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How to Apply for a New Driver's License in Virginia

You can apply for a new driver's license at any DMV office in Virginia. Obtain a Virginia Driver's Handbook to familiarize with the driving rules and regulations.


Following are the basic requirements for applying for a Virginia driver's license:

  1. Applicants must be 16 years and 3 months of age, or older.
  2. Any individual under 18 should provide parental consent, complete a Driver Education Program and hold a Learner's Permit for at least 9 months. For additional details, see Beginner Drivers and/or Learner's Permits for Beginner Drivers.
  3. Everyone must pass the vision, written, and driving tests. See Practice Tests and Driver's Handbook for more information on the written examination. Driver education programs can help individuals prepare for their road test.
  4. Applicants must provide acceptable proof of identification.
  5. Applicants must provide proof of Virginia residency and presence.


Virginia residents holding a driver's license from another state may also need to complete the Driver Education Program. New residents must also provide proof of identification, residency and presence. Non-US citizens residing in Virginia are authorized to drive for a period of six months, provided that they hold a valid driver's license from their country and are not gainfully employed. However, they must obtain a Virginia driver's license within this stipulated time period, or when they are gainfully employed.


The cost for a non-commercial Virginia driver's license is $4 annually making the total cost of getting a license at anything from a minimum of $20 fee up to $32 fee (depending on the number of years for which the license is issued). A standard license with eight year validity will be for about $32.


The validity of a Virginia driver's license is normally eight years. Once it is issued, the license expires on your first birthday when your age is divisible by five.


In order to be eligible for a learner's permit, you must first complete a state approved Driver Education Program. See more information on learner's licenses here.


Reviews of How to Apply for a New Driver's License in Virginia

What do I need to do to exchange my WV license for a Va license? I am 59 years old.

I need some info about exchanging my valid french license for an american one. Is it possible to do that in VA?

Thank you

My son completed the driver education program at Culpeper High this past school year. He did not receive a certificate of completion or any type of certificate to prove he completed the course. Do we need to prove he completed a class in school? What do we need to get his permit and when does he actually go to the driver's training course. New to this...terrified. Do you recommend a driver's training company in the Culpeper area?

I am Asylum Seekers, I applied the driving license on 05/06/2015, the customer service staff start the process and assigned customer number A64286000. She scanned my Original Passport, Bank statement and Asylum Form I-797c. After this process she sent my data for the concerned department to check my Asylum Status. Finally she said with in 48 hours somebody contact you by phone. But still now no body contact me, How can I start the process. Please give me the feed back and process my driving license.

hi i just moved here and my old license from new york has expired but they said all i need was my driving records to prove i had one will i be able to bring in my abstract and get a virginia drivers license after i take road test or will i have to get permit ?

Hi, I am 18 going to be 19 in June of 2015. I had waited to get my learners until Feb 2015. Mainly because of a lot of personal issues going on and just not wanting to drive. I have been driving with parents ever since I got my permit. I have taken the drivers education course back in high school so I have my green card that they give you, I have not taken behind the wheel, and was told I don't have too, since I am 18, so could I just go to dmv and take the test and get my license?

Hi um im 22 soon to be 23 and i want to get my drivers licenses in Virginia and then go for my CDL. what steps can i take to get my license and my CDL quickly? Ihave tried to call my local DMV but keep being sent to this website.

So... I am currently 21. When I was 16 I failed my VA learners test 3 times so I couldn't get my license. (I'm not dumb, just rushed because I hate taking tests) Now that I am 21 I am curious as to how I obtain my Drivers permit? I call my local DMV and they give me the runaround to the website and I never find what I'm looking for. Any ideas?


I just got a written permit from New York. But I got a job in Virginia, So i had to move.Can i be able to convert my Newyork Learners permit to Virginia's Permit?


Hi, I will be 19 in october of 2014. I heard that some states allow you, after you've turned 19 of course, to go in if you have never had a license and take the written test. Then they have you hold it for a day and you can go in the next day and take the drivers test then receive your license. Is this the case for VA? I have been looking on the website and have not found it stated clearly.


hello , i am 16 almost 17 and i have held my blue paper for almost 4 months and still have not received a court date to get my hard copy license is this due to the weather or have i just been lost within a stack of papers?

I have learner's permit in Maryland . Now I'm going to moving to Virginia . So I have to get learner's permit in Virginia or I can use mine now for driving test. Or what should I do?

I have learner's permit in Maryland . Now I'm going to moving to Virginia . So I have to get learner's permit in Virginia or I can use mine now for driving test. Or what should I do?

change from maryland learners permit to virginia lincense

if i was born on November 20 1997 when can i get my learners permit?

When you turn 15 and 3 Months so any time after February 20th 2012

i have a chinese driver's license which is translated and notarized.

i live in my cousin's house and i have bank account bill can proove it.

i have my passport and visa witch is can make me stay here for 6 months.

but i don't have ssn. can i apply a driver's license if i dont have SSN?

thx a lot.

I have the same condition more or less

i am turning 18 on the 15th of this month, i will have had my learners for 90days on the 6th of this month, i have did the classroom part of drivers education, can i do the driving part at the dmv when my 90 days are up or i turn 18?

I live in Nevada and have a license here now, if I move back to Virgina, do I have to take the test over again or tranfer it to Virginia?

im 16 and 3 months but i havent gotten my permit can i just get my license now or do i need to get my permit first?

yes ofcourse

you will have to get your permit first sweety!

What do i need to do to transfer my Texas licence to a Virginia licence?

bring that licence to a dmv in virginia along with proof of virginia residency and you can change it. Also you will need to bring a secondary proof of identity and legal us residency and your social. There will be a fee

In wa state if ur 15 and a half u don't have to take the course and u only need the permit for 4 months. I am moving to va when I turn 16 and you are telling me I have to go through all this???? That is crazy!!!! If I had known I wouldn't have waited.

Inthought you can be 15 and 3 months is this true

My mom has recently come over from Scandinavia. She's 68 and has been driving since she was 18. She’s a Resident Alien/Green Card holder, but is retired. What are the steps that she needs to take to get a VA drivers license. Does she have to pass the vision, written, and driving tests as well? The non-US citizen section was somewhat unclear....thanks

i have a VA license but i do i change the address on my license? and how much will it cost?

I have a Virginia License but have moved. How do I change my address?

need to change my dmv address for car and voters reg

im 18, and completed behind the wheel, my mother doesnt want to sign the dmv driver training certificate, but since im 18 i didnt think that i needed her signature in order to get my license, do i need her signature or dont i?

no u dont your grown

We are moving to Virginia, my husband is 68, he has been driving since he was 16. What are his requirements to obtain a Virginia lience. He has one for New Hampshire.

I'm 18 and I'm planning on getting my license. What is the deal with behind the wheel? Do I have to take it or not?

Help I am not sure as to how to get to take the test. I have my Learners permit. Do i need to make an appointment to get to take the behind the wheel test?

This is HA NEUL( First name :NEUL , Last name :HA)

DOB :11/19/1986

I have been to dmv 3 times to apply for exhanging driver's licence from korean driver's licence.In addition , I called DMV costmer sevice center to check how It was progressing. They were supposed to give me a call back. but They didn't do .

I don't understand why i have not recived a letter from DMV. I even presented korean drver's licence notarized from the embassy of korea.

I need virgina licence as soon as possible. Because I should let an insurace company my driver's licence number. please make it work.!!

Where can I get the manual to study for the LEARNERS LICENSE ??? I got one link from this page which gave me a manual for the Escort Drivers. Do I need to study that or something else? Please let me know. I want to take the exam this Saturday.

I failed the written test 3 times. ( I didn't study !) There is a new law that requires me to take about 30 hours of classroom instruction just TO BE ELIGIBLE to test again. I have now studied, and almost 2 years ago I took drivers ed in school. Is there any way to get around this classroom requirement?

iam 25 years old and i had a virginia drivers license and i move to north carolina and got a northcarolina license and now iam back and i need to get my virginia licenses back will i have to take the test over or can i just get them.

Can anyone tell me HOW to get a PIN number to change my address online?! I'm going crazy!

Okay so i failed my permit test 3 times already, i went to take it in sept/august. I'm not sure when i actually went but it was between those months. I was 16 at the time and i just turned 17 last month, would i be able to take my test over again without taking a class? i took a drivers ed class last year. Help!?! Please.

Yes you can. You are able to retake the permit test 15 days after you fail it. If you need help studying go to the DMV website and do the pretest. Since you don't have your certificate you'll probably need to take the class over. DMV has a list of schools that are approved in which you can obtain a new certificate from. The class is no more than $60. You will still need to hold your permit for 9 months or until you turn 18 which ever comes first.

I have a Virginia drivers license do i have to a more than that to drive a roll back tow truck or regular tow truck?

im 18 and i have a drivers license from the philippines, and i am residing now in virginia, what test will i have to take, thanks

You will have to take a vision test and also a written and signs test plus the behind the wheel test.

You will have to take a vision test and also a written and signs test plus the behind the wheel test.

I'm currently 17, i got my drivers permit when i was 16 instead of the 15 years and 6 months. I've had my permit for well over a year and want to know if i still need the completed drivers ed requirement because i completed it 2 years ago but i have no way of getting my certificate of completion. What i am asking is if i can just go to the DMV and take the tests to get my drivers license at age 17 without the drivers ed requirement (even though i have completed it 2 years ago). Help?