The CDL license in Oregon is required for all commercial drivers. To get the license to drive trucks and/or buses, you will need to go to the DMV, apply for a permit and pass several tests. These CDL tests are designed to ensure you understand the responsibilities involved when operating a commercial vehicle. Because commercial vehicles are more dangerous than passenger cars, you need to have a standard drivers license before you can apply for your commercial license.

When you apply for a CDL license in Oregon, you also have the option of electing certain endorsements to further your driving capabilities. Additionally, holders of commercial licenses may be required to undergo medical exams, depending on personal circumstances, to maintain their professional driving privileges. Learn all of the requirements for a commercial license to drive, so you can get on the road to this new and exciting career path.

CDL Requirements in Oregon

CDL license requirements in Oregon state that you must be at least 18 years of age before you can get a commercial license, though certain types of commercial driving require you to be 21 years of age. You will need to pass at least one written test and one road test. Additionally, you will need to take a medical exam. This exam will determine if there are any medical problems that could prevent you from driving your vehicle safely.

Note that Oregon CDL requirements disqualify you from obtaining a commercial permit or license if you have been disqualified from driving in any other state.

How to Apply for a CDL Permit in Oregon

The Oregon CDL learners permit allows you to practice driving commercially before you apply for your license. This portion of the licensing process is important, because this practice allows you to pass the road exam.

To get a CDL permit in Oregon, you need to prove your identity, your residency and your legal right to be in the U.S. If any of the documents you provide show a different name than the one you currently have, you will need to bring proof of this name change, as well. You can fulfill these CDL permit requirements by submitting documentation to any DMV office in the state.

CDL permit rules state that you must drive with a supervisor at all times. This supervising passenger needs to be commercially licensed to drive the vehicle with which you are practicing. This means the passenger’s license class and endorsements must allow him or her to operate the vehicle.

CDL Written Test in Oregon

The Oregon CDL written test is administered at all full-service DMV locations. The CDL general knowledge test checks to see if you understand all of the responsibilities and laws you need to know when driving a commercial vehicle. Therefore, you will be tested on subjects such as:

  • Driving in inclement conditions.
  • Packing and transporting cargo.
  • Commercial driving laws and regulations.

Note that you need to get 80 percent of the CDL permit test questions correct in order to pass the exam. However, these questions will vary from one test to the next. And, you will need to take additional tests if you want to get an endorsement of any sort. Different chapters in the CDL book are devoted to each endorsement test you can take. Tests must be administered in person, at the DMV.

Oregon CDL Training Schools & Practice Tests

There is an Oregon CDL practice test at the end of most chapters of your CDL handbook. Reading the chapters and taking these tests is one of the best forms of CDL prep available, because these questions could end up on the written test you take.

Going to a CDL school in Oregon is a good way to practice for your driving test, but it is not required. CDL training should, at a minimum, involve you driving with a supervisor who already has a CDL.

How to Get a CDL License in Oregon

The process of how to get a CDL in Oregon requires you to bring several documents with you to the DMV, as well as being able to answer a variety of questions on your application. To apply for CDL licensure successfully, you will need to bring documentation proving your identity, residency in Oregon and legal right to be in the United States. You will then need to fill out the Oregon CDL application, which requires you to provide the following information:

  • The license class for which you are applying
  • Basic personal information, such as your name, birthdate, address, height, weight and hair color
  • The states in which you have previously been licensed to drive, if applicable

CDL Driving Test in Oregon

You are allowed to take the driving CDL test in Oregon once you have held your permit for two weeks. This test consists of three different sections, which include:

  • The Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test, which shows that you understand which parts of the vehicle you need to check before operating your vehicle.
  • The Basic Control Skills Test, which shows that you understand how to park your commercial vehicle.
  • The On-Road Drive Test, which shows that you can practice safe driving habits while braking, steering and performing other driving maneuvers in your vehicle.

You can schedule your CDL driving test online or by calling 503-945-5000.

How to Get a CDL as a Military Member in Oregon

You can get a military CDL in Oregon without taking a skills test. To do so, you will need to fill out the Oregon Application for Military Skills Test Waiver. Additionally, the following must apply:

  • During the last 12 months, you regularly drove a vehicle in the military that you would otherwise need a commercial license to operate
  • At some point during the last two years, you drove a commercial vehicle that is similar to what you will be driving with your CDL
  • You were not required to get a CDL when you drove a commercial vehicle in the military

The process of getting a CDL for veterans who have not driven commercially is the same as the process for civilians. However, you will be eligible for a military license plate.

CDL Medical Exams in Oregon

You need to get a CDL physical in Oregon before you can drive commercially. New DOT physical requirements now state that you must send a copy of this Medical Certificate to the DMV. The Oregon CDL medical exam will check for any medical problems that could potentially prohibit you from driving a vehicle commercially, such as epilepsy or blindness.

Types of CDL Classes in Oregon

There are three classes of commercial drivers licenses you can get in Oregon. The Oregon Class A license, B license and C license are all designed for different types of vehicles. They are outlined as follows:

  • The Class A CDL allows you to operate a combination vehicle that can tow a vehicle or group of vehicles that weight 10,000 pounds or more
  • The Class B CDL allows you to operate a single vehicle that is 26,001 pounds or more
  • The Class C CDL allows you to operate vehicles that can transport 15 or more passengers or hazardous materials, though you will also need to get one or more endorsements before you can do so

Types of CDL Endorsements in Oregon

CDL endorsements in Oregon grant specific privileges to individuals who have passed additional testing. These endorsements are:

  • The hazmat endorsement, otherwise known as the “H” endorsement, which allows you to drive with select agents or toxins in your vehicle. These materials are categorized by the Department of Health and Human Services, and they must be marked.
  • The tanker endorsement, otherwise known as the “N” endorsement, which allows you to drive with liquid or gas tanks in your vehicle.
  • The passenger endorsement, otherwise known as the “P” endorsement, which allows you to drive with 15 or more passengers in your vehicle.
  • The school bus endorsement, otherwise known as the “S” endorsement, which allows you to drive with students in a school bus. Motorists do not need this endorsement to drive a school bus if the bus does not have students in it.
  • The double or triple trailer endorsement, otherwise known as the “T” endorsement, which allows you to drive combination vehicles.
  • The tank and hazardous material endorsement, otherwise known as the “X” endorsement, which allows you to drive select agents or toxins that are liquid or gaseous.

Interstate vs. Intrastate Commercial Drivers Licenses in Oregon

The intrastate CDL in Oregon only allows you to drive within state borders. The Oregon interstate CDL, on the other hand, allows you to cross state borders while operating a commercial vehicle.

The interstate license allows you to drive both within the state and outside its borders, which means it is the license you need to get if you are ever required to cross state borders in a commercial vehicle.

Commercial Driving License Fees in Oregon

The CDL permit cost in Oregon is the same for all applicants. The CDL license cost in Oregon, on the other hand, is determined based on whether you already have an Oregon driver’s license. When it comes to CDL fees, note that:

  • A commercial permit costs $23.50.
  • The commercial license costs $75.50 if you already have an Oregon license, and $135.50 if your standard license is from out of the state.
  • The written test costs $10.
  • The road test costs $70.
  • Endorsements cost $26.50.
Last updated on Thursday, March 5 2020.