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How to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in New Hampshire

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Like most other motor vehicles, custom-built and antique vehicles must be properly registered and titled in the state of New Hampshire. However, the process of registering an antique or custom-built vehicle is different from registering a regular vehicle. If you have brought an antique or custom-built vehicle into New Hampshire for a first time registration, or if you have custom-assembled a vehicle in the State, you will be referred to the Town or City Office near you.


  • In New Hampshire, an antique vehicle is defined as any motor vehicle that is at least twenty five years old. A Street Rod is a vehicle with frame or body built before 1949 or its replica (built after 1949 but made to look like a street rod) which has undergone alteration for road safety. The model year will be the year that the vehicle body resembles.
  • The State defines a custom-built vehicle as any motor vehicle that has been assembled or completely reconstructed using non-original parts (drive train or engine suspension or brake system or body) and manufactured in 1948 or later (or made to look similar). "Home made Vehicles" like Composite Vehicles, Reconstructed Vehicles and Kit Cars; are constructed by assembling parts from different vehicles and the finished product bears no resemblance to any of the originals.


You will have to visit a Town or City Office near you to register your antique or custom-built Vehicle. When registering a custom-built or antique vehicle, you will need to bring the following materials to the renewal office:

  1. A completed and notarized Title Application (Form TDMV 23A), when obtaining a title for a new, custom-built vehicle.
  2. The Certificate of Title or manufacturer's certificate of origin, for antique or custom vehicles that have already been titled. You may also use a notarized and completed Affidavit of Ownership of an Antique Vehicle for this purpose in the absence of a title for an antique vehicle.
  3. A completed Builder's Affidavit, for custom-built vehicles.
  4. A completed certificate of current odometer reading if ownership of the vehicle changes.
  5. An Inspection Report, certifying that the vehicle is safe to take on the road.


When registering an antique or custom-built vehicle you will be required to pay the appropriate titling fees and a one-time registration fee of $25. The New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles accepts cash (only in person), money orders or/and travelers check or checks or VISA/Master Card/American Express.


Your custom-built or antique vehicle's registration will clearly indicate when it will expire. The process for renewing the registration on a custom or antique vehicle is the same as renewing the registration on a regular motor vehicle.


  • Auto Insurance is required for all custom vehicles operated in New Hampshire.
  • See also Title Transfers and Registering a Non-Custom Vehicle.
  • Antique vehicles that are under forty model years old have to be inspected every year in April. Those aged 40 and above model years have to be inspected biennially in April.
  • A custom vehicle is exempt from periodical vehicle inspections and emission control inspections.
  • A custom vehicle can have ‘blue dot' tail lights for rear hazard lamps, rear reflectors, rear turning indicator lamps and stop lamps.
  • Vehicles of 1993 model year and older are exempt from title requirements in the state of New Hampshire.

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