The Wisconsin disability placards issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is overseen by the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT). In general, these credentials are designated as disabled parking identification permits under current law. The WI handicap placard issued by the DOT is available in two varieties: a blue parking identification card for individuals with permanent disabilities, and a temporary red placard for applicants whose condition is expected to improve.

Disability placard holders can utilize these identification permits by hanging them on the rearview mirror when they park their vehicle in a space reserved for disabled individuals. Note that the WI disability parking permit can be used for any vehicle, regardless of whether you are the driver or the registered owner.

Therefore, in order to apply for a disabled person parking placard, applicants do not require a valid driver’s license or a car registration. Get information on applying for handicap placards in WI by reading the following sections.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in Wisconsin

Applicants will obtain a DMV handicap parking permit in Wisconsin only if they meet the qualifications for disability placards that were set forth under current state laws. For instance, prior to submitting an application for a disabled parking permit in WI, you must ensure that you have one or more of the following medical conditions, impairments or disabilities:

  • You are unable to walk without a helping device or the assistance from another individual.
  • You cannot walk more than 200 feet without making rest stops.
  • You have an arthritic, neurological and/or orthopedic condition that limits your ability to walk.
  • You have a lung disease that restricts your ability to breathe properly.
  • Your condition requires you to use a portable oxygen tank.
  • You have a serious cardiac condition.

Note: You will be eligible for the permanent blue disability placard or a temporary red permit depending on whether your physician has certified your condition as permanent or temporary.

In regards to documentation, the disability placard requirements in WI only include a filled out application form. If you are requesting the permanent disabled person permit, for example, you will be required to complete a specific form designated for permanent disabilities. On the other hand, if you would like to apply for the temporary disability placard in WI, you will need to fill out a form for temporary disabilities.

Note: The state DMV does not require the submission of a separate disability certification issued by a health care specialist, since each handicap placard application form contains a reserved section for that purpose.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin disabled placard application process can be completed by submitting a paper application to the state DOT either in person or by mail. Note that, when submitting your application for disability placards, you may be required to follow a slightly different set of steps depending on whether you are obtaining a permanent or a temporary permit.

If you are applying for a short-term disabled parking permit, for instance, you will have to remit a minor fee payment as well. Also, regardless of whether you are submitting your WI handicap placard application in person or by mail, the state DOT recommends keeping a copy of the request form for future reference.

Note: Disability placards can also be obtained by health care organizations that transport individuals with disabilities.

Applying for a Wisconsin Disability Placard by Mail

Applicants who decide to submit their Wisconsin application for handicap placards by mail may obtain a parking permit without making an office visit. To successfully complete the mail-in disabled placard application procedure, customers will be required to fill out certain application forms that must be mailed in along with acceptable payment methods for applicable fees.

When obtaining a temporary disabled person parking permit by mail, customers will be required to remit the fee payment in the form of a check or a money order. Then, applicants will receive a handicap parking permit as soon as the DOT processes their mailed-in applications.

Applying for a Wisconsin Disability Placard in Person

Applicants may get a Wisconsin disability parking permit in person through any DMV customer service center within the state. Disabled motorists who decide to submit their application for disability permits in person will be required to meet the same requirements as those who apply for the mail-in method, which was outlined in the previous section.

However, when obtaining a DMV disabled parking permit in person, applicants will be required to pay a small counter service fee, regardless of whether they are obtaining a permanent or temporary placard. In an attempt to expedite the in-person transaction for a new disabled parking badge and avoid making a double trip, customers can obtain the application form and fill it out prior to their office visit.

Note: Applicants who have a valid driving license or an ID card will also be required to input the corresponding photo ID number in the application form.

How to Renew Disability Placards in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin handicap placard renewal process can only be completed by holders of the blue disabled permit, which is issued to individuals who have permanent disabilities. If you have a short-term red handicap placard and your condition persists beyond the permit’s expiration date, you will be required to reapply for a new placard.

If you need information on how to renew disability parking permit documents, note that you will be required to submit the same application form used for the issuance of an original permanent permit, either in person or by mail.

Note: While the permanent disabled person placard is issued with a validity of four years, a temporary permit only lasts for six months.

Renewing a Wisconsin Disability Placard by Mail

Submitting the Wisconsin disability placard renewal application by mail is a convenient method for obtaining a renewed placard. However, prior to mailing an application, motorists must ensure that the form is properly filled out. For example, when completing the WI handicap placard renewal, applicants must check the renewal box and enter their current permit number on the form, in addition to filling out the standard fields.

Note that the state DOT will also require a new physician’s certification when renewing expired permits. After mailing your application for the renewal of a disabled parking tag, the DOT will process your request and issue you a renewed permit.

Renewing a Wisconsin Disability Placard in Person

Individuals with disabilities can also renew a Wisconsin handicap parking permit in person. The in-person disabled permit renewal can be completed by submitting the application form through a nearby DMV location.

When filling out the WI disabled parking permit application, customers will be required to input the same types of information needed to complete the mail-in renewal. After verifying your current handicap placard number and your physician’s certification and signature, a DMV representative will process your renewal application.

How to Replace Disability Placards in Wisconsin

If you lose or damage your parking permit, you may complete a disability placard replacement procedure by submitting a paper application in person or by mail to the state DOT. The application forms used to replace a WI handicap placard are the same ones used for a renewal procedure and for the issuance of a new permit. On the other hand, when replacing lost, stolen or mutilated handicap parking placards, applicants may be required to provide additional information.

Note: To learn whether or not your disability parking permit application requires a certification from a health care professional when replacing a disability placard, contact the state DOT.

Replacing a Wisconsin Disability Placard by Mail

To complete the process of replacing a disabled parking permit in Wisconsin by mail, applicants will be required to fill out the permanent or temporary permit form and submit it to the DOT’s Special Plates Unit. To avoid any delays in the processing of your disabled placard replacement request, ensure that you fill out your current permit number correctly and state the reason why you are applying for a duplicate. If you are replacing a temporary handicap permit, you will also be required to include the standard permit manufacturing fee.

Replacing a Wisconsin Disability Placard in Person

Disabled individuals also have the option of completing the Wisconsin handicap placard replacement procedure in person through a local DMV site. If you are wondering how to replace a handicap placard in WI in person, note that you will be required to fill out similar application forms detailed in previous sections, and submit them along with the payment for a minor service fee. After reviewing your current handicap parking permit number and stating the reason why you are ordering a duplicate placard, the DOT representative will process your request.

Wisconsin Disability Placard Fees

When applying for a disabled person parking permit in Wisconsin, applicants will be required to pay certain handicap placard fees only if they are requesting a temporary permit and/or if they are applying in person. While permanent permits are available free of charge, temporary red permits have a cost.

This WI handicap placard fee applies for the permit’s issuance, renewal and replacement procedures. Moreover, while the mail-in application process does not include any service fees imposed by the DOT, applicants who submit their requests in person will be required to pay for a minor counter service fee.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.