A Wyoming bill of sale may be required when two legal entities are selling and purchasing a motor vehicle between themselves. The general bill of sale form is a legal document that indicates the transfer of the ownership rights over a motor vehicle between those two parties. However, completing a vehicle bill of sale and submitting it along with other mandatory paperwork is determined by the county you live in.

For instance, this sales form is available in counties such as Laramie, Natrona and Teton offer, and this may expedite the car title transfer procedure. However, other counties do not have such a form, and a seller or the buyer will need to create his or her own template.

The vehicle seller and buyer may find out what kind of vehicle bill of sale template they need and whether they need to notarize it by contacting their local WY Department of Transportation (DOT) office. Regardless of the county where an individual resides, he or she is encouraged to document the receipt for a bills trade not only for obtaining a car title, but also for personal reference. If you want to learn more information about how to complete a sample bill of sale in Wyoming, continue reading the sections below and find out more details about the procedure.

When is a bill of sale necessary in Wyoming?

A motor vehicle bill of sale in Wyoming is required when two different legal parties are completing a sale and purchase procedure in the state. Moreover, this document is required only when a motor vehicle is purchased from an individual, not from car dealerships.

Regardless of whether completing a bill of sale is required or not, individuals are highly recommended to complete one for their personal necessities and in order to have proof of the ownership transfer when potential legal issues may occur. Moreover, individuals may keep a copy of the DMV bill of sale form as a record of important information about the motor vehicle that is being sold.

This important information includes the selling price, make, year and vehicle identification number (VIN). Therefore, motorists are highly encouraged to complete a motor vehicle bill of sale document when selling or buying a motor vehicle from a private party.

Who needs a Wyoming bill of sale?

A Wyoming DMV bill of sale is needed by both the vehicle seller and the vehicle purchaser. Vehicle sellers must complete this credential in order to transfer their ownership rights of a motor vehicle to another party. They also may need a WY bills trade document in the future when, for instance, they might be required to provide proof of that ownership transfer or proof that they are no longer owners of the motor vehicle in question.

Vehicle purchasers, on the other hand, need a bill of sell in order to perform a title transfer procedure or to have a written record of the amount of money they paid for the motor vehicle they bought. Therefore, both sellers and purchasers of motor vehicles are encouraged to keep a printable bill of sale pdf for their personal reference and for future needs.

How to Complete a Bill of Sale Form in Wyoming

Prior to completing a sample bill of sale Word template in Wyoming, residents are recommended to find out the requirements imposed by their county WY DOT branch. Some counties offer their own bill of sale pdf, while others expect the seller and buyer to create their own format.

After obtaining a blank form, the vehicle seller is expected to provide the standard pieces of information needed for a transfer of ownership rights for a certain motor vehicle. In other words, the generic bill of sale must contain the following information:

  • Vehicle seller’s personal information
  • Motor vehicle information (year, make and vehicle identification number)
  • Selling price and date of sale
  • Vehicle purchaser’s name

Once the Wyoming bills trade document is completed with the above-listed information, individuals may be required to notarize it, depending on the county where you reside. Some counties require a notarization of this credential, while others do not. Your task is to find out what the notarization requirements in your county are before completing the form.

Note that the notary signs the bill of sale form and provides a seal, thus acknowledging the validity of the details written on the form. Although this step is not mandatory in all Wyoming counties, individuals are highly recommended to notarize their bill of sell in order to be sure that the information on the form is accurate and that they will not encounter legal issues in the future.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.