Transferring a car title is easier with the right resources. Whether you are the seller or the buyer of a vehicle, online assistance services can help you navigate the title transfer procedures in your state. Depending on how you sold or purchased your car, you may need to complete several steps and fill out various forms to transfer ownership. Since this process is rarely straightforward, being prepared with the right documents, title transfer application and other necessary forms can help you make the process easier. Simplify the process by getting started today.

2. By Mail

Although getting online help is quicker and more convenient, some drivers prefer to deal with the DMV by mail. Since completing certain procedures by mail takes longer than doing so online, be sure to follow directions carefully when filling out an application, attaching documents and paying fees, since by-mail payment options are usually limited.

3. In Person at the DMV

Some transactions require visiting a DMV in person. In these cases, preparing beforehand can save you time and effort. Knowing what documents you will need and what steps you must complete before visiting a DMV location ensures you keep your visit as short as possible. Unfortunately, not all DMV offices offer the same services, so be sure to take advantage of the online assistance available to you before you go.

Performing a North Carolina car title transfer procedure is mandatory when giving the ownership rights over a motor vehicle to another legal entity. Individuals may be able to perform process of title transfers for cars through the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NC DOT), by visiting a DOT office in person. Motorists who are wondering “How do you transfer a title on a car in NC?” need to first learn the steps that must be taken when selling or purchasing a motor vehicle before they even begin the procedure. Moreover, drivers are encouraged to satisfy certain NC title transfer requirements in order to successfully perform a title transfer at the NC DOT. For more detailed information about how to fill out transfer of title in North Carolina or about the imposed requirements, continue reading the sections below.

What is a car title transfer in North Carolina?

Prior to performing a transfer of car title in North Carolina, individuals are encouraged to first learn details about the procedure itself and to discover the reasons why the title should be transferred to the new owner. A certificate of title is a legal document issued by the NC DOT and it serves as proof of ownership over a certain motor vehicle. Motorists who are transferring a car title need to know that this procedure is created for transmitting the ownership rights to the person who purchases the vehicle. However, both legal entities may perform a motor car title transfer procedure by preparing their part of the mandatory documentation. For more information about how to fill out transfer of title in North Carolina, motorists are encouraged to contact a nearby DOT office and discover further details.

When is a vehicle title transfer required in North Carolina?

A process of title transfer for cars in North Carolina is required when two legal entities are transferring the ownership rights over a motor vehicle between themselves. A car title transfer is a procedure that must be conducted within a designated period from the delivery or notary date of the motor vehicle. Failing to do so may result in late fees. Moreover, a transfer of car title may be also performed when the vehicle is received as a gift or a donation. Motorists who want to find out how to fill out transfer of title in North Carolina must first be aware of the instances when they may be mandated to perform such procedure. To discover more information about title transfers for cars, contact the NC DOT and inquire more details that refer to your specific situation.

Information and Documents Necessary to Transfer a Title in North Carolina

Motorists who are performing title transfers for cars in North Carolina are required to provide the certificate of title. This document is important for electronic title transfers because it contains information needed for the process. The car title document must be completed by both the seller and the purchaser of motor vehicle and it must contain the following details:

  • Name and address of the purchaser
  • Date of sale or date of delivery
  • Signature and hand printed name of the seller
  • Odometer reading, if required
  • Notarization
  • Damage disclosure statement

In addition to the certificate of title needed for completing a vehicle title transfer procedure, motorists may be also required to provide other documents, according to their specific situation. You may also be asked to submit a bill of sale to confirm the legal purchase of the vehicle. Therefore, prior to beginning a transfer of car title in North Carolina, individuals are encouraged to contact the NC DOT and learn the exact documents needed in order to complete a title transfer successfully.

Steps for Performing a Transfer of Title in North Carolina

The process of car title transfer in North Carolina requires motorists to complete certain steps in person at a nearby NC DOT branch. If your car registration has expired, you may be required to renew your vehicle registration before you can complete the transfer process. The mandatory auto title transfer steps that must be taken in order to successfully perform the procedure are the following:

  • Collect the required documents
  • Pay the applicable title transfer fees
  • Submit the documentation to the NC DOT

After satisfying the title transfer requirements and steps, motorists are supposed to get the ownership rights transferred to them. For more information about the North Carolina vehicle title transfer procedure, contact the NC DOT.

Car Title Transfer Fees in North Carolina

One of the mandatory steps for a North Carolina auto title transfer procedure requires a payment for the applicable transfer fees. Motorists who want to perform a transfer of car title may be required to pay for the certificate of title. The NC DOT allows drivers to pay the fees for a car title transfer by using cash, money order or personalized checks, as well as credit and debit cards. To learn more information about the North Carolina vehicle title transfer fees, individuals may contact the NC DOT and discover how to complete title transfer successfully.

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