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New drivers fail the written driving test on their first try.


You are 5 times more likely to pass the DMV test after taking our premium practice test.

Wyoming DMV practice tests are automated, and the test questions are drawn from hundreds of possible permit test questions. The Wyoming Rules of the Road handbook is nearly 50 pages long, and it is crammed with an overwhelming amount of information. With all this to prepare for, it is no wonder that more than half of the motorists who take a driving test, fail on the first try. However, there are methods that could help increase a new driver’s chances of passing the written portion of the driving exam.

Practice driving tests help new drivers understand important information as they prepare for their exam. Practice tests have also been found to be a more efficient method of studying than reading the Wyoming driver’s handbook alone. To learn more about the benefits of practices tests, continue reading the sections below.

What are the benefits of taking a Wyoming DMV practice test?

Students who prepare for their exam with a permit practice test are five times more likely to pass than the national average. That is because practice tests are scientifically-proven to be a better way to study. Students who use practice tests usually retain as much as 50 percent more information than students who read and took notes.

Drivers permit practice tests are purposefully made to mimic the official exam as closely as possible. The driving test questions are drawn from Wyoming road laws and the state handbook that is supplied to new drivers. It also copies the form of the Wyoming driving test to help drivers feel comfortable with the testing process. Additionally, practice tests also benefit students by helping them organized their study time. Drivers who take a practice test before they begin seriously studying may surprise themselves with how much they know, and they will have a better idea of how much time they need to devote to each section of the handbook.

What is included in’s Wyoming drivers license practice test?

Our Wyoming drivers license practice test is composed of 50 common driving test questions. All of the material is drawn from the same sources that are used to write the Wyoming drivers test, and the questions are specific to the state of Wyoming.

In the DMV permit practice test, motorists can expect to see questions on lane markings, road signs, safe driving habits and child safety laws. Some other things that will be included in the practice test are:

  • Is cellphone use while driving illegal in Wyoming?
  • What is the fine for misusing a safety belt?
  • How fast should you drive on wet roads?
  • When does a pedestrian have the right-of-way?

In addition to 50 complete practice driving test questions and answers, the test comes with a helpful answer key. If you have any questions about the right or wrong answers, the practice test also comes with an in-depth study guide that you can use to read more about every topic.

Wyoming Drivers License Test Rules and Requirements

The Wyoming driver license test has questions on three prime topics:

  • Identification of road signs.
  • Identification of lane markings.
  • Appropriate knowledge of traffic safety.

The test is a multiple choice exam, and it is only available in English. Drivers who need an interpreter have a right to bring their own. Additionally, oral tests are available for those who struggle with reading, but the tester must request the oral option in advance and make an appointment.

The Wyoming exam may be taken multiple times. Drivers can even take the test twice in one day if they score close enough to passing. Those who do not earn a sufficient score must wait at least one business day before they are allowed to test again.

Additionally, the drivers test study guide contains some helpful driving tips for the road test. The Wyoming skills test that students are required to take is a practical application of the written test. Drivers will be asked to navigate intersections, sharp stops, traffic signals and other situations covered in the driving manual. Keep your notes from your studying for the written test to refresh your knowledge before the skills test.

How to Pass a Driving Test in Wyoming

The Wyoming drivers test and the skills test cover the same information, but in different forms. The key points will remain much the same — be a safe driver. All of the information in the study guide and on the learners permit test come back to that same point, so keeping it in mind when you study and when you drive.

To answer the drivers license test questions on your exam, you need to know the basic laws of the road and understand what the different signs and signals mean. As above, Wyoming has three essential groups of questions on their test. As long as students feel comfortable with road signs, lane markings and safe driving practices, they should do well on their test.

For the skills test, a Wyoming DMV employee will take the driver out in their own car to test how they drive through intersections, park, make stops and drive in certain conditions. Whether the student passes or fails is up to the DMV employee. The employee may also mandate that the driver must wait a period of days before attempting the test again. If the driver breaks any state laws during their driving test, their license application will be immediately declined.

What is included in’s Wyoming drivers test study guide?

The Wyoming permit test study guide is an easy-to-read summary of all of the key points in the Wisconsin driving manual. Complete with graphics and plain-language instruction, our study guide provides everything you need to know on safe driving, road signs, lane markers, Wyoming state laws, turn signals, hand signals and more. Some other information in the guide includes:

  • Laws for driving under the influence.
  • The standard speed limit for residential areas in Wyoming.
  • Who has the right-of-way at a four-way stop.
  • Driving in poor weather.
  • When headlights must be used.

The material in the DMV study guide corresponds to the material in Wyoming Rules of the Road so that readers can jump back-and-forth between the two. With two sets of study material, combine and reuse information to keep repetition from dulling your memory.

How to Use’s Wyoming Drivers Permit Practice Test and Study Guide

Above, we mentioned that Wyoming DMV sample tests are a more efficient way to study than simply reading or taking notes. That is because using a practice test is an active study method, which helps students do more to retrieve and reconstruct knowledge. To maximize your chances of acing your test, use your learners permit test study guide in more engaging ways. In addition to reading your Wyoming driving manual, try:

  • Taking the Wyoming learners permit practice test multiple times. Tests do not just quiz you on what you know, they are a learning method. Whether you recognize it or not, you learn a little bit more every time you take a test, and you are more likely to remember the material. Take the test before you study and after you read a section or two. You can track your progress and develop a more active study habit.
  • Using the driving test study guide as a driving diary. Next time you ride along with someone, take your study guide with you. Make notes of the road signs you see, the weather or any other real life experience you can connect to the information in your study guide. Like test-taking, this study method forced you to remember what is in the study guide and reconstruct it in a new way. Additionally, these notes will be helpful to you when you prepare for your skills exam.
  • Teaching the information to someone else. If you have any friends who are willing to listen to you talk about what you are learning, pretend to be a teacher. Rephrase the information and repackage it for someone else. By playing teacher, you move past simple memorization, and you are more likely to remember the information after putting it in your own words.

Free DMV Practice Tests in Wyoming

Unlike some other states, there is no state-sponsored online practice permit test for Wyoming. There is also no practice test available in the Wyoming Rules of the Road manual. However, there are a few free tests that exist online from independent companies.

Though some drivers may wish to use free DMV online practice tests, motorists should be careful to make sure they’re using tests from a legitimate company. Laws can change in a state, and it will not help to study from a test that has not been updated in years. Additionally, drivers should be careful only to use state-specific practice tests. Though driving is much the same all over the country, each of the 50 states still has their own specific driving laws. Generic laws from different states may conflict with Wyoming’s specific rules of the road and confuse test-takers instead of helping them.

Permit tests on are always up to day and state specific, so drivers will not need to worry about accidentally studying the wrong information.

How to Schedule a Drivers License Test in Wyoming

To schedule your DMV driving test appointment, locate the nearest Wyoming department of transportation (DOT) office. Most locations will allow walk-ins for the knowledge test. However, Wyoming DOT offices are more restrictive for the road test. Due to short staff, driving tests must be scheduled in advance at most locations. The Wyoming Driver Services website shows which offices require drivers to schedule in advance and which allow walk-ins. Call your location in order to schedule your appointment.

Remember that anyone requesting an oral knowledge test must schedule it in advance, even if that location accepts walk-ins.

What to Bring to a Driving Test in Wyoming

While a Wyoming drivers ed practice test will help you prepare for your learners permit test, you must still apply for a permit before you take the test at all. In Wyoming, you will need four documents to complete your application. You will need:

  • One document as proof of identity: S. Birth certificate, passport, Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, valid Permanent Resident Card, valid Employment Authorization or a foreign passport with a valid U.S. visa.
  • Two documents as proof of residence: Utility bills, mortgage agreement, lease, homeowner’s policy, insurance policy, telephone bill, mail from a state or federal agency, vehicle registration or a paystub that shows your name and
  • One document as proof of Social Security Number: Social security Card, 1099 form or a recent W-2 form.

Minors may use documents with their parent or legal guardians’ names to prove proof of Wyoming residence.

Wyoming DMV Driving Test Fees

The Wyoming DMV fee is $40 for a learners permit. This fee includes all testing costs.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.

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