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How to Pay a Traffic Ticket in North Carolina

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket in North Carolina

Citations or traffic tickets are issued in the State of North Carolina for various violations of traffic law. You must respond to a citation, usually by paying a fine or appearing in court, or else a warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driving license may be suspended.

If you wish to dispute the citation, you must appear in court personally on the scheduled date, and enter a "not guilty" plea. Appearing in court gives you an opportunity to fight the traffic ticket in front of a judge or jury, and most people prefer to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to defend them in court. For more information on how to dispute a traffic ticket in North Carolina, see our general section on Traffic Tickets and Violations.


When you pay a ticket, you are essentially pleading guilty to a traffic offense. Motorists should be aware that receiving and paying a traffic citation could result in higher car insurance rates and points on your driving record. Your license may be suspended if you accumulate too many points on your driving record.


If you decide to plead guilty to a traffic violation, there are several ways to pay the ticket. Generally, the back of the citation will clearly indicate the deadlines and options for answering the ticket. Usually, you must act within fifteen days of receiving a traffic ticket to avoid additional fines and possible suspension of your license.

  1. Pay by mail. Read the instructions on the back of the ticket carefully, then check the "Guilty" box and sign the ticket. Enclose a check or money order for the amount indicated on the ticket and mail to the clerk of the court where your ticket is answerable. You will usually find the mailing address on the citation itself.
    Be sure to retain a copy of the citation for your personal records.
  2. Pay in person. You can pay your traffic tickets at the court where your ticket is answerable. Bring the citation with you, along with the payment. You will find the payment instructions and location on the ticket itself.


If you decide to plead not guilty and dispute the ticket, read the instructions on the back of the ticket carefully. The instructions will generally indicate when and how to plead not guilty, and information about appearing in court to dispute your ticket. See our general section on Traffic Tickets and Violations for more information about how to dispute a traffic ticket in North-Carolina State.


Remember that you cannot be found guilty of committing a traffic offense unless there is clear, accurate and convincing evidence that you committed the violation. Charges may be dismissed in court if the citation includes vague or incorrect information. For instance, vehicle information, time, location and circumstances must all be indicated correctly on the ticket. Many motorists choose to consult with a traffic ticket attorney to help them evaluate the validity of the ticket, and whether or not it is likely to be dismissed in court.


If you lost a traffic ticket after receiving it, you must contact the court where the ticket is answerable. For court locations and contact information visit the contact us page of the North-Carolina court system website.


Submitted by phile on 18th Apr 2015

I am on this web site helping

I am on this web site helping another person and am VERY DISGUSTED with the DMV pushing attorneys and TICKETVOID at the top of their web pages. They need to put all of the find attorney and TicketVoid on one page only and also put the page info at the top before any attorney material.

By putting attorney info at the top of the pages the perception is that DMV is pushing you to use an attorney and providing info secondary.

Submitted by heather331240 on 8th Mar 2013

need to know how much i owe

need to know how much i owe to get my licence

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Submitted by mcnobles on 23rd Jan 2012

North Carolina Traffic Courts

North Carolina Traffic Courts are all about money. I was stationed in North Carolina from 1985 to 1988. I have been living in California for almost 20 years and I was told I could not renew my California license, because North Carolina claims I have an unpaid traffic violation, Driving without insurance. There was no other violation on file with this one. In order to have my driving privileges re-instated in California, I must appear in Court or hire an attorney and pay a fee of $250.00 to represent me. But they can not guarantee it will be dismissed or what the fee for the violation will be.

Submitted by Anonymous on 23rd Feb 2011

I contacted 12 different so

I contacted 12 different so called traffic lawyers and even the district attorney, in which the citation my husband received had incorrect vehicle information and was clearly not justified (we are "out of staters") and not one of them offered it could be "dismissed" - but rather reduced to non moving violation for a small 250.00 fee. Thank you NC DMV - your site adds to my claim to the attorney general of the injustice system we are experiencing in NC right now.

Submitted by katiehaskins207 on 25th Sep 2011

I lived in NC for 2 years and

I lived in NC for 2 years and it is ALL about $$$$$ there! As soon as you get pulled over for a moving violation, within 2-3 days your mailbox is filled with letters from every lawyer in that county saying choose me and I will get you out of it or w/e anyways NEVER hire an attorney there for a moving violation because it will cost you at least double the amount of the fine to hire a lawyer!! Your better off just paying the fine or fighting the fine yourself. They all work for each other there and it's all a bit money scandal! That is why I moved back to Maine. They will do whatever it takes to find a reason to charge you for any little tiny thing then your stuck going to court for a year for it to get dismissed! I would never in my life move back there or tell someone to move there! Hell I don't even feel comfortable driving through there, their so corrupt there....and I thought New Jersey was bad! HUH! They've got NOTHING on North Carolina!! Go to N.C. on vacation, you'll be lucky to be able to leave on probation!!

Submitted by killahku23 on 13th Feb 2009

no comments

no comments

Submitted by Anonymous on 24th Mar 2011

i have had the same thing

i have had the same thing happen to me,is all about lawyers and money,i feel sorry for the dnc coming to charlotte alot of people are going to be shocked and fined...