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How to Apply for a New Driver's License in Wyoming

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You can apply for a new driver's license at any driver exam station in Wyoming. Obtain a Wyoming Vehicle Operator Manual to familiarize with the driving rules and regulations.


Following are the basic requirements for applying for a Wyoming driver's license:

  1. Applicants must be 17 years or older to apply without going through the graduated licensing process.
  2. Any individual under 18 should provide a parental consent form duly completed. These are available at any driver exam station.
  3. Everyone must pass the vision, written, and driving tests. The written test is based on material from the Vehicle Operator Manual. You need to score 80% or more to pass. In case you fail the road skills test you cannot retake it until after 24 hours.
  4. Applicants must provide a social security card along with acceptable proof of identification.
  5. Provide a completed application.


Wyoming residents holding a driver's license from another state may use their current out of state licence for one year following which they have to appear at the nearest exam centre with the following to process the license swap:

  • The current out of state license.
  • A $20 application fee.
  • A completed application form.
  • A social security card.
  • An acceptable proof of Identification.

Non-US citizens residing in Wyoming may use their foreign license in conjunction with an International Driver's permit for a period of one year. In case you become a resident of the state of Wyoming, you will have to apply for a regular Wyoming Driver's licence within one year from the date of attaining resident status. More information on acceptable ID documents is available at the WYDOT website.


The cost for a non-commercial (Class C) Wyoming driver's license is $20, for a restricted license it is $10 and $15 for license renewal.


The validity of a Wyoming driver's license is normally 4 years from date of issue.


The state of Wyoming has a graduated licensing program for drivers aged between 15 years to 17 years who want to attain a regular driver's licence. This is a phased program starting with an instruction permit, moving to an intermediate permit and finally graduating to a full-fledged driver's licence.