A North Carolina driver improvement clinic could be an option for reducing the number of points you have accrued on your license. This traffic school option is only available to certain drivers who meet the qualifications and you must be able to attend the clinic in person on an available date. Counties across the state offer these clinics, but only on specific dates. If you meet the qualifications and would like to participate in a clinic, you will have to review the annual calendar, register for an available event and then pay the associated fees.

This type of defensive driving course helps licensed drivers review the laws and regulations after committing certain infractions. Taking driving classes to remove points from a record can help prevent a full license suspension as well as potentially minimizing the impact those points have on your insurance costs. While other states might offer additional DMV benefits, North Carolina can only reduce the number of points you have accumulated.

Who can attend a driver improvement clinic in North Carolina?

You can attend a defensive driving course in North Carolina if you are convicted of certain motor vehicle violations. In North Carolina, points are added to your driving record for certain violations, such as passing a stopped school bus or following too closely. The number of points varies based on the actual conviction, ranging between one and five.

You might be assigned to a driver improvement clinic if you accumulate seven points. The DMV will send you a letter if you qualify and then you can follow the instructions included therein. You can find out more about requesting to take a clinic in the enrollment section below.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in North Carolina

Driver improvement clinics in NC are available at authorized locations throughout the state and throughout the calendar year. You will have to attend the entire defensive driving school in a single session, which lasts four hours in total. In order to attend, you must bring your driver’s license or photo ID as well as your receipt of payment made to the clinic. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in NC

There is no defensive driving course online in North Carolina. Instead, you must attend a driver improvement course in person. You can find the annual calendar available online through the NC DMV so you can locate the nearest course and identify the available upcoming dates. Once you have found a suitable location and time, you can register and pay the fees to attend the course in person.

How to Enroll in a North Carolina Driver Improvement Clinic

To register for a North Carolina defensive driving class, you will either be assigned to take one or you can request to take one in an effort to reduce your point totals on your license. To request enrollment in a driving safety course, you must first qualify by having accumulated four points on the eight-point scale or seven points on the 12-point scale for your driving record. You can then request a conference with an administrative hearings officer.

Note that you can only attend a driving improvement clinic once every five years in order to get a reduction in your driving record points. To register for driver improvement school, you must call the School Bus & Traffic Safety Section in Raleigh at 919-861-3109. You cannot register directly with any of the locations, you must go through the central office.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in North Carolina

Going to traffic school in NC can help you to reduce the number of points you have on your driving record. While this is important in order to avoid having your license suspended, you might also benefit through your insurance company. Auto insurers often have their own points systems for charging higher rates for certain drivers.

Check to see if your insurance company will lower your rates if you attend a driver improvement program, and then confirm which courses will qualify for your insurance company specifically. This could differ from a regular DMV approved traffic school that you will find on the list of available clinics for point reduction.

Remove Points From Your Driving Record

A point reduction class is a great option if you find yourself having accumulated too many points on your driving record. If you qualify, you can take a point reduction course through any of the authorized locations advertised by the NC Department of Transportation.

Avoid Increases on Your Auto Insurance Premiums

To see if you can benefit from taking a defensive driving course, you will have to confirm with your specific insurance company first. If you received a traffic ticket or made another insurance claim, your insurance company might raise your rates. To avoid this, some companies will allow you to attend a course instead. This varies widely in benefits as well as qualifying courses, so you must check with your insurance provider directly.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

A driver safety course insurance discount is sometimes available as well, which you should check with your insurance provider or with a potential new company you wish to use. If you take a traffic school course, you might qualify to receive a discount on your total owed but be sure the discount outweighs the costs incurred to attend the course.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

A DMV traffic school course is an ideal way to refresh your knowledge and skills as a driver, regardless of the potential license or insurance benefits you might receive. A driver safety program is specifically designed to review safe driving practices so you can be a more confident driver. These sessions are advisable for all drivers, but especially anyone who has committed infractions or who has been driving for several decades and might need a refresher to ensure proper road etiquette.

NC Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

The NC defensive driver course lasts four hours in a single-day session, which must be attended in person. Once you complete the class, you will receive a certificate and can then be eligible to reduce your driving record point total by three points.

North Carolina Defensive Driving Certificates

Getting a defensive driving certificate will help to lower your driving record points total, reducing the chance of a license suspension. To obtain a certificate, you simply need to complete the required four-hour driver improvement clinic in person at any of the authorized sites. Check the annual calendar to find the right location and date for you to attend a session.

North Carolina Traffic School Versus Drivers Education

Be sure to note the difference between traffic school and regular driver’s education, or driver’s ed. Traffic school is a review course only for certain drivers who are already fully licensed but who require additional reminders or refreshers for driving laws and regulations. Driver’s education is a requirement for all potential drivers in order to initially obtain a license.

NC Defensive Driving Course Fees

The NC defensive driving course option is only available after you have first completed an administrative hearing to determine your qualifications to attend the course. You will have to pay the following fees:

  • $40 for the administrative hearing
  • $65 for the actual course
Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.