A drivers license suspension in Montana is a temporary withdrawal of your privilege to operate a motor vehicle on state roads and highways. An MT revoked driving license, on the other hand, indicates that your credential has been terminated due to more serious violations while on the road. Montana driving license suspensions are generally administered by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), though, the court may take specific legal action against traffic offenders as well.

The MT drivers license reinstatement procedure may be completed once the suspension or revocation period ends. If you have been issued a suspended driving license in MT, you may be able to restore your credential upon meeting the imposed requirements. Motorists with revoked driving privileges will be required to apply for a new MT credential once all other conditions have been satisfied. Explore the sections below to learn more about the restoration process in Montana.

Reinstating a Montana Suspended License

Montana driving license restoration following a suspension or revocation of your license is necessary to stay in compliance with state laws and regulations. Drivers license suspensions in MT will occur for convictions such as failing or refusing to take a chemical test and not paying court-imposed child support or any other outstanding fines.

A Montana revoked driving license will be issued to habitual traffic violators, as well as drivers who are convicted of a felony or homicide while driving, among other offenses. If you do not receive an MT driving license suspension notice, you can always order a copy of your driving record for a detailed review of the MVD- or court-imposed penalty.

How to Reinstate a Montana Suspended Drivers License

To reinstate driving licenses in Montana, motorists must ensure they meet the drivers license suspension or revocation requirements. To be eligible for an MT drivers license reinstatement, you may be obliged to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Arrange payment for the Montana drivers license restoration fees.
  • Complete the required driving license suspension/revocation period.
  • Pay any outstanding fines with the court.
  • Complete a sobriety program following a DUI offense.
  • Install an Ignition Interlock Device in your vehicle.
  • Provide proof of the mandatory liability coverage.

Licensees whose driving privileges have been revoked cannot renew or restore their credential. Instead, they will need to apply for a new driver’s license. To do so, you will be asked to complete the applicable driving tests (knowledge and skills examinations) and pay the required fees.

Suspension Periods in Montana

The duration of the Montana driving license suspension or revocation period will generally vary, depending on the type of offense and your behind-the-wheel history. Different misdemeanors may lead to a suspended drivers license in MT for a period lasting from 30 days to several years. The following list outlines some of the most common violations and the corresponding penalty periods:

  • A first conviction of driving while under the influence (drivers younger than 21): A 90-day driving license suspension.
  • A second conviction of minors for a DUI offense: A suspension of six months.
  • Operating while intoxicated (motorists older than 21): A six-month suspension for a first offense, a one-year suspension for a second or subsequent conviction within five years.
  • First alcohol test refusal: A six-month suspension.
  • Second or any following refusal: A suspension of your credential for one year.

Certain offenses, such as failure to pay a court-imposed fine or child support, may cause the issuance of a suspended drivers license in Montana for an indefinite period. The MT drivers license reinstatement in such cases may occur once the imposed conditions are satisfied. Motorists will have a revoked driving license in MT for a period of one up to three years for more severe offenses, such as negligent driving or constant violation of the set regulations.

Montana Point System

A revoked drivers license in Montana will be handed down to licensees who accumulate too many negative points on their driving report. Per state law, a specific number of points is attached to each offense committed while on the road. For instance, five points will be placed against your record for a second no-insurance offense.

To avoid the Montana driving license revocation, motorists must be careful not to accumulate 30 points within a period of three years. Failure to do so will result in an MT revoked drivers license for three years.

Traffic School in Montana

If you have been issued an MT suspended drivers license several times, you may be able to avoid future traffic misdemeanors by enrolling into an authorized traffic school. Note that negative points will not be removed from your driving report upon completion of the defensive driving course.

However, the risk of further driving license suspensions in Montana may be reduced once you gain the necessary skills for safe driving. Additionally, motorists may be able to negotiate lower auto insurance payments if they present a course completion certificate. For detailed information about the aforementioned course, it is best to contact the state MVD directly.

Types of Montana Driver’s License Suspensions

The Motor Vehicle Division has developed a Montana driving license suspension system, including various offenses and the matching penalty periods. A suspended or revoked drivers license in MT will be issued, depending on the severity of the committed offense. Below is a list of several conditions under which an MT driving license suspension may occur:

  • Driving while under the influence or refusing to take an alcohol test.
  • Failing to complete a substance abuse program.
  • Failing to satisfy payment for child support/fines or failing to appear in court.
  • Being medically unfit to drive.
  • Being convicted of three reckless driving misdemeanors within a 12-month period.
  • Falsifying information on a driving license application.

Apart from the issued suspension, motorists may also face a drivers license revocation in Montana for offenses such as vehicular manslaughter, failure to stop and render assistance at a crash scene, failure to provide proof of car insurance or the accumulation of 30 demerit points within a period of three years and more.

Montana DUI Suspensions

The Montana driving license suspension penalties are highly rigid for DUI-related offenses. You can be issued an MT suspended drivers license provided you have been caught with a certain level of blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Motorists can also lose their privilege to drive if they refuse to submit to the chemical testing.

In addition to driving license suspensions in MT, they may be penalized with large fines and sentenced to jail if found guilty of a DUI offense. To restore their credential, they may be obliged to participate in a sobriety program or install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID), among other requirements.

Drivers Older Than 21

A Montana driving license suspension will be administered by the MVD for a BAC level of .08 or more. First-time offenders will have a suspended drivers license in MT for six months.

Since operating while intoxicated is considered a serious offense, you may be also asked to pay a fine ranging from $300 to $1,000, as well as serve a jail sentence. A more severe MT driving license suspension will be issued to motorists for any subsequent offense of this nature.

If you are found guilty of an alcohol violation for the second time in five years, for instance, you could lose your credential for a period of one year. Similar penalties will be imposed to drivers who refuse to take the alcohol test.

Prior to reinstating your driving license in Montana, the MVD and the court have the authority to order second-time offenders to complete an alcohol treatment program. Part of the Montana drivers license restoration process may also be the installation of a state-approved IID.

Drivers Younger Than 21

An MT suspended drivers license will be issued to motorists younger than 21 years of age for driving with a BAC level of .02. The Montana driving license suspension periods in such instances will be lower, ranging from 90 days for a first offense to six months or more for any following violation. If you are required to complete a substance abuse course to reinstate your driving license, and fail to do so, additional penalties will be imposed.

Car Insurance Suspensions in Montana

Motorists will need to apply for an MT drivers license reinstatement if they fail to adhere to the imposed financial responsibility laws. A suspended driving license in Montana may be issued for failure to provide the mandatory proof of auto insurance at a time of an accident.

Note that other penalties, such as fines ranging from $250 to $500 or serving a jail sentence may follow if you are found responsible for the misdemeanor. To avoid being issued a suspended driving license in MT, drivers must obtain the following insurance amounts:

  • $25,000 for injury or death of one person.
  • $50,000 for injury or death of two or more people.
  • Up to $20,000 for property damage.

Traffic Summons or Failure to Pay

An indefinite MT driving license suspension will be also issued to motorists who fail to resolve a traffic citation in due time. The imposed penalty may be lifted once all conditions have been met with the corresponding court.

Drivers may complete the Montana drivers license reinstatement process after they arrange payment for the issued ticket. Depending on the court handling your case, you may be able to utilize several payment methods.

Montana Hardship Drivers License

If you have been issued a revoked or suspended driving license in Montana, you may qualify for a hardship (restricted) license to drive. Such credential may be obtained after conviction of certain offenses, such as a DUI violation. The restricted license issued prior to completing the MT drivers license suspension period will limit motorists to essential driving only.

Drivers can use the credential to drive to and from specific locations, such as a regular place of employment, an educational institution or a chemical assessment/treatment program. You will be returned to your suspended driving license status if you fail to comply with the aforementioned limitations.

Applying for a Montana Hardship License

Drivers who wish to obtain a hardship license before completing the MT driving license suspension period, must note the eligibility requirements. The imposed conditions may vary depending on the offense committed. For instance, to apply for a restricted license after being convicted of DUI for the second time, you may first be required to enroll in a sobriety program.

Drivers may also need to complete a specific portion of the issued drivers license suspension, as well as provide proof of liability auto coverage. Should you need specific details regarding the application procedure, contact a local Montana MVD branch.

Drivers License Reinstatement Fees in Montana

Paying the Montana driving license reinstatement fees is a mandatory step to restore your credential and continue legally operate your vehicle within the state. The MT driving license restoration fees may vary, depending on the type of misdemeanor committed. To reinstate your drivers license in Montana without any inconvenience, it is best to contact a local MVD office in MT and check the exact price pertaining to your case.

The MVD offers several payment methods for the set fees. When reinstating driving licenses in Montana, applicants have the option to arrange payment over the phone using a credit/debit card, or send a check or money order made payable to the MVD. You must provide your full name, date of birth and license number (if available) along with your payment.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.