The process of paying traffic tickets online In Pennsylvania or via other methods is often completed by drivers who are unable to present a successful traffic ticket defense in PA. Even if paying your traffic ticket means that you are admitting your guilt and a conviction is entered on your driving record, submitting your traffic tickets payments is generally less expensive than losing the case.

Learn more about the process of paying driving fines and how to get out of a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania and other types of citations by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Pennsylvania
  • Dismissal of charges in Pennsylvania
  • Lost tickets in Pennsylvania

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Pennsylvania

Paying traffic fines in Pennsylvania is a process that can generally be completed via several methods, which may vary based on the practices of the court that is processing your PA traffic citation. For example, if you receive a traffic ticket in Philadelphia, you can utilize the option to pay traffic ticket online.

Even if specific courts do not allow drivers to pay traffic fines online, they will still offer more conventional methods to complete the process, such as in person and by mail.

Note: Certain courts may also allow motorists to pay their PA traffic fines in several installment payments.

Paying a Pennsylvania Ticket Online

Drivers who have the option of paying traffic tickets online in Pennsylvania can generally provide their payments through the official website of the presiding court.

To pay speeding tickets via the internet in Philadelphia, for example, you will first be required to access the internet payment center of the Philadelphia Municipal Court and choose the option to plead “guilty” and pay your traffic citation. The system will find your PA traffic ticket after you provide the necessary information. The transaction will be finalized when you submit your ticket violation payment with a valid credit card.

Courts that do not have individual payment websites accept traffic tickets payments in PA via PAePay, the official payment portal of the state courts. The procedure to pay traffic citation online to courts other than the Philadelphia Municipal Court follows similar steps as those outlined above.

Paying a Pennsylvania Ticket via Other Methods

If you are unable to remit your Pennsylvania traffic citations payments via the internet, you can still complete the procedure via more conventional methods, such as in person and by mail.

Even if you can generally pay traffic citations via these methods regardless of the presiding court, contact the court clerk and/or study your ticket to review the payment methods available for your specific case.

Note: Depending on the method you choose to pay driving tickets in PA, the acceptable forms of payment may also vary. If you choose to mail your payment, for instance, you can only complete the process with a check or money order.

Pennsylvania Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Drivers who decide to dispute traffic tickets in Pennsylvania are typically allowed to be represented by a traffic citation attorney in court.

By hiring a good traffic ticket lawyer, your chances to successfully dismiss traffic tickets in PA through the state court system will greatly increase. Since the procedure to fight traffic tickets may vary based on several factors, an experienced lawyer can help you prepare a PA traffic ticket defense specific to your circumstances.

To find the best lawyer for your case, you may conduct your search online. To do so, simply send in a snapshot of your ticket and provide some information about the citation you have been given.

Motorists who engage the services of a traffic ticket attorney have greater chances to avoid:

  • Paying the applicable driving fine.
  • A conviction on their driver’s record and the accumulation of points.
  • A driving license suspension or revocation.
  • An increase of their vehicle insurance premiums.
  • Depklklk.

Note: Conduct a thorough research of any potential lawyer prior to engaging his or her services to ensure you choose the right individual.

Pleading Not Guilty in Pennsylvania

The process of fighting traffic tickets in Pennsylvania can be initiated by submitting a plea of “not guilty” to the court that is processing your traffic ticket.

Drivers may be able to start the procedure to dispute traffic fines in PA via several methods, which vary based on the practices of the specific court. Note that, when contesting a traffic ticket through the state court system, drivers will generally be required to submit their PA traffic tickets payments as collateral prior to the start of the trial.

When presenting your traffic ticket defense in Pennsylvania before a judge, ensure to outline the facts of the case as clearly as possible and submit any evidence and witnesses that support your case.

Drivers who are found guilty of the traffic violation will be unable to recover the submitted traffic fine collateral, and they may receive a certain amount of demerit points on their driving transcripts. To avoid these fines, it is advisable that you search for a lawyer online to receive timely help building your case.

Note: Depending on the offense and the policies of the court, certain drivers may also be able to resolve their citation issues during a pretrial conference.

Dismissal of Charges in Pennsylvania

Certain circumstances may render you eligible to dismiss traffic tickets in Pennsylvania. For example, if you were erroneously issued a traffic citation in PA, you are within your rights to request a ticket dismissal, since incorrect information on a traffic ticket may lead to doubt regarding the offense.

The presiding court may also offer you the option to dismiss traffic citations if you complete a state-approved defensive driving course. This decision, however, is left at the discretion of the court that is handling your case.

Lost Tickets in Pennsylvania

In the event of a lost traffic ticket in Pennsylvania, drivers may be unable to successfully complete the procedure to pay or fight traffic fines in PA. If you do not have the information displayed on a PA traffic citation, you are also at risk of missing the ticket deadline date.

The most convenient method to recover a lost ticket is to use the online ticket search option of the court that is processing your case. If you are unable to retrieve your traffic violation citation online, you can contact the presiding court and complete the procedure via other methods.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.