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How to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in Utah

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Like most other motor vehicles, custom-built and antique vehicles must be properly registered and titled in the state of Utah. However, the process of registering an antique or custom-built vehicle is different from registering a regular vehicle. If you have brought an antique or custom-built vehicle into Utah for a first time registration, or if you have custom-assembled a vehicle in the State, you will be referred to a DMV Office near you.


  • In Utah, an antique vehicle is defined as any motor vehicle that was manufactured at least in 1973 or before.
  • The State defines a custom-built vehicle as any motor vehicle that has been assembled or completely reconstructed using new or used parts or a manufacturer's kits. The finished vehicle in some cases does not resemble the original vehicles whose parts were used for the assembly nor does it resemble a known brand. Custom vehicles are registered with the make as "custom-built." The model year will be the year in which the vehicle was built. Custom-built vehicles are of three types: Specially Constructed Vehicles, Kit Vehicles and Glider Kits.


You will have to visit a DMV Office near you to register your antique or custom-built vehicle. When registering an antique or a custom-built vehicle, you will need to bring the following materials to the renewal office:

  1. A completed Ownership Statement, describing the origin of the parts, the construction of the vehicle and date of its completion.
  2. Bills of Sale for construction parts purchased. In the absence of these bills, the DMV might ask you to sign a bond to the effect.
  3. A completed Application for VIN.
  4. A completed Application for Title.
  5. The Certificate of Title or manufacturer's certificate of origin, for antique or custom vehicles that have already been titled.
  6. Visual proof of the vehicle in the form of pictures or the actual vehicle itself.
  7. Emissions testing reports if vehicle's engine was built after 1967.
  8. Safety inspection report from a police officer, DMV-CSR, or certified safety inspector certifying that the vehicle is safe to take on the road.

Once all the requirements are met, you will be issued a Utah official ID which must affixed to the vehicle per DMV's instructions.


When registering an antique or custom-built vehicle, you will be required to pay the appropriate registering and titling fees. Title fee is $6 and registration fee will vary according to vehicle make. Call the DMV at (801) 297-7780 or 800-368-8824 for specific fees. In addition, you will also have to pay sales tax on all parts that you did not pay tax on already. The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles accepts cash, money orders or checks.


Your custom-built or antique vehicle's registration will clearly indicate when it will expire. The process for renewing the registration on a custom or antique vehicle is the same as renewing the registration on a regular motor vehicle.


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