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Massachusetts residents must complete the DMV license application process in order to receive driving privileges in the state. Different classes of licenses exist for the operation of various types of vehicles. New drivers most commonly obtain Class D permits, used to legally drive passenger cars, vans and trucks. The steps to obtain drivers licenses vary depending on the type of permit desired by the applicant.

To be granted driver certification, MA residents must meet eligibility requirements established by the state. Different eligibility standards and application guidelines apply to teen and adult drivers. Furthermore, applicants younger than age 18 can utilize special restricted permits for teens. Continue reading to learn more about DMV drivers licensing procedures for Massachusetts residents.

How to Apply for a Drivers License in Massachusetts as an Adult (18 or Older)

New adult drivers can prepare for the MA driver application procedure with prior research and preparation. Understanding the necessary documents and personal information that must be provided is helpful for expediting this process. Applicants are also required to submit payment for fees and exams in order to be granted driving rights in the state.

To meet state eligibility requirements, certain information and official documents must be presented at the time of application. When applying for a new driver license, the following items are needed to verify the personal qualifications of MA drivers.

  1. Social Security Number (SSN)
  2. Proof of citizenship or legal U.S. residency:
    • Official Birth Certificate
    • Passport
    • Permanent Resident Card
    • Foreign passport containing an I-551 stamp or U.S. visa
    • Employment authorization form
    • Certificate of Citizenship
    • Certificate of Naturalization
  3. Proof of residency:
    • Current license, DMV driving permit or ID card
    • Recent government-issued mail
    • Professional MA license including personal photograph
    • Recent Jury Duty request form
    • Mortgage documents
    • Letter stating the applicant’s name and residential address
    • School-issued mail

When providing verification forms, unofficial documents cannot be accepted. For example, forms submitted through a drivers license online portal, faxed or copied documents are unacceptable.

Steps to Get a New Drivers License in Massachusetts as an Adult (18 or Older)

Massachusetts drivers age 18 and above must meet the drivers license requirements established in the state. Residents are required hold an MA learner’s permit before applying for an unrestricted license.

To obtain a valid learner’s permit, drivers should visit an RMV Service Center to submit a completed application for processing. The application can be completed and printed out online in advance. Additionally, applicants must present identification verification documents during the visit.

Next, a learner’s permit exam and vision test is administered at an RMV office. Drivers must pass both tests in order to be issued a valid permit. Exam and licensing fees vary among RMV service offices. Generally, one of the following methods is an acceptable form of payment:

  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Check

After holding an MA learner’s permit, adult drivers are eligible to apply for an unrestricted Class D license. The first step for how to get a drivers license is passing a state-administered road skills test. Exams should be scheduled by phone or online. Full name, birth date, Social Security Number (SSN) and Learner’s permit number must be submitted.

In order to take a road test in Massachusetts, new drivers must present:

  • A road test application
  • Valid sponsorship
  • Previously held Learner’s permit
  • A testing vehicle that passes safety requirements

Next, applicants must provide required documents verifying identity and pay necessary fees. These costs cover the road skills exam and new license. Payments can be made via one of the following methods.

  • Online, when the following personal information is submitted:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • MA learner’s permit or license number
    • Email address
  • In person at an RMV Service Center
  • By phone, through the RMV Contact Center. The following personal details must be provided:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • State license or learner’s permit number

When the road test is successfully passed and all fees are paid, unrestricted licenses are designated to applicants.

Getting a Massachusetts Drivers License as a New Resident

MA residents who have recently moved to the state are required to acquire an updated license. As soon as residency is established, Massachusetts DMV drivers licenses should be obtained. Failure to complete this process results in the removal of driving eligibility throughout the state.

Conversion of licenses from out-of-state to MA certification may occur under the following conditions:

  • Learner’s permit is from the United States, a U.S. territory, Canada or Mexico
  • Applicant is a legal MA resident
  • Applicant is 16 years of age or older
  • Applicant has no overdue obligations in another state
  • State established medical standards are met

To apply for an updated MA drivers license, applicants must present documents verifying legal presence, SSN and state residency. A completed application and verifying documents should be submitted at an RMV Service Center. Applicants with an out-of-state license expired for over a year are required to pass a written, road and vision exam. Additionally, drivers can pay license fees upon successful processing of an application.

How to Apply for a Drivers License in Massachusetts as a Teen (Younger Than 18)

Teen drivers in Massachusetts should investigate where to get a drivers license and the eligibility requirements for applicants. Young residents can develop strong driving skills and knowledge via the permits and services offered in the state. For example, drivers education is helpful for instructing license applicants on effective driving practices.

Understanding drivers license information and eligibility is necessary when applying for permits. Eligibility standards are established specifically for drivers age 18 and younger. The rules and requirements are imposed on teen Massachusetts residents include:

  • New drivers must be at least 16 years of age to hold a license.
  • New drivers must complete the required written, vision and skills tests before obtaining a permit/license.
  • Parents or legal guardians of drivers younger than age 18 must sign driving license applications for Class D, M or D/M licenses.

Additionally, teen drivers must meet regular residency, citizenship and age requirements for licenses in the state.

Drivers Ed Requirements to Get a Drivers License in Massachusetts

For teen drivers in Massachusetts under age 18 applying for Class D or M licenses, drivers education is required. These courses consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction, as well as hands-on driver training. At least 12 hours of on-road driving practice are completed when attending a drivers license education class. Learner’s permits must be held by students to participate in on-road training.

Both public and private institutions offer drivers education courses for teen drivers.

Steps to Get a New Drivers License in Massachusetts (Younger Than 18)

What do you need to get your license privileges granted in Massachusetts? Applicants under age 18 must begin with completing a valid drivers education course. Young drivers are required apply for a Junior Operator Learner’s permit before an unrestricted license.

Applicants can visit RMV Service Centers to present learner’s permit applications for processing. The application can be completed and printed out online in advance. Drivers may also present necessary verification documents to the office.

After the drivers license service center completes application processing, a learner’s permit exam and vision test are administered. Drivers who pass both tests are granted permits. Exam and licensing fees must be paid before new permits are generated. Junior Operators are placed under certain restrictions while driving throughout the state.

Next, young drivers can apply for Class D licenses by presenting their personal information, required documents and fees. Applicants must successfully pass a road skills test, which can be scheduled by phone, in person or online. The following details are needed to schedule an exam:

  • Full name
  • Birth date
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Learner’s permit number

In order to take a Massachusetts road test, applicants must provide:

  • Road test applications, signed by parents or legal guardians
  • An accompanied sponsor
  • Learner’s permit
  • An approved vehicle that passes MA safety requirements

If the road test is successfully passed, Class D licenses are granted to drivers. Additionally, necessary fees for the road skills exam and new license must be paid. Payments can be made online, in person or by phone.

Massachusetts Drivers License Costs

MA residents must pay various fees when applying for driving privileges in the state. Fees for the standard drivers license, permit and relevant exams include:

  • Learner’s Permit application fee: $30
  • License application and road test fee: $35
  • Class D 5-Year License fee: $50
  • Out-of-state conversion Class D License: $115
  • Drivers education certification: $15
Last updated on Monday, January 11 2021.