The procedure to pay traffic ticket online in Wisconsin, or via other traffic tickets payment methods, is generally completed by drivers who do not believe they can contest the issue in court.

Note that motorists who fail to pay driving tickets in WI prior to the date displayed on the citation are generally found guilty by default and sentenced with the maximum traffic fine penalty. Learn how to pay traffic citations and how to dispute traffic tickets in Wisconsin by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Wisconsin
  • Dismissal of charges in Wisconsin
  • Lost tickets in Wisconsin

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Wisconsin

Drivers who decide to pay traffic tickets in Wisconsin can complete the process via several methods, which generally vary based on the court that is processing the citation.

The option to pay traffic fines online in WI, for instance, is offered by a large number of courts within the state. If you are unable to remit your traffic citation payment via the internet, however, you can still do so via other alternative methods.

Note: Certain types of traffic violation charges require you to make a mandatory court appearance.

Paying a Wisconsin Ticket Online

The process of paying traffic tickets online in Wisconsin can typically be completed through the official website of the state court system. If you have received your driving fine in a county that participates in this online ticket payment system, you can remit your payment with a valid credit card or an electronic check.

To successfully find your WI traffic citation case in the system, you will be required to enter your name, birth date and ticket number. To finalize the traffic fines online payment process, you will be prompted to provide your credit card or electronic check information.

Note: When paying traffic fines online in WI, drivers are generally required to pay an additional convenience fee.

Paying a Wisconsin Ticket in Person and by Mail

If you are unable to pay driving fines online in Wisconsin, regardless of the reason, you will be able to provide your payment via other alternative methods. For example, motorists can generally pay driving tickets by visiting the presiding court during its standard working hours and providing the payment in person.

Courts often allow drivers to pay their WI traffic tickets by mail as well. Note that, when mailing your ticket violation payment, ensure to include a valid check or money order.

Wisconsin Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Drivers who decide to fight traffic tickets in Wisconsin, instead of paying the applicable fine, can greatly increase their chances of winning the case by hiring a traffic citation attorney.

Regardless of whether you are contesting a traffic ticket in WI in front of a jury or a judge, an experienced lawyer can help you avoid the consequences of a traffic violation conviction. For instance, if you win your case, you will avoid paying the traffic fine, the accumulation of demerit points on your driving record and a potential license suspension or revocation.

Also, your vehicle insurance rates will not increase. To find a traffic lawyer that can help you win your case, simply upload an image of your ticket and answer some questions about your traffic citation. You will then be matched with the best lawyer for your case.

Pleading Not Guilty in Wisconsin

Fighting traffic tickets in Wisconsin is a process that can be initiated via several methods, which vary based on the procedures of the presiding court. Drivers can start preparing their traffic ticket defense after the court receives their decision to plead “not guilty” and contest the issue.

The court may also grant you an opportunity to settle your traffic citation case by negotiating a resolution with the state prosecutor. If you and/or your lawyer do not reach a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney, the court will schedule your official trail date.

To ensure the success of your traffic citation defense, carefully compose your testimony, call on any relevant witnesses and collect any evidence that supports your case. If the judge or the jury finds you guilty of the WI traffic violation, you will be required to pay the original traffic fine, as well as any additional court-set costs.

The conviction will also be entered on your driving record, which will lead to an accumulation of a certain amount of demerit points. Depending on their circumstances, drivers may be able to reduce their total point count by completing an approved traffic school program.

Due to the potentially damaging penalties of being found guilty, however, it is essential to hire a capable lawyer. You may be able to find a lawyer who specializes in traffic citation defense by conducting your search online.

Dismissal of Charges in Wisconsin

The procedure to dismiss traffic tickets in Wisconsin can only be completed in certain qualifying circumstances. For example, if the traffic citation that you have received contains incorrect information regarding the traffic violation, you have the right to request a ticket dismissal.

Another method to dismiss traffic citations in WI is by completing a defensive driving course. However, the availability of this option varies from court to court. Check with the court that is processing your driving fine to learn whether or not you are eligible to dismiss your citation in this manner.

Lost Tickets in Wisconsin

Since Wisconsin traffic tickets contain information necessary to either pay the traffic fine or initiate the process to fight traffic citations in WI, drivers who lose their tickets may be unable to settle the issue.

To recover a lost traffic citation, contact the court that is handling your case and submit the information that the court clerk asks from you. After obtaining your traffic fine data, you can resume the process of responding to your ticket.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.