The Montana defensive driving course is an excellent resource to teach motorists safe and responsible driving habits. Anyone in the state may enroll in a private defensive driving class, however, only traffic offenders may register for the state-mandated driver rehabilitation program. The mandatory program requires motorists who accumulate a certain number of points to attend the class. After completing the program, the student may apply to have their license reinstated.

In the state, the traffic school curriculum covers a variety of topics including traffic laws, road etiquette, collision avoidance and driving in adverse weather conditions. Drivers must attend the state-mandated program in person. However, anyone taking a class offered by a third-party education provider may complete the program online. Keep reading for valuable information the Montana traffic school and how it can help reinstate your driving privileges.

Who can attend traffic school in Montana?

A Montana defensive driving course is beneficial to anyone looking to learn new or improve upon their safe driving skills. The state offers both voluntary as well as a mandatory traffic school for motorists. Motorists may find several programs operated by third-party program providers that provide instruction on defensive driving and crash avoidance techniques. These classes are optional and may be taken by any driver.

Motorists who accumulate a specified number of points due to traffic violations may be required to participate in a mandatory driver rehabilitation program. Motorists who meet one of the following criteria may be subject to attend a mandatory defensive driving course:

  • Accumulate 6 points within 18 months
  • Accumulate 15 or more points within 36 months
  • License has been revoked for three months of a one-year revocation period
  • License has been revoked for one year of a three-year revocation period

Did you know? Accumulating too many demerit points on your Montana driving record will result in a revoked driver’s license. Order a copy today to find out about the current status of your driver’s license.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Montana

The state-mandated Montana defensive driving course is a classroom-based program. Drivers must attend in person to all scheduled sessions.

The Department of Administration offers a 4-hour defensive driving class. The program is open to anyone looking to learn about safe driving and learn ways to prevent traffic incidents. Alive at 25 is a driver safety program designed to encourage motorists under the age of 25 to take responsibility for their driving behavior.

Several third-party companies offer a defensive driving course online. Motorists should note that the online classes do not satisfy the state requirement for a driver rehabilitation program. These private online classes are informational only for motorists who simply wish to enhance their knowledge of safe driving practices.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Montana

The MT defensive driving course is taught in a classroom setting, which allows drivers to learn the material in a lecture style environment. Classroom instruction requires drivers to attend the sessions on the date and time specified by the course provider. Drivers in a classroom interact with the instructor and other drivers to discuss the material.

Online traffic school, on the other hand, may be completed entirely online. With online instruction, drivers have the flexibility to take the class at their own pace. Drivers may complete the class in one session or choose to finish it in several sessions as there is no set time for when the student must participate.

How to Enroll in a Montana Defensive Driving School

In the state, driver rehabilitation officers refer traffic offenders to a defensive driving school approved by the state. Drivers must contact the program directly to enroll. Drivers must pay a fee when registering.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the Alive at 25 program may contact the Montana Highway State Patrol at 406-579-3943 for a list of locations. The 4-hour safe driving class offered by the Montana Risk Management & Tort Defense is offered at several locations throughout the year.

Motorists looking to take a defensive driving course online can find classes by searching the internet. Each provider has different registration instructions. However, most require drivers to create an account on the provider’s website to attend. Drivers must provide their full name, email address and form of payment when applying.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Montana

An MT driver improvement course has many benefits that impact a participant’s driving record. When a person completes a drivers safety program, they may:

  • Reinstate a drivers license
  • Learn safe driving knowledge and skill

Reinstate a Drivers License

Upon completion of a driving safety course, the state may reinstate a driver’s revoked license. To qualify for reinstatement, the motorist must have completed at least three months of a 1-year revocation or 1 year of a 3-year revocation. Motorists also receive a discount on their license reinstatement fee for completing the program.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

Anyone who takes a defensive driving course learns valuable skills to help protect themselves and other motorists. Drivers learn techniques to help them avoid collisions, safely navigate in adverse weather conditions and protect pedestrians.

Montana Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

The Montana DMV traffic school curriculum consists of a variety of topics aimed at encouraging motorists to practice safe driving habits. The coursework includes discussions on Montana traffic laws, traffic signals, vehicle safety equipment and awareness.

Montana Defensive Driving Certificates

A Montana defensive driving certificate serves as evidence that a student has completed the program. Drivers receive the certificate after completing all requirements of the program. Some programs provide drivers with their certificate immediately after class. Many of the online programs allow drivers to print their certificate within a few minutes of completing the program.

Montana Traffic School Versus Drivers Education

The state-mandated traffic school in Montana is for those motorists who have accumulated a specific number of points on their driving record. The program is designed to rehabilitate a driver’s skills and promote safer more responsible driving habits. There is no hands-on training in this type of class. The program is mandatory for those who wish to reinstate their driving privileges.

Drivers education differs from a defensive driving course in that drivers education is geared towards new or unlicensed drivers. Drivers education is a general class that anyone must complete to get a drivers license in the state. Participants must complete several hours of supervised behind-the-wheel practice as a part of this program.

Montana Defensive Driving Course Fees

Anyone referred to the Montana driver safety program must pay $50 to defray the cost of the program. Drivers may need to pay additional expenses that may be incurred for the registration process. Fees for online courses vary per training provider and start as low as $24.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.