An Oregon car title is the first step in obtaining legal operating status on your new or used vehicle. A new car title must be applied for within 30 days of taking ownership of the vehicle. Although an OR car title and a vehicle registration are usually applied for at the same time, the process results in two separate documents that can sometimes be easily confused.

Getting car title documentation is a simple process that can be conducted in person or by mail. To learn more about getting an OR title for car ownership, study the information contained in the sections below.

Where to Apply for a Car Title in Oregon

You may apply for a car title in person at your local OR DMV branch office. If you need to receive your car title and registration documents quickly, this is the best option for fast service. A full list of DMV offices can be found online and you can also check current wait times during normal business hours.

If you prefer to obtain your OR DMV car title through the mail, you can complete the application, include copies of supporting documents and mail the request to the address shared below.

The Oregon Auto Title Application

Obtaining an Oregon auto title begins with downloading and completing the Application for Title and Registration (Form 735-226). If you need to get car title documents transferred from one Oregon owner to another, you will still need to complete Form 735-226. Go to your nearest OR DMV office and follow the agent’s directions for signing the title over to the new owner.

If you apply for your vehicle title and registration at a DMV office, you can leave with your license plates and registration in-hand, but it will take three to five weeks for the new title document to arrive in the mail. If you send in your vehicle title request by mail, allow ample time to receive everything through the United States Postal Service. Your new title pink slip, registration card, license plates and any original documents you sent should arrive in one package.

Documents You Must Provide When Applying for a New Car Title in Oregon

The exact vehicle title supporting documents you must provide can vary depending upon the type of title and registration you need. Car title document variations are related to whether the vehicle has ever been titled in Oregon and whether you are transferring ownership or applying for an entirely new set of documents.

The DMV agent can walk you through the specifics of how to get car title documentation for your particular situation. However, there are some documents needed for most OR vehicle title and registration transactions. They include the following:

  • A valid Oregon driver license or state-issued photo ID card for identity verification.
  • A completed Application for Title and Registration (Form 735-226).
  • An original Oregon or out-of-state title, if getting a used car title.
  • An original Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO), if getting a new car title.
  • Lien release forms, if applicable.
  • Odometer disclosure form for vehicles less than 10 years old.
  • Payment for DMV car title fees.

If you are getting car title documents but have a lienholder on your vehicle who holds your original certificate of title, use the sample letter provided by the Oregon DMV online to send a title release request. Ask them to send the original certificate of title to the address printed on the letter, which is also listed below.

What is an Oregon Car Registration?

A car registration is a document you receive from the DMV that proves your vehicle has met all state standards to operate safely on public roadways. A motor vehicle registration provides a link between a vehicle and its owner’s use of it.

A certificate of car registration also serves as evidence that you have paid any taxes due to the state, as the document must be renewed and fees paid on an annual basis. When you get car registration in Oregon, you also receive the license plates and validation stickers that go on your car as a readily visible proof of registration status.

What is the Difference Between a Car Title and a Vehicle Registration in Oregon?

An OR vehicle registration is usually applied for at the same time a vehicle owner requests a car title, because the state handles both transactions via one form. However, there are some differences in the auto registration certificate and the certificate of title that you will end up with three to five weeks after filing your application. A car title, or pink slip, is a document that shows who legally owns the vehicle. It also provides a history of ownership through the life of the car.

A DMV car registration card also shows the name of the current owner, in most cases. A car registration document also stands as evidence that the vehicle has had its taxes paid and meets all standards to be driven legally on public roads and highways. New car titles and new car registration documents provide easy ways of identifying a vehicle and its owner’s status as a legal driver.

If you need to send car registration or other motor vehicle-related paperwork to the Oregon DMV, use the following mailing address:

Oregon DMV
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97314

Car Title Costs in Oregon

A regular vehicle title in Oregon costs $93. Vehicle owners are also expected to pay vehicle inspection fees and plate fees.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.