A Maine defensive driving course is required of drivers convicted of Operating Under the Influence (OUI). Anyone who has been ordered to attend the traffic school for offenders must attend either a 16-hour or 20-hour class. During the training, students learn to identify high-risk behaviors regarding drug and alcohol abuse and learn ways to make better decisions regarding their behavior. Residents who wish to improve their safe driving skills may register for a voluntary program known as the Maine Driving Dynamic (MDD) program. Students learn various techniques to avoid traffic-related injuries or fatalities.

Anyone who attends the court-mandated defensive driving class will fulfill their court order. Completing the class may also be a requirement to retain or reinstate driving privileges. Drivers who complete the MDD training receive a three-point discount on their auto insurance premiums. Keep reading to learn more about the Maine defensive driving course and the steps to take to register for a class.

Who can attend traffic school in Maine?

Residents must take a Maine defensive driving course for convictions related to Operating Under the Influence (OUI). The class is not open to the public, and drivers must be referred to the program by the court. The state also operates a voluntary traffic school which is open to the public. The training is for any resident or nonresident driver who wants to improve their defensive driving skills.

Did you know? Residents who complete a Maine approved defensive driving course will have the three-point credit awarded to their driver’s licenses. For out-of-state residents, the credit will reflect on their ME driving record.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Maine

The ME DMV traffic school for OUI defenders is the state-mandated Driver Education and Evaluation Programs (D.E.E.P.). The driver safety program consists of several courses designed to improve highway safety by reducing the number of alcohol and drug-related traffic incidents.

Risk Reduction Program for Adults

Anyone over 21 years of age must take the driving safety course also known as the PRIME for life program if they one or more offenses within 10 years. In this 20-hour training, students learn skills to help them identify and make better choices regarding high-risk drug and alcohol activity. Students of the program must first undergo an assessment to determine their level of risk for substance abuse. Those individuals found to have a higher risk will be referred to a community treatment program that they must complete. The Risk Reduction Program is a classroom-based course, and there are no options to complete the program online.

Under 21 Program

Drivers under 21 years of age with any alcohol or drug-related offense must complete a driving safety course known as the “Under 21” Program. The 16-hour class teaches students about the impact of high-risk behaviors regarding alcohol and drug use. Drivers must undergo an evaluation to determine their level of risk for substance abuse. Anyone found to be high risk must also complete an outpatient substance abuse program. As is the program for adults, the “Under 21” program must be taken in person, and there is no option to take the training online.

Maine Driving Dynamics (MDD)

The D.E.E.P. programs are mandatory programs and are thus are not open to the public. However, drivers may elect to participate in a voluntary defensive driving school known as Driving Dynamics. Participants in this 5-hour training receive instruction on defensive driving, safe driving habits, and collision avoidance techniques. The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety offers the Driving Dynamics training in a classroom setting. The state has also approved several third-party training providers to offer the class online.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Maine

The Maine defensive driving course for OUI offenders is a classroom-based program. Students of the program must attend regular sessions led by a trained instructor. The training includes discussions, workbook activities and quizzes.

Students of the MDD training have the option to complete the course online with no requirement for classroom instruction. Taking the defensive driving class online gives students a convenient option that allows students can take the training at a pace that is comfortable for them.

How to Enroll in a Maine Defensive Driving School

Drivers ordered to complete the Maine traffic school for OUI offenders are referred to the program by the court. Students must contact the D.E.E.P. traffic school office at 207-626-8600 to register for the training. Students must pay a fee to take the class.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Maine

In Maine, defensive driving class attendees gain several benefits, many of which impact their driving record. Successful completion of the course may have financial benefits as well. Those who complete the training can:

Remove Points From Your Driving Record

The MDD point reduction class offers students a chance to remove points from the driving record. Upon completing the class, drivers receive a three-point credit on their license which can be used to remove points from their driving record.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

Students who complete the MDD program may qualify for a discount on their insurance premiums. Not all insurers offer the driver safety course insurance discount. Therefore, drivers should contact an agent before registering for the training.

Fulfill a Court Order

Anyone convicted of an OUI must complete the driver improvement program per court order. The program may be a requirement to retain or reinstate driving privileges due to the conviction.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

All driver safety programs provide valuable knowledge and skills that help drivers make smart and safe decisions while driving. Students learn defensive driving techniques, safety procedures and procedures to help avoid injuries or fatal traffic incidents.

Maine Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

Defensive driving courses in Maine, specifically the D.E.E.P. program provide in-depth education on topics that help prevent drug and alcohol-related traffic incidents. The DMV traffic school covers topics such as risk factors for substance abuse, making better decisions regarding high-risk behavior, building a support system and steps to maintain positive behaviors.

The Maine Driving Dynamics training focuses on safe driving techniques. Specifically, the course teaches defensive driving techniques, laws of the road, safety equipment, crash avoidance techniques and procedures to follow in the event of an accident.

Maine Traffic School Versus Drivers Education

The ME defensive driving courses are aimed at drivers who need to reduce high-risk behavior behind the wheel and those who wish to learn safe driving techniques. The programs are held either in a classroom or online. There is no hands-on driving training in this program.

Drivers education, on the other hand, refers to the general DMV traffic school that is required of new unlicensed drivers. All unlicensed drivers must complete drivers education as a requirement for obtaining their license. Unlike traffic school, students must participate in behind-the-wheel instruction to complete the training.

Maine Defensive Driving Course Fees

Students who are required to take the ME driver safety program must pay a fee of $300 for the training. Those participating in the “Under 21” program must pay $225 to participate in the program. Agencies who are contracted to offer the course may accept insurance as a form of payment. There are several private agencies, such as AAA, that offer the MDD program. Fees for this program start as low as $50.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.