A New Hampshire drivers license is required for all residents, with an out-of-state license only being valid for the first 60 days of residency. The process of getting this license requires you to fill out paperwork and go through several steps. A DMV license in New Hampshire for minors requires driver’s education and parental consent, while adults from out-of-state need to determine how to waive some of the tests they may be required to take.

Below you will learn all you need to know about getting a DMV drivers license in New Hampshire, including the documents you need to bring, the application you need to fill out and the fee you need to pay. The process varies for minor residents, adult residents and residents who previously held a license in another state. Each process will be detailed below.

How to Apply for a Drivers License in New Hampshire (18 or Older)

Though New Hampshire does not have a learner’s permit program, the process of applying still differs between adults and minors. In this section, you will learn how to get a drivers license in New Hampshire as an adult. To get a new drivers license in New Hampshire as an adult, you need to be a US citizen who currently resides in New Hampshire.

Though you can renew your drivers license online in New Hampshire, you must apply for your first license in-person at the office. This is because you need to present the office with four documents proving your identity and your right to be in the United States. You do not need an appointment, but in order to expedite the process, you can fill out your Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card ahead of time.

The New Hampshire driving license application requires you to submit personal information about yourself. This means basic information such as your name, birth date and Social Security Number, as well as more detailed information such as your eye color, height and weight. The form gives you the option to become an organ donor.

Documents Required to Get a New Drivers License in New Hampshire

You will also need to bring four documents with you. Here are the New Hampshire drivers license requirements:

  • One official document showing that you are allowed to be in the US
  • Two official documents showing that you are a New Hampshire resident
  • One official document showing your Social Security Number

The paper showing you are authorized to be in the US can be a US passport, birth certificate or certificate of naturalization.

To prove your residency, you can use a government-issued document like property tax bill or title registration. You can also use documents issued by non-governmental entities, such as mortgage statements or bills, but these documents need to have been issued in the last 60 days.

Your SSN can be proved with a Social Security Card, W-2, paystub or 1099 form. Whichever document you choose needs to show your full Social Security Number.

These New Hampshire drivers license requirements apply if you want your license to be REAL ID compliant. This means that it can be used for federal purposes. For most people, this comes up most frequently when boarding a domestic flight. A passport can be used in place of a REAL ID, but a REAL ID cannot be used in place of a passport.

If you cannot prove your Social Security Number, you can instead provide two documents that show you are allowed to be in the US. If you do this, your license will not be REAL ID compliant.

New Hampshire Drivers License Tests

When you apply for a drivers license in New Hampshire, you will also need to complete an eye exam, a written test and a driving test. You can prepare for your written test with a practice exam. The eye exam can be completed at the DMV, but if you do not pass, you will need to visit an eye specialist in order to certify that you are capable of driving. This doctor will need to sign the Eye Examination Form.

The written test needs to be passed before you can take the driving test. If you fail a test, you are not allowed to retake it until 10 days have passed. The drivers license cost in New Hampshire is $50, regardless of your age. You can use money, money orders, checks or credit cards.

Getting a New Hampshire Drivers License as a New Resident

You need to apply for a drivers license in New Hampshire no more than 60 days after you have become a resident of the state. Adults who have a valid license in another state can waive the driving and written test requirements when getting their license, but they will still need to take an eye exam. As well, they will need to present all of the documentation listed in the previous section. If your license has been expired for less than a year, it will still be accepted.

If you do not have access to your license for whatever reason, you will need to submit the Verification of Out of State License form to the DMV. French and US Territory licenses are processed the same way that out-of-state licenses are processed.

How to Apply for a Drivers License in New Hampshire (Younger Than 18)

Though minors are not required to get a permit before they get a license, there are still additional requirements placed on them. Drivers license eligibility in New Hampshire states that you cannot start driving until you are 15 and a half years old, and you cannot get your license until you are at least 16. As well, you will need to complete a drivers ed course and get the permission of a parent or guardian.

One of the most important drivers license services in New Hampshire that minors need to understand is the drivers education program. This program is required for all minors, and it entails 46 hours of learning. Thirty of those hours are spent in the classroom, while 16 of them are spent driving. Ten hours are driving practice, while the last six are spent on the road. When looking for where to get drivers license education, you should check programs at high schools and professional driving schools certified by the state DMV.

Most of the drivers license information in New Hampshire that you need to know is the same for adults and minors. Consult the “Applying for a New Drivers License in New Hampshire as an Adult” section for information about the required documents, fees and application.

What else do you need to get your license in New Hampshire if you are a minor? The Parent or Guardian Authorization Certificate serves as proof that you got the consent of your parent or guardian, while the Driver’s Out of Class Log Sheet shows that you drove 40 hours outside of the classroom, as is required by the state for minors.

New Hampshire does not offer a learner’s permit for drivers. Though minors can start driving when they are 15 and a half years old, they cannot get official driving papers until they are 16.

New Hampshire Drivers License Costs

Regardless of age, you need to pay $50 for a drivers license.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.