Paying an Oregon traffic ticket is a procedure that is often completed by drivers who believe they cannot dispute traffic tickets through the state court system, since losing your case in court is the more expensive option.

Also, by providing your traffic tickets payments in OR prior to the deadline date, you will avoid additional late fees and penalties, such as license suspensions on your driving record. Learn how to pay a ticket online or via other methods and how to schedule a court date for a traffic ticket in Oregon by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Oregon
  • Oregon traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Oregon
  • Dismissal of charges in Oregon
  • Lost tickets in Oregon

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Oregon

Drivers can utilize various methods to pay driving tickets in Oregon, which generally vary based on the practices of the court that is handling the traffic citation issue.

While the option to pay traffic ticket online in OR is offered by a large number of courts, certain courts only allow drivers to pay their traffic fines by mail or in person. Therefore, prior to initiating the procedure to pay traffic citations in OR, contact the presiding court or consult your traffic ticket for the available payment methods.

Note: Certain OR traffic citation cases require a mandatory court appearance.

Paying an Oregon Ticket Online

Courts that accept traffic citations payments in Oregon via the internet generally utilize the ePay system of the state Judicial Department Courts website.

To pay traffic fines online in OR through the state ePay system, drivers will first be required to select the county where the ticket was issued and enter their ticket number. After the system locates your driving fine, you can proceed with the procedure to pay traffic tickets in OR.

When you provide your credit card information, your plea of “no contest” will be accepted and your payment will be processed.

Note: Motorists who choose to pay driving fines online will also be required to submit an additional $1.50 processing fee.

Paying an Oregon Ticket via Other Methods

Drivers who are unable to pay traffic citations in Oregon via the internet, regardless of the reason, can complete the process of paying driving fines via other methods. You can provide your OR ticket violation payment in person, for example, regardless of where you committed the traffic violation. Depending on the court, however, different forms of payment may be acceptable.

Paying traffic citations in OR is a procedure that can also be completed by mail and by phone. To complete the mail-in ticket violation payment process, drivers will be required to fill out their ticket and include a check or money order in the corresponding amount. When paying OR traffic fines by phone, you can utilize your credit card.

Oregon Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Motorists who choose to fight traffic tickets in Oregon, instead of paying the driving fine, can improve their chances of winning the case by hiring a traffic citation lawyer. A good traffic violation attorney can assist you throughout every phase of the process of fighting traffic tickets in OR.

By hiring legal assistance, drivers can avoid consequences such as paying the traffic fine and a conviction on their driving history records. If you successfully dismiss traffic tickets in OR, you will also avoid an increase of your car insurance rates and potential penalties against your driving privileges.

If you decide to negotiate a pretrial settlement, a good lawyer can help you obtain reduced penalties as well. Fortunately, you may conduct your search for a qualified traffic ticket lawyer online.

Note: Drivers who cannot afford to hire an OR traffic ticket attorney will have one appointed for them by the court. This option, however, varies based on the severity of the offense.

Pleading Not Guilty in Oregon

Fighting traffic citations in Oregon is a process that may vary based on the policies of the court that is processing your traffic violation ticket.

Drivers can generally initiate the procedure to fight traffic fines in OR by submitting a plea of “not guilty” via various methods. While drivers are generally able to submit their pleas in person and by mail, certain courts may even allow you to request a trial date by phone.

Prior to presenting your Oregon traffic ticket defense on the day of the trial, carefully compose your testimony, collect any evidence and call on any relevant witnesses.

After hearing your OR traffic citation case, the judge or the jury will either find you guilty or not guilty to the traffic violation. Convicted drivers are generally required to pay the full traffic fine amount, and the conviction will be reported on their driving transcripts.

Misdemeanor traffic violations, such as reckless driving or driving under the influence, may also result in jail sentences. In such cases, you and/or your lawyer may be able to negotiate a pretrial settlement in order to avoid a lengthy trial.

You may find a capable lawyer quickly and easily online by submitting an image of your traffic ticket along with a few details about the traffic citation you have been charged with.

Dismissal of Charges in Oregon

The availability of the option to dismiss traffic citations in Oregon by completing an approved traffic school program typically depends on the practices of the presiding court and the severity of the OR traffic violation.

Prior to providing the traffic fines payments or initiating the process to dispute traffic citations in OR, inquire with the corresponding court of whether or not you can have your ticket dismissed by completing a defensive driving program.

Note: Drivers who were issued a traffic ticket which contains incorrect information are also eligible for a ticket dismissal.

Lost Tickets in Oregon

Motorists who lose their Oregon traffic citations may be unable to settle the issue by the deadline date. The most convenient method of retrieving a lost traffic ticket in OR is to contact the court that is handling the issue and submit several types of identifying information.

The court clerk may ask you to submit your driving license number, your full name and your date of birth. You can resume the process of paying traffic fines or disputing your case in court after you receive the necessary information.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.