Applying for a custom or antique vehicle registration in South Dakota are procedures that can be finalized through the state Department of Revenue (DOR) by owners of these special vehicle types. Note that applicants requesting a custom car registration will generally be required to complete a larger number of steps than those applying for antique license plates in SD.

However, not unlike the standard car registration process, applicants for these special transactions will be required to submit a set of documents and several fee payments. Learn more about the SD historic vehicle registration process and the process of registering custom car projects in the sections below.

Definition of a Custom or Antique Vehicle in South Dakota

The state DOR will issue South Dakota historic license plates or a registration for custom cars only for vehicles that meet the corresponding vehicle type definition under the current law. Custom vehicle registrations, for example, are available for rebuilt or assembled cars from secondhand components or parts that were purchased new.

Cars built from a kit can also be registered as custom vehicles. Antique car registration documents and plates, on the other hand, are offered for vehicles that are older than 29 years. Vehicles registered as historic can only be driven for special educational occasions and to and from fueling and repair stations.

Steps in the South Dakota Registration Process

To successfully finalize either the South Dakota registration for custom vehicles process or the procedure to obtain special historic car tags, applicants will be required to submit a specific documentation and payment for the applicable fees. Registering a custom car in SD, for example, is a process that can be completed by:

  • Submitting the vehicle to an official inspection at a corresponding DOR location and obtaining the completed Application for Inspection of Rebuilt Motor Vehicle (Form 2431).
  • Filling out and submitting the Application for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration (Form 0864) in addition to the 2431 form and the Affidavit for Rebuilt Motor Vehicle (Form 0859) to a local county treasurer’s office.
  • Submitting the relevant proofs of ownership, such as previous car titles, certificates of origin and receipts, invoices and bills of sale.
  • Paying several types of fees and the applicable due taxes.

To register a historic vehicle with antique car tags, on the other hand, you will be required to submit a different request form. The South Dakota Special License Plate Application (Form 1834) must be filled out when completing the standard registration procedure for your vintage vehicle.

Fees to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in South Dakota

An important step in the South Dakota historic car registration and the custom auto registration procedures is paying the applicable fees and taxes. The total cost for custom or vintage license plates in SD will include the standard title fee of $10, the license plate fee and the wheel and excise tax.

Note that historic car tags are available at a set $10 registration fee, unlike the license plates for custom vehicles, which have a cost that varies based on the vehicle weight and year. Applicants for SD custom vehicle registrations, however, will be required to pay additional fees, such as the $25 vehicle inspection fee.

Note: While historic vehicle tags are permanent, owners of custom-built vehicles will be required to complete the regular car registration renewal procedure.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.