Commercial licensing is complicated. Applying for a CDL can be easy with our WI guide to your CDL.

Basic Requirements For A Commercial Driver’s Permit/License

To be eligible for a driver’s license in the state of Wisconsin, you need to meet the following requirements:

Steps To Apply For A CDL Permit/License

  1. You must meet the requirements for a Wisconsin Driver’s license.
  2. Fill out the CDL application form hand in in-person to a DMV office.
  3. Pass the CDL knowledge exams. See the CDL Manual for the required information. The exam can be taken at any DMV location.
  4. Pass vision screening test.
  5. Attend and then provide proof that you have taken a Commercial driver’s education program specifically for commercial motor vehicles.
  6. Make an appointment at DMV Service Centers located throughout the state for a road test. Most CDL road tests are conducted by third party testers.
  7. Pay license and endorsement fees.


A Wisconsin Commercial Driver’s License will be valid for 8 years. Please see a list of fees for more information.

CDL Endorsements

The following is a list of endorsements you can get on your CDL:

  • Hazardous Material (Class H).
  • Tank Vehicles (Class N).
  • Passenger-Carrying Vehicle (Class P).
  • School Bus (Class S).
  • Towing a Double or Triple Trailer (Class T).

Federal Guidelines For Interstate Drivers

The following is a list of federal requirements for interstate drivers.


Last updated on Thursday, September 6 2018.

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