A DMV bill of sale in Montana is a legal document that reports the ownership transfer between two legal entities who are performing a sale and purchase of a motor vehicle. A MT car bill of sale form is required for this procedure because it contains details about the vehicle that is being sold, as well as personal information about both the vehicle seller and the vehicle purchaser.

Moreover, a vehicle bill of sale is recommended for sellers and buyers to complete, according to the state’s Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), so that both parties can have a written record of the transfer of ownership rights of a motor vehicle. Therefore, make sure to obtain a template of this credential when selling or buying motor vehicles for the purpose to have a record of the transfer if future legal issues may occur.

To learn more about the importance of this document during the process of buying a car, and how to fill one out, continue reading the sections below.

When is a bill of sale necessary in Montana?

A vehicle bill of sale in Montana should be completed by residents who are buying or selling motor vehicles. An MT bill of sale PDF or printout is needed in situations when individuals must provide important details about the ownership transfer procedure.

Moreover, this credential serves as a written record of the car’s specifications, the selling price of the vehicle and the personal details of the buyer and seller. In certain situations, a bill of sale form may be a necessary part of the car title transfer procedure or the vehicle registration application process. To find out more information about the purpose of this document and the situations when you need to submit one to the MVD, contact the Motor Vehicle Division.

Note: Failure to transfer the ownership of a vehicle within 40 days from its sale date may result in facing a late fee established by the MVD.

Who needs a Montana bill of sale?

Completing a car bill of sale template is highly recommended for both vehicle sellers and purchasers. Sellers are encouraged to complete this form in order to keep a written record of the buyer’s personal information, such as name, address and driver’s license or ID card number.

The same applies to the buyer or new owner of the motor vehicle. Purchasers are also expected to keep a copy of bill of sale documents as a written record of the seller’s name, address and driver’s license or ID number. Furthermore, both legal parties who complete a bill of sell are recommended to check the information written on the form before signing it in order to avoid future legal issues.

How to Complete a Bill of Sale Form in Montana

A Montana DMV bill of sale form may be completed when a motor vehicle is being sold from one legal party to another. A copy of this credential is recommended for both buyers and sellers to keep as a personal written record of the vehicle ownership transfer. An MT vehicle bill of sale template must generally contain information about the car, as well as personal details about both the seller and the buyer.

These types of details are required for future reference of both legal entities who are involved in the procedure. As soon as individuals obtain a blank template, they have to complete it with the following information:

  • Selling price.
  • Purchaser’s name, driver’s license or ID card number and address.
  • Vehicle information, including the year, make, model, style, vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plate number.
  • Information about any salvaged vehicle parts, if applicable.
  • Odometer statement.
  • Purchaser’s signature, date and printed name.
  • Seller’s signature, date, printed name, driver’s license or ID card number and address.
  • Notary information (signature, seal/stamp, date, county and state).

After providing the above-listed information on the Montana bill of sale template, individuals are recommended to keep a copy for their personal needs. In addition, they may need a copy of this document when required by the MT MVD. For further information about the situations when you may need to provide a vehicle bill of sale agreement, contact the MT MVD and find out every detail.

Note: Instead of providing a car bill of sale contract, vehicle sellers and buyers may be allowed to provide either a copy of the reassigned vehicle title or a document that holds the same types of information as those that need to be entered on this document.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.