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New drivers fail the written driving test on their first try.


You are 5 times more likely to pass the DMV test after taking our premium practice test.

Did you know that taking an Alabama DMV practice test at least once before applying for a learners permit is almost guaranteed to save you time and money? Although most motorists are not aware of it, seven out of every 10 new drivers fail their written exam the first time they apply for a permit. Motorists can be insufficiently familiar with the material, confused by the formatting or style of questions or simply too nervous to concentrate and think clearly.

Whatever the case, new drivers who fail their first attempt find themselves forced to repeat the stressful process of applying and testing for a permit, including paying additional fees. Research shows that using a DMV study guide in additional to a state’s drivers manual can significantly improve motorists’ likelihood of passing their tests on the first try. Understanding what driving test questions will look like and what they will cover gives motorists the confidence and preparation they need to succeed.

What are the benefits of taking an Alabama DMV practice test?

Taking an Alabama practice driving test offers numerous benefits. Practice tests:

  • Lower motorists’ stress and testing anxiety.
  • Reduce confusion and errors related to question formats and wording.
  • Help motorists learn and retain DMV manual information.

Being prepared helps motorists save time and money, because passing on the first try means that they do not have to make new appointments and pay for testing fees a second time to retest. Using the premium permit practice test makes motorists five times more likely to pass their permit tests.

What is included in’s Alabama drivers license practice test?’s Alabama drivers permit practice test contains 50 questions. This is almost twice as many questions as appear on the official state learners permit test. This extensive variety gives motorists an opportunity to experience all of the types and topics and questions they might encounter, which will thoroughly prepare them for formal testing.

DMV permit practice test questions cover all of the material students can expect to see on the test. Questions are set up the same way they will be presented on the state test. Topics include:

  • Traffic signs and road markings.
  • Determining Right of Way.
  • Alabama driving laws.
  • Safe driving practices.
  • Proper handling of common roadway hazards.

Alabama Drivers License Test Rules and Requirements

There are 30 DMV test questions on the Alabama learners permit exam. Motorists must get 24 of them, or 80 percent, correct to pass. There is no time limit on the test and no limit to the number of times drivers may retake the written test. Motorists who fail, however, cannot immediately retake the test and must schedule a new appointment to return on another day.

Written permit test questions are available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Farsi
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

Automated testing equipment and interpreters are available for motorists who need their tests administered orally or in American Sign Language. These options are not available at all licensing offices, so new drivers should make advance arrangements in situations where these accommodations are required.

Motorists must hold learners permits for a minimum of six months or until they turn 18 years of age to take the road test portion of the DMV drivers licensing exam. Road tests must be scheduled in advance with the DMV, and motorists are required to supply their own vehicles for the skills test. Testing vehicles must be properly registered, insured and in good working condition.

On the road portion of the DMV driving test, motorists are required to demonstrate their ability to control and operate vehicles to legal standards. To that end, they may be asked to demonstrate any combination of the following skills while driving on public roadways:

  • Compliance with traffic signs, signals, markings and patterns.
  • Turning and signaling.
  • Staying within and switching between lanes.
  • Observing and adapting to traffic conditions.
  • Backing up.
  • Three-point turns.
  • Parking.

Motorists will automatically fail their Alabama drivers license tests if, during a road test, they:

  • Break the law.
  • Engage in dangerous driving practices.
  • Are involved in an avoidable accident.
  • Fail or refuse to cooperate and comply with testing instructions and procedures.

As with the written exam, motorists who fail the driving portion of the test may not retest immediately. They must set a new appointment and pay new fees in order to retest.

How to Pass a Driving Test in Alabama

Alabama drivers license test questions are taken directly from the state’s drivers manual. Motorists must be prepared to answer questions on:

  • State driving laws.
  • Safe driving practices, including seatbelt and technology use.
  • Roadways signs, markings and lights.
  • Rules of the Road.
  • Controlling a vehicle, including stopping, turning and changing lanes.
  • Parking.

To pass the road portion of the DMV driving test, motorists must be able to demonstrate their ability to safely and legally operate a vehicle on a public roadway. This includes:

  • Maintaining control of the vehicle.
  • Following posted signs and speed limits.
  • Obeying traffic lights and devices.
  • Executing standard maneuvers such as stopping, turns and parking.

Motorists must achieve at least an 80 percent on their written tests. They must properly execute all of the tasks required during the road test and may not commit any of the “automatic fail” infractions, such as breaking the law or causing an accident.

What is included in’s Alabama drivers test study guide?’s Alabama permit test study guide is an excellent supplement to the Alabama Drivers Manual. The study guide consolidates all the essential information that motorists need to learn to pass their tests into neatly organized, reader-friendly sections. Each section contains visuals to help learners recognize, identify and understand the signs, markings and maneuvers they will be tested on.

The drivers test study guide offers a simple and low-stress way to learn:

  • Traffic lights and signs.
  • Rules of the Road.
  • Safe driving practices.
  • Pavement markings.
  • Proper turn signals use.
  • How to drive in inclement weather.

How to Use’s Alabama Drivers Permit Practice Test and Study Guide

Motorists can use’s Alabama drivers license practice test and study guide in a variety of ways to best meet their personal needs and preferences. They can:

  • Review the study guide independently or with friends and family.
  • Use the study guide to easily create notes or flashcards to assist their learning.
  • Quiz themselves or have another person quiz them with learners permit practice test questions to evaluate their information retention and preparedness.
  • Retake the DMV sample test multiple times to assess progress and become comfortable and familiar with question wording and styles.

Both the practice test and the study guide are structured for maximum user-friendliness. This can make them noticeably easier and less intimidating to learn and practice with than the Alabama Drivers Manual.

Free DMV Practice Tests in Alabama

Motorists searching for an Alabama DMV learners permit practice test have a number of options. There is no practice test in the Alabama Drivers Manual and, while the state may offer an online option in the future, as of this writing, no state-offered tests are currently available. However, sample DMV driving test questions are available for varying prices online from a variety of other sources.

While motorists are free to choose any of the options available, they may wish to consider the following value factors when selecting a practice exam.

  • The benefits of combination tests and study guides. Tests offered alone may require motorists to spend time digging through the Alabama Drivers Manual for answers or clarification. That is why tests offered with accompanying study guides are typically quicker and less frustrating to use.
  • Variety of questions. Motorists should select tests that offer a large number and wide variety of
    driving test questions and answers, presented in ways that model what they can expect to see on their formal tests.
  • Accessibility. Motorists may wish to select materials that display cleanly on a variety of devices for flexibility and convenience.
  • Number of retakes available. Some tests can only be taken once or twice or contain time limits or other built-in constraints. Materials with unlimited retakes, by contrast, generally provide motorists with maximum opportunity and value.

How to Schedule a Drivers License Test in Alabama

Motorists will need to make a DMV driving test appointment to take their licensing exams. Appointments can be made by calling the local DMV Licensing Center or by using the online appointment scheduler. Motorists should be careful to select the correct driver testing locations when making appointments.

What to Bring to a Driving Test in Alabama

Motorists need several types of documentation and payment for fees to take their drivers permit practice tests. Motorists 16 years of age or older must bring the following with them to their written test appointment:

  • Identification. At least two forms are required, one of which must be photo ID from the DMV’s approved “primary documents” list. Alternately, applicants may provide three forms of ID, including at least one from the “primary documents” list, if they have no legal photo ID.
  • A Social Security Card.
  • Evidence of enrollment in or graduation from school. This applies only to motorists 19 years of age or younger who are applying for a license for the first time.
  • Testing fees. Checks are not accepted, but cash, money orders and most major credit cards are considered a valid form of payment.

To take the road portion of the DMV driving test, motorists must have proper payment for their licenses, be accompanied by a licensed driver, and supply a safe, registered and properly insured vehicle in which to test.

Motorists applying for permits at 15 years of age must supply certified copies of their United States Birth Certificates along with the other information listed above.

Alabama DMV Driving Test Fees

Alabama DMV driving test fees must be paid each time a motorist takes the written or skills test. All fees are due at the time of testing or when permits or licenses are issued.

  • Written test fee: $5
  • License fee: $36.25
Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.

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