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Get prepared for the 2018 South Dakota Written Drivers Exam with our comprehensive and update-to-date practice tests and study guides. Our exam prep tools are designed to give you a complete understanding of all the topics covered on the real DMV exam, including traffic laws, road signs, hazardous driving precautions and much more. Start studying today!

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Practice Tests for New South Dakota Drivers

The Drivers Practice Test and Study Guide packet is a valuable learning instrument to help South Dakota beginner drivers save time when they prepare for the written driver’s test. As an alternative to the regular study process, our study bundle works as an optimal testing tool and supplement to the manual.

Did You Know? In South Dakota, only 45% of the drivers who take the written exam pass the first time.

Use our study tools to become part of the SD DMV’s passing 45%.

How to Pass the South Dakota Written Driver’s Test

In order to study for your DMV written exam in the most efficient manner, utilize the three-prong method, outlined below:

  1. Begin the learning process by studying the South Dakota Driver’s License Manual. Pay extra attention to the important sections about road rules and regulations.
  2. Once you become knowledgeable of the key topics, use the Study Guide to cover knowledge gaps.
  3. When you are done reviewing all of the material thoroughly, take the Drivers Practice Test to see how much you have retained.

Start with the FREE Sample Practice Test. The free online practice test made by is created from the information found in the South Dakota official driver’s manual. See what awaits on the official test by trying out the DMV South Dakota sample practice test now.

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Road Rules to Study

The Premium Study Guide and Practice Test are made to ease your study efforts and get you a passing score on the written knowledge exam on your first try. The specific study tools prepared by support the following key test topics:

  • Traffic signals, signs and pavement markings
  • Traffic controls
  • Sharing the road with large trucks and buses
  • Vehicle emergencies
  • Inclement weather driving

How to Ensure Your Passing Score

To pass the DMV writing test with minimum time investment, learn about South Dakota’s traffic signs and road regulations with the study tools. But first, be sure to study the South Dakota Driver’s License Manual. Know how to read traffic signals, traffic signs and pavement markings. Strengthen your knowledge of the important topics from the manual by backing them up with the Study Guide. Then, double-check the digested material by testing yourself with the Premium Practice Test.

The unique study packet will help you in being extra efficient when you study for the written knowledge exam. To complete the learning process, take the test as many times as needed, until you feel confident in getting a passing score on the written knowledge exam.

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Knowing When to Take the South Dakota Driving Test

If you get a score of 90% or more on the Practice Test, you can be sure that you will pass the written knowledge exam in one attempt. But, a score lower than 90% is nothing to be worried about – it just means you need a little more preparation. So, utilize our study package to improve on any weak areas.’s premium drivers license practice test includes unlimited testing, so take advantage of this added benefit.

Test Day Tips

As you being to feel confident in your DMV studies, the next step is booking your Test Day appointment with the SD DMV. As the date of your written driving exam approaches, remember the following information:

  1. The South Dakota written drivers exam is made up of 30 questions. You must get at least 24 questions (80%) right to pass the test. Pay special attention to the sections about traffic signs, signals and markings. A large portion of the driver’s test will focus on these topics.
  2. The cost to get a driver’s license for the first time in South Dakota is $20. This amount is the total sum of the fees required for the written knowledge test, the road test and the instruction permit application.
  3. To take the official South Dakota written knowledge test, you must be at least 14 years of age. After you pass the exam, and you obtain a vision test and written driving test certificate, you are eligible to apply for the learner’s permit.

By spending some time with our study packet, you are sure to pass the South Dakota official written exam in one try – and a full money-back guarantee is provided if you don’t.

DMV Checklist

Once you pass the written driving test, you can submit your application at a South Dakota MVD branch office. To apply for your drivers license, have the following documents ready:

  • Proof of Social Security Number, such as:
    • W-2 tax form
    • SSA 1099 form
    • Non-SSA 1099 Form
    • Pay stub
  • Proof of name, age and identity, such as:
    • Driver’s license
    • South Dakota ID card
  • Two proofs of South Dakota residency, such as:
    • Utility bill
    • Credit card statement
    • Life or car insurance policy
    • Voter registration card
    • Pay stub or earnings statement
    • Rent receipt
    • Phone bill
    • Transcript or report card from an accredited school
    • Mortgage document
    • Tax document
    • Homeowners or renter’s insurance policy
  • Parental consent, if you are under 18
  • Proof of legal name change, if applicable

Note that you must bring valid ID documents at the time of the written test, or you will not be allowed to take the DMV exam.

Test Languages

The South Dakota written drivers test is only available to test-takers in English.

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Documents Needed for Noncitizens

South Dakota residents who do not have the status of a US citizen can obtain their driver’s license if they have established a lawful presence in the country.

As a non-US citizen, to drive legally in South Dakota, you must have the following documents ready:

  • One identification document, such as:
    • Valid unexpired employment authorization document
    • Foreign passport with valid U.S. Visa and I- 94
    • Proof of change of name, if applicable
  • Proof of Social Security Number, such as:
    • W-2 tax form
    • SSA 1099 form
    • Non-SSA 1099 Form
    • Pay stub
  • Two proofs of South Dakota residency, such as:
    • Utility bill
    • Credit card statement
    • Life or car insurance policy
    • Voter registration card
    • Pay stub or earnings statement
    • Rent receipt
    • Phone bill
  • Parental consent, if you are under 18

Documents must fulfill the criteria of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) program.

After the Written Test

Achieving a passing score on the South Dakota written knowledge test is the first step to obtaining your driving permit. You can cut your study time in half and pass the test on your first try by ordering a copy of’s comprehensive learning and testing packet. Once that is done, make preparations for the road skills test and getting your SD driver’s license.

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The South Dakota Study Guide and Practice Test are the No. 1 study resources for beginner drivers. The Study Guide simplifies complicated sections of the South Dakota Driver’s Handbook, while the Practice Test gives you plenty of chances to prepare for the official written driver’s exam. Not to mention that by incorporating these tools, you will learn the traffic rules in and out – and in half the time.