Minnesota traffic citations may bring drivers high fines and penalties such as driver’s license suspensions or revocations, higher car insurance premiums and accumulation of traffic tickets on their driving records. Additionally, fighting traffic citations may be more expensive than paying the citation from the beginning.

Therefore, drivers who are not certain of their innocence are advised to avoid pleading “not guilty” in order to avoid higher fines. Find out more information about how to pay a traffic ticket in Minnesota by reading thoroughly the sections below:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Minnesota
  • Minnesota traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Minnesota
  • Dismissal of charges in Minnesota
  • Lost tickets in Minnesota

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Minnesota

Motorists must pay traffic citations in Minnesota before the due date written on their tickets, thus admitting their guilt. Before paying driving fines, motorists must examine the available methods offered by the state.

When wondering how to pay a speeding ticket in Minnesota, drivers may use the following methods: online, by phone, by mail or in person at the court that issued the citation.

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Online

When it comes to paying traffic tickets, drivers are encouraged to complete the procedure online if they want to avoid going at a traffic violation court.

Online speeding ticket payment is the fastest and most convenient method for drivers who want to avoid higher fines and additional penalties. For the traffic fines online payments, drivers need to prepare their citation or case numbers and use the Court Web Payment service via the Minnesota Judicial Branch website in order to find their citations.

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket via Other Methods

Drivers may also pay driving tickets by mail, phone or in person. When submitting traffic tickets payments by mail you need to send a check or money order, but no cash.

If you want to pay your traffic fines by phone, you are advised to wait 10 days from the date you received the ticket. Moreover, when it comes to paying driving fines in Minnesota, drivers can visit the proper court before the due date written on their tickets.

Minnesota Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Facing MN traffic citations, drivers must choose to either fight them or to pay the applicable driving fines. Therefore, motorists holding traffic citations are encouraged to hire an attorney who is familiar with citation laws and regulations.

The traffic ticket attorney may help you avoid harsh penalties such as driver’s license suspension or revocation and high car insurance premiums. In addition, drivers can learn how to get traffic fines reduced in Minnesota by hiring a specialized traffic attorney.

To find a ticket attorney online, simply submit a picture of your ticket and respond to a few questions. You will be immediately matched with an experienced lawyer specializing in traffic ticket defense.

Pleading Not Guilty in Minnesota

When contesting a traffic ticket in Minnesota, innocent drivers can opt to plead “not guilty” in front of a judge. Motorists have traffic ticket defense options to dismiss the charges.

They may either schedule an appointment with a Hearing Officer to avoid an in-court appearance, or simply go in person at a Hearings and Fines Office. However, failing to pay traffic fines and to reach an agreement with the Hearing Officer will require you to request a court hearing.

Fighting traffic tickets may also result in higher traffic fines payment, if you fail to prove your innocence. You can find the best attorney for you conveniently and instantly online.

Dismissal of Charges in Minnesota

To dismiss traffic tickets, drivers need to pay attention to the details written on their citations, especially the make and model of the vehicle as well as the date and time of the committed traffic violation. If you encounter errors on your traffic citation, you may easily win your case by pointing out the mistakes.

Drivers who want to avoid accumulation of MN traffic tickets on their driving records and driver’s license suspensions may enroll in a state-approved traffic school course.

Lost Tickets in Minnesota

Drivers wondering “How can you contest a speeding ticket in Minnesota?” must have their citations in hand. Losing your traffic ticket may prevent you from either fighting the citation or from paying the applicable driving fines.

Therefore, drivers need to find their traffic citations online through the Court Web Payment service available on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website. Using the online service will require you to provide your citation or case number.

If you do not have your MN traffic ticket number or case number, you can call the Court Payment Center and find out the important information your ticket contains.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.