial driver’s driving record to review his or her previous traffic conduct.

Drivers who have been involved in accidents or committed numerous traffic violations in the past will not be considered suitable for a commercial driving position, therefore it is important to review your own driving history beforehand.

Different Types of Wyoming Driving Records

The Wyoming Department of Transportation provides three types of driving history reports to interested parties. Read below to find out more about the content of each report.

3-Year Driving History

These driving record reports include moving violations and driving restrictions placed on your record in the last three years.

5-Year Driving History

A five-year driving record history from the Wyoming DOT contains specific information about DUI offenses, reckless driving incidents and accidents, as well as withdrawal restrictions.

10-Year Driving History

The ten-year driving record from the WY Department of Transportation is a comprehensive report of the last ten years of your license history. To obtain the ten-year driving record copy, you must submit a written request to the DOT.

How do I fix a mistake on a drivers history report?

Information included in your Wyoming driving record proves your capability to respect the law. Mistakes can be costly, and thus impact your job prospects and even raise your current insurance rates. Order your Wyoming DOT driving report now to check for errors before they result in unwanted consequences.

What is not included on my driving record report?

Your Wyoming driving history includes thorough information about your driver’s license status and past driving behavior. However, if you need additional details about a particular driver’s license or vehicle-related document, DMV.com provides a number of useful resources, such as these listed below:

Vehicle Registration History

The Wyoming vehicle registration history report contains information about all the cars you have owned and registered in the past. Present this document in instances where you may be required to submit vehicle-related details not listed on your driving record.

Driving Record Fees in Wyoming

A Wyoming driving record costs $5.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.
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